The Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card


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The Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card - Unique for Clients and Exclusive to Gabby1 Specialist Recruitment Consultancy. An excellent way for employers to benefit from Added Services, Extended Rebate Periods and, importantly, Substantial Savings on their on-going costs of recruitment with a 20% Discount on All Fees

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The Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card

  1. 1. What is the Gabby1Platinum Reward Card? The Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card is an Exclusive Rewards Programme for selected Gabby1 clients who qualify for membership based on their ethics and commitment to professionalism and who believe in the vision, ethos and methods employed by Gabby1 in the Recruitment and Executive Search sector. Being invited to become a Gabby1 Platinum Reward Cardholder carries many benefits. It rewards you for being an active part in a new, exciting and refreshing approach to the various aspects of the recruitment service that Gabby1 is pioneering in today’s competitive market. Moreover, it saves you money! The more you recruit using the Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card the lower your costs of recruitment become: It rewards you for repeat business! As a member, you will enjoy a wide range of exclusive benefits designed both to save you money on recruitment and staff retention. Card holders will have access to a wide range of useful and exclusive recruitment resources that involve your company in the growing and essential need for a professional approach to the labour supply market that Gabby1 is committed to introducing and which are in ever increasing demand by you, the paying client.
  2. 2. How Do I Qualify for TheGabby1 Platinum Reward Card?For you or your company to be considered for membershipto the Gabby1 Platinum Reward Club, simply meet with oneof our recruitment consultants to discuss your current andlonger-term staffing requirements and a free, no-obligationreview. Appointing Gabby1 as your preferred supplier orgranting a “first refusal” option on all your new recruitmentneeds automatically qualifies you for immediate discountsand the full range of benefits.Please refer to our contact details to arrange an initialmeeting, receive your exclusive invitation to apply for theGabby1 Platinum Reward Card and to learn more about theservices provided by Gabby1 Recruitment and the ways inwhich we are implementing real change and lastingimprovements to the Recruitment, Search & Selection andWorkforce Solutions Industry in the UK and internationally.
  3. 3. The Gabby1 Platinum RewardCard Exclusive MembershipBenefitsThe Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card makes recruiting the bestcandidate for your company easier, more cost-effective andefficient. Below are some of the benefits that come with yourexclusive membership:G Rewards you for Repeat Business – the more you use it the more you save;G All Contracts individually negotiated in accordance with your unique requirements;G Regular Client and Business Networking Events;G Industry-specific updates, features and bulletins;G Extended Rebate Periods of up to 16 weeks;G Free use of our private interviewing facilities through our network of 82 offices nationally;G Assistance and participation at the client interview stage (if required);G Help with creating Job Descriptions;G Full candidate profiling and competency testing;G Full candidate referencing;G Major discounts on your on-going costs of recruitment;G Immediate 10% discount on your first placement once membership to the Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card has been approved.
  4. 4. Apply today for your Gabby1Platinum Reward CardTo arrange your Free, No-obligation consultation andreceive your Gabby1 Platinum Reward Card (and your first10% Discount!), please email your name, position, companydetails and contact data to platinum@gabby1.comOur Membership Manager will then contact you to agreethe best date and time for one of our Workforce SolutionExperts to visit you and introduce Gabby1 and our servicesto you personally.All other enquiries:info@gabby1.comwww.gabby1.comLakeside House,1, Furzeground Way,Stockley Park,London, UB11 1BD.Tel: 0845 5197 566Tel: 0208 622 3361