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Technical Leader

Technical Leader

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  • 1. Requisition #: R920839 Location: UNITED STATES.CALIFORNIA.SAN JOSEJob Title: Technical Leader Region: AMERICASArea of Interest: Engineering - SoftwareLevel of Experience: Experienced - Non ManagerFlexible Work Option: NoJob Description: Job Description:Cisco seeks a senior Software Engineer in the Research and Advanced Development team. We consist ofsmall team of top technologists, and a small number of people who help support them. We performadvanced work in protocol standards, and develop technologies to enable new markets and/or expandexisting ones. The output from this group is usually in the form of prototype systems and proofs ofconcept designs. We provide leadership and content to multiple corporate technology architectures,work with University researchers and top open source developers worldwide with the single mission ofdriving customer-relevant technology innovation into Cisco products along with Cisco product teams.The ideal candidate will be well versed in and intimately familiar with both hardware and softwaretechnologies in the embedded system space, where “embedded” spans from high-end routers to lowend-switches, appliances, and multi-tenant devices. The candidate will have a system-level focus with adeep understanding of the implications of the impact of architecture on implementation. On thesoftware side, broad knowledge of and practical experience with operating systems, hypervisors, real-time systems, network protocols, and embedded systems development are required. On the hardwareside, with experience with and understanding of several current microprocessor architectures (e.g., IA,Power, ARM, etc.) and features such as multi-core, cache and memory architectures, I/O architectures,hardware virtualization mechanisms, hardware-based trust and security architectures are also needed.Some experience with one or more of SoC architectures and interconnects, storage architectures, micro-server technologies, and GPUs will be useful. An understanding of how these design choices interactwith and help shape software designs is also required.You will be required to design, build and evaluate prototype systems. You may be required to work onyour own, work with a small group, and often will be required to work across organizational boundaries
  • 2. in partnership with one or more Business Unit partners. You may be called upon to lead or may be partof a team. You must be able to work independently. The role requires a keen focus on effective writtenand oral communication, organization, leadership, and the ability to plan and then execute to that plan.KEY RESPONSIBILITIES• Investigate and drive new technologies, especially at the software-hardware boundary, into newproducts and approaches.• Design, document, and develop new software.• Design and build prototype systems to demonstrate and/or experiment with ideas and newtechnologies.• Build and, in some cases, modify open source software to provide the necessary functionality as a basefor prototype systems.• Provide evaluation data and analysis to compare alternative approaches.• Work with other organizations to define and develop prototype demonstration systems.• Work with third party vendors to incorporate their products into systems being developed.• Work with third party vendors to influence their designs and features in ways that benefit ciscoproducts. This may also involve prototyping and providing analysis of experimental third party hardwareand/or software and making recommendations based on the results.• Write papers and/or give presentations both internally and externally.EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:• An MSEE/CS with at least 10 years related experience or a BSEE/CS with at least 12 years relatedexperience.