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  1. 1. Events Management
  2. 2. Events “Unique happenings that bring people together for a purpose”
  3. 3. Event Management International Dictionary of Event Management: Function requiring public assembly for the purpose of celebration, education, marketing and reunion AND The process that include research, designing, planning, coordinating and evaluation of events
  4. 4. Types of Events 1. According to purpose: a. Celebrate b. Commune c. Convene 2. According to participants a. Few b. Many c. Multitude
  5. 5. Types of Events 3. According to Frequency a. Monthly b. Quarterly c. Semestral d. Annual e. Biennial 4. According to Magnitude of Impact
  6. 6. Field of specialization 1. Civic Events 9. Fairs and Festivals 2. Expositions 10.Hospitality 3. Hallmark events 11.Meetings and 4. Incentive Travels Conferences 5. Retail events 12.Reunions 6. Social life-cycle 13. Sports events events 7. Tourism 8. Conventions
  7. 7. Definition of Terms according to theInternational Dictionary of EventsManagement
  8. 8. Definition of Terms Meeting an assembly of individuals gathered to discuss items of material interest or engage in professional development thru learning activities. Conference a participatory meeting defined for the discussion of subjects related to a specific topic.
  9. 9. Definition of Terms Congress a scheduled periodic meeting of delegates or representatives of interested groups to discuss a subject. It is European term for convention Convention a general and formal meeting of legislative body or social or economic group to provide information of a particular situation, and to establish consent on policies among participants. Usually of limited duration and set objectives, but no determined frequency.
  10. 10. Definition of Terms Foreign Meeting a meeting comprised of attendees from other nations; also known as international meetings or institute. Seminar a lecture, presentation and discussion under the guidance of an expert discussion leader allowing participants to share experiences in a particular field. Workshop a training session in which participants develop skills and knowledge in a given field.
  11. 11. Definition of Terms Exhibit all of the display materials and products housed in a booth or stand. Exhibition a display for public view of products or promotional materials for the purpose of PR, sales, marketing; also known as exposition, industrial show or trade show. Fair a public celebration that includes commercial and civic activities.
  12. 12. Definition of Terms Festival a public celebration that conveys thru a kaleidoscope of activities, certain meanings to participants and spectators Parade a moving pageant including floats, bands, individual entertainers and dignitaries. Event Marketing the process that integrates a range of marketing elements and central sponsorship or life style themed activity. This process incorporates advertising, employee and consumer programs, sales promotion, PR, cases, business to business, TV property and trade promotion with a specific event.