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Events management 2
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Events management 2


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by Prof. Santos Buenvenida …

by Prof. Santos Buenvenida
reposted by Dominique Martel Soriano

Published in: Business, Travel

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  • 1. Events Management Chapter 2: Event Manager Chapter 3: The Market for events and the event stakeholders Chapter 4: Creating the event vision
  • 2. Roles and Responsibilities Meet clients to determine objectives and requirements for the planned event Plan and develop programs, itineraries, budgets and services according to client’s requirements Coordinate with organizing committee and sponsors
  • 3. Roles and Responsibilities Draft  Catering specifications and  Signage select suppliers:  Displays  Venue  Printing  Accommodation  Security  Transportation  Entertainment  Facilities  Special needs  Equipment
  • 4. Roles and Responsibilities Compliance with venue regulations and local laws Check events bills for accuracy and approve payment
  • 5. Event Stakeholders The market for events can be divided into social and corporate events Event Stakeholders are individuals and groups that have some form of financial, emotional, political or social interest or otherwise any form of personal involvement
  • 6. Event Stakeholders Events Stakeholders include the host, the guest, the event committee, the financer, the suppliers, and the externals
  • 7. WWWWWHOW Why must the event be held? Why would stakeholders would want to invest in the event? Why?
  • 8. WWWWWHOW Who are expected to attend the event? Who would want to come to the event? Who?
  • 9. WWWWWHOW What will delight the audience? What are the expectations of the stakeholders? What?
  • 10. WWWWWHOW When is the best time to hold the event? When will the event be held? When?
  • 11. WWWWWHOW Where will the event be held? Where will the attendees/participants be coming from? Where?
  • 12. WWWWWHOW How many participants are expected? How will be the budget be set for this? How?
  • 13. Setting the Objectives S- Specific M- Measurable A- Attainable R- Realistic T- Time Bound E- Exciting R- Responsible
  • 14. Formulating your objective To + Action Word + Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, exciting responsible result + Time bound
  • 15. Drafting the Event Vision • Write a brief backgrounder on why Purpose the events must be held • Write a brief backgrounder • List the objectives of the eventObjectives • Financial Objectives Audience • Describe the target audience
  • 16. Drafting the Event Vision Budget • State the estimated cost • Describe how the objectivesMeasures will be checked or measured