#dd12 Content in motion


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Fare emergere valore da contenuti e documenti aziendali in un ambiente "Social"

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#dd12 Content in motion

  1. 1. Content in MotionFare emergere valore da contenuti edocumenti aziendali inun ambiente "Social" Marco Bonasoro
  2. 2. Content in Motion = Value Content at Rest = Cost Analyze it. Activate it. Socialize it. Govern it.Capture it.
  3. 3. ECM IBM Case Manager Punti di ingresso Collaboration Edition Email Overload Collab. Business Int ranet Social Transformat io Cu Renewal n ltu ra IBM Content cial Ch l Collector So t an ane FileNet P8 ge nt r I Active Content b2 b2 b c Social Ex cept ionalBusiness Social Social Cust omerProcess IBM Content AwarenessImprovement Business Media Ex periences Analytics b2 IBM ECM e Repositories So m b2 r cia IBM CMIS ou l gy e Se Brin vic nti me De Brand Social nt Monit oring CRMConsumerisat ion wn O & Management Knowledge
  4. 4. Un catalogo aziendale• Content Manager ≈ database di informazioni non strutturate – Classificazione dei contenuti – Manutenzione dei contenuti (check-out, check-in) – Gestione del “Lifecycle” – Funzioni di ricerca avanzate • Su proprietà e su contenuto testuale (full-text) – Disseminazione dei contenuti (wf, ICM) – Profilazione e tracciamento degli accessi (audit)
  5. 5. Classificare la conoscenza• Content Object model Class: LoanClass Class:LoanApp Class: LoanPolicy Class: Customer Class
  6. 6. Value Based Archiving• If (and only if) you know what you need to keep for litigation and regulation• And you know what you need to keep for its business value (and for how long)• Then you can throw everything else away. Hold & Collect Evidence Archive for Value & Dispose Retain Records & Dispose Over Retaining = Over Spending ! Dispose of Data Debris
  7. 7. Inserire le informazioni• IBM Content Collector IBM Content Collector Email IBM ECM Attachments IBM New 3.0 Shares File adds Classification Desktops IBM support for Module SharePoint Connections! …
  8. 8. Archiviazione contestualizzata• XML (ATOM/RSS) representation of the Document (obtained from IBM Connections) is archived to the Repository• Per Application XSLT creates HTML rendering with similar look & feel as IBM Connections• Supports Profiles, Blogs, Wikis, Activities, Bookmarks, Forums, Files
  9. 9. Integrazione estesa• ICC understands the relationship between content in Connections and and maintains that relationship in the IBM repository• The entire thread is returned when a search hits anywhere in the hierarchy• The entire thread is displayed when opened in the eDiscovery tool• Leverages P8 features for de-duplication, ensuring that a minimum data set is maintained in the repository• Content Sweeps (not RT capture)• Task logic – flexible and powerful
  10. 10. Accedere alle informazioni• CMIS• Workplace XT• ECM Collaboration Edition• FIMO
  11. 11. Content Management Interoperability Services• OASIS approved standard for REST-based content management services• Open repositories• IBM Partners are building CMIS applications, e.g., WeWebU, Genus, ISIS Papyrus, Zia• New IBM Platforms support it (BPM, Portal, …)• CMIS production support targets – FileNet Content Manager – delivered – IBM Content Manager – delivered
  12. 12. Workplace XT
  13. 13. Integrazione ECM-Connections• Easily configure your ECM library from within Connections• Display ECM folders and content within a Community• View, edit, check-in, & check-out documents• Select document or item types and edit properties• Prompt users for metadata, driven from FileNet CM
  14. 14. © 2011 IBM Corporation
  15. 15. IBM Content Navigator 2.0Coming Soon!• Federated access to multiple content sources: – Web & Mobile for: P8, CM8, CMOD• Self-provisioned Document Team Spaces• OOTB Enterprise Search/Facets via ICA• Open Standards Support• Visual Component Toolkit• Optimize Desktop for Business Roles• Mobile Content Mgmt. Navigator for iOS
  16. 16. Distribuire le informazioni• Active Content• Case Manager
  17. 17. Active ContentUfficio posta Scanner Applicazioni Processo Database Inbox Fax Server Event Trigger Active Content Mail Email Server Mgr Documenti, Immagini Enterprise Applications
  18. 18. Case Manager
  19. 19. Distillare le informazioni• IBM Content Analytics Extracted Claimant: Soft Tissue Injury Concept Content Analytics Person Injury Body Part Location Noun Verb Noun Phrase Prep Phrase John sprained his ankle on the step ... Analyzed Documents with identified concepts • Content Analytics comprende la struttura di una frase e crea nuovi indici che facilitano lesplorazione delle informazioni contenute nei documenti
  20. 20. Riassumendo...Example solutions: Office integration (optional) “Nexus” Mobile app Analytics IBM Collaboration Suite Social, collaboration, Business documents, Other data, email, files, etc. records & case content content, systems, ...
  21. 21. Social content management solutions Office document management Social business tools with integrated ECM services Expanded social content access21
  22. 22. Thanks! Analyze it. Activate it. Socialize it. Govern it.Capture it.
  23. 23. Grazie agli sponsor per aver reso possibile i Dominopoint Days 2012! Main Sponsor Vad sponsor Platinum sponsor Gold sponsor