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Market-leading recommendation technology and innovative ad formats

With thousands of premium websites and over 40 million visitors per month in the DACH region alone, plista is the leading recommendation and advertising network in the German-speaking market. The company develops state-of-the-art recommendation technology, used to create personalized reading recommendations and advertisements.

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plista presentation briefing

  1. 1. plista BriefingCompany introduction Berlin, 2012 plista GmbH - plista Briefing
  2. 2. The CompanyMarket-leading recommendation technology and innovative ad formats plista GmbH has become one of the most successful advertising networks in the German-speaking market since its start in 2009. Location Berlin: Torstraße 33 10119 Berlin We rely on the plista-principle – the reader himself decides which ads he receives, based on his browsing and purchase behaviour. Eye-catching advertising delivered to your target audience – an algorithm analyzes user behaviour, in order to deliver relevant articles and advertisements. The innovative Text/Image, Video and Display/ IAB ad formats can thus be delivered to specific target groups. Through high engagement rates and low ad resistance, these ads are suitable for Facts: Start: 2008 both performance- and brand-advertisement campaigns. Publishers are offered Employees: +75 the opportunity to integrate these ad formats, resulting in additional premium Network: +40 Mio. Uniques advertisign inventory. * Stand April 2012 plista GmbH – plista Briefing 2
  3. 3. The plista ad networkAll participants benefit in the plista ad network PUBLISHER USER ADVERTISER plista increases revenue andd plista recommends articles and plista achieves higher attention and traffic for publishers through its advertisements that are of real click rates for advertisers through recommendation technology. interest to the user. reaching the target group. plista GmbH – plista Briefing 3
  4. 4. The plista-principleplista offers the first type of ad format, where internet users themselves decidewhich ad is shown to them through their browsing- and buying behaviour.The plista algorithm Components of the plista algorithm:The plista algorithm analyzes user behaviour. By doing so, plista  Collaborative Filteringcan deliver a relevant article recommendation and advertisement  Vectors, e.g. location, timefor earch individual user.  RTB (Real Time Bidding)  Retargeting  Semantic Anna and Anni both like Fashion & Lifestyle  The more intersections the user has with other users, the more Anni precise are the recommendations is also interested „collective intelligence“- the more in Travel. " That means that data, the more the Anna could be recommendations are Anna interested in automatically improved Anni Travel too!“  Further optimisation according to popularity and relevance plista GmbH – plista Briefing 4
  5. 5. PublishersIncrease traffic and revenueplista offers solutions for the optimal monetization of your website. The market-leading plista recommendationtechnology combines editorial recommendations with advertisements- tailored to individual reading- andpurchase interests. The integration of the innovative ad formats into the reader flow increases attention ratesand results in maximum advertising revenue.Your benefits □  The value of and dwell-time spent on your website is increased □  Additional advertising revenue through eye-catching placements on perviously unused ad space □  Offer your visitors individual ad formats with real added value □  Traffic optimization through content recommendations with Ø 7,4% CTR □  Cost-free integration of our market-leading recommendation technology, no minimum durationEXAMPLE PUBLISHERS plista GmbH – plista Briefing 5
  6. 6. MarketersWin new customers easily through specific targetingPosition your advertisement message in the context of user-relevant content recommendations, and increasethe attention rates to your brand through delivery to your target audience. Through the plista recommendationad formats, ad resistance is low, because the reader voluntarily consumer the ads and the contentrecommendations. In addition to the implementation and optimization of your campaigns, you‘ll also receive asuccess-based invoice and detailed reports.Your benefits □  Voluntary ad consumption leads to positiv brand perception □  Stray losses are minimized, the advertisement‘s message is maximised □  Eye-catching advertising through emotionalisation and relevant content □  Your ads on premium websites □  No minimum spend and continued campaign controlEXAMPLE ADVERTISERS plista GmbH – plista Briefing 6
  7. 7. Future outlookWhat can you expect from plista going forward?  plista for IAB: purchase of individual ads in real time with the plista DSP technology  plista Microsite Booking Interface: simple, flexible und above all quick: create your own Landing Page with the help of an Online/Editor, then book the appropriate media and advertising services for it.  Constant development of the plista algorithm: through our new Ensemble Technology the delivery of the plista ads and recommendayions will become even more flexible and demand- oriented. plista GmbH – plista Briefing 7
  8. 8. Get in touch Publishers: Advertisers: plista GmbH | Torstraße 33 | 10119 Berlin | Germany | Tel.: +49 30 4737537-0 | Fax: +49 32 121038193 | Standorte: Berlin, Hamburg, München Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg | HRB 114726B | UStID DE815028728 | Geschäftsführer: Dr. Dominik Matyka (CEO), Andreas Richter, Christian Laase Bankverbindung | Deutsche Bank AG | BLZ 10070024 | Kto.-Nr. 727835103 | IBAN: DE09 1007 0024 0727 8351 03 | SWIFT/BIC: DEUTDEDBBER plista GmbH – plista Briefing 8
  9. 9. plista GmbH – plista Briefing