Presentation Strate Collège digital culture - Crossing Talents


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A presentation of Strate approach of Digital Design during the Cumlus Conference "Crossing Talents"

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Presentation Strate Collège digital culture - Crossing Talents

  1. 1. Strate Digital CultureDominique SciammaDirector, Development & Research
  2. 2. Going from today s world …
  3. 3. … to tomorrow s world !
  4. 4. The new convergence•  Chip, software, A.I., new materials, telecommunications, are potentially invading every object, place, and situation of our daily lives.•  The human environment is going to be colonized by « intelligent objects ».
  5. 5. The stakes of « Living Objects Design »•  The so called « digital design» stakes are in the material world and not behind the screen, i.e. cannot be reduced to the interface….•  It is the big return of materiality, of the body experience, of sensitivity in a world populated with objects wich may (will ?) become our peers.
  6. 6. New Challenges for Designers•  Invent and use the tools and methods definig behavioral design•  Manage complexity•  Think « systems »•  Integrate the ethics, politics, and philosophical issues of a of world shared with intelligent objects
  7. 7. Think and Create differently•  It is useless to poll the final user about those future living objects•  It is useless to interrogate technologies to invent those Robjects•  It useless to use our reason to imagine those creatures.•  We have no other choice than to sublimate reason, in creating the New WishFull Thinking, which is about dreaming the usage first, and potter the solutions after...
  8. 8. The« Interactive Systems & Objects » curriculum at Strate
  9. 9. Our syllabus•  Initiation to the interaction design methodology (beginning 2nd year)•  Initiation to knowledges linked to the discipline •  A.I. •  Nanotechnologies •  Robotics•  Conferences on the societal & political issues of the digital age•  Interface design training•  Arduino based systems design•  14 weeks project during the 3rd year•  Industrial partnerships on the 4th year•  Personal projects during the 5th year
  10. 10. Some partners
  11. 11. Strate Collège Research
  12. 12. Interaction design oriented research•  Research Master in Interaction Design Codeveloped with Arts et Métiers Paristech•  Research Partner of the « Imagination Modelization » Chair of Institut Telecom ParisTech•  Member of IRI (Centre Pompidou Research Center)•  Member of Institut Carnot « Telecom & Digital Society » together with Institut Telecom, Ecole Polytechnique, …
  13. 13. And Then ?
  14. 14. YAlexis PRASIT 2003 Y is a urban ritual installation through which, slowly, an individual is getting rid off his/ her identity, to become an angel. After quitting all his/her clothes, he/she wears a special suit which hides his/her sexual identity, wear his/her head with a virtual reality helmet, and then jump into a static flight, becoming an angel. Eventually, when /eshe comes back to reality, his/her back still gets the stygmata of his/her lost wings.
  15. 15. UBIQF.Mestre 2008 UbiQ is an ubiquitous system allowing a young Patient to be present in his classroom or at home using a floating holographic telepresence system and a touch screen interface placed on his bed.
  16. 16. OBOE A.Deloustal 2008 Oboe is humanoid robot, has got a heart (Kokoro)containing its knowledge as well as those transmitted by its masters. After it has disappeared, a ritual of sharing and transmission of this knowledge can thus be organised for the descendants.
  17. 17. Starting as a simple cell, R-Potato is a robot which can meet functional and emotional needs of its owner. Polymorphous and open machine, it has a R-Potatocombinatory, simple and versatile architecture, which evolves physically, by addition of new limbs A.Ribout 2008
  18. 18. MOOVI Gregory LEBOURDAIS 2009 Autistic children have motricity problems, and difficulties to filter human voices form ambient noises. MOOVI is a system composed of a small robot and a headphone.The robot allows the child to control his motricity,when the headphone filter the human voice from ambient noises.
  19. 19. How to prepare the rebirth of Mankind if it disappears ? By aggregating Space technology, AI, Robotics, and REBIRTHRebirth – Jérémy Dubé - 2009 Artificial Uterus, Jeremy imagines the ultimate sustainable development scenario. Jeremy DUBE 2009
  20. 20. How to integrate the philosophy and approach of Transhumanism in an ethical way ? By choosing to work for hanycaped people, with an augmented prothesi.MetisC.Delaunay-Driquert2010
  21. 21. Naka – J.Hazera – M.Schmitt – Q.Bezard
  22. 22. Jwell – S.Bejaoui – Q.Belzard – Q.Lebras
  23. 23. Contact :