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An introduction to the BTCC

An introduction to the BTCC

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  • 1. 02 Welcome 04 The Present 08 2010 Calendar 10 The Contenders 16 TV & Media 22 Sponsorship & Marketing 28 Trackside Hospitality 30 Spectator Appeal 34 The Past 36 TV & Spectator Data 38 Support Races 01 42 TOCA Team 44 Contacts Credits Editorial / MPA Creative Ltd Photography / Jakob Ebrey Design / Hutton Creative Ltd
  • 2. Welcome “On the track, the action has rarely been better. Eight different drivers racing for six different teams in four  That’s despite a cruel recession that has different makes of car shared really put the onus on ‘value for money’ the victories in the 30 races” as people cut back on the little luxuries in life. Yet the figures show the public was prepared to continue to spend its cash in All this only lends further credibility to the order to experience the thrill of the BTCC. quite superb success of our new champions: That popularity is again something of which I Colin Turkington and the WSR/Team RAC am immensely proud, particularly given the squad. For both, 2009 marked their first-ever increasing number of options on which the BTCC title and they did it by beating one of public could choose to spend its leisure time the most energetic and determined grids – and disposable income. including four past champions and a Formula 1 Grand Prix winner – seen in the BTCC since We continue to be blessed with a hugely we introduced the all two-litre format in 1991. pro-active title sponsor in HiQ which, in Notably, Colin became the first ‘post-90s era’ the middle of its own expansion in the UK, driver to win the BTCC and it’s no coincidence increasingly interacts with our fans (and that today’s grid is considerably more youthful future customers) with some great initiatives. than a decade or so ago. For WSR boss Dick In 2009 we achieved a world first with our Bennetts, watching one of his cars roll out in pioneering regulation of limiting our race 2010 at last sporting No.1 on the side – after a cars’ CO2 emissions. In fact, make that two decade of trying – will be one of his proudest world firsts as we were also Dunlop’s chosen moments… 03 championship to pioneer race tyre technology with its highly effective radio frequency For me, however, every team, driver and identification tagging system. sponsor who raced in the BTCC in 2009 is a champion. The manner in which they 02 I’m fortunate enough to have been in this On the track, the action has rarely been pulled together, in financially difficult times, job for nearly two decades now and can better. Eight different drivers racing for six to make sure they were a part of the BTCC’s genuinely say that 2009 was one of the most different teams in four different makes of car success story and to entertain our watching enjoyable years I have had in the British shared the victories in the 30 races. In fact, all millions speaks volumes for their enthusiasm, Touring Car Championship. seven main makes and models of car on the and for the passion they have for this great grid – BMW 3-Series, Chevrolet Lacetti, Ford championship. A global recession was going to drastically Focus, Honda Civic, Honda Integra, SEAT Leon cut our grid sizes, people would hold on to Television coverage of the championship’s and Vauxhall Vectra – took top three finishes. Big or small, I look forward to welcoming their pennies and not come flooding through ten-round tour of the UK scaled new heights We even celebrated the closest finish in BTCC them all back onto our grid in 2010. Likewise, the gates and we’d be left to stumble our way thanks to the commitment and skill of the history – 0.015s to be precise. In all, 15 drivers new teams and drivers who are already through the season. Or so said the doom- ITV network. Live coverage from our events achieved podium results and, thanks to some making serious noises about adding to our mongers… on ITV4 equalled a staggering 58 hours- breathtaking giant-killing performances, 24 numbers when the BTCC’s future breed of plus. The total number of hours its channels out of the 29 ended the season with points on car (Next Generation Touring Car – see p05) Instead, the BTCC will go into 2010 off the – ITV1, ITV4 and Men & Motors – dedicated the board. It really was that wide open begins to appear in 2011. back of another tremendous season – one to the BTCC came to 116 hours-plus. It was and competitive! of the most competitive, exciting and all watched by close to 13.8 million viewers. These are heady times for the BTCC with mesmerising it has ever known in its 50-years Truly astronomical figures and ones that we many other major motor racing series looking plus history. can look forward to again achieving in 2010 on with great envy. I know I’m not the only thanks to our long-term arrangement one looking forward to our 2010 season with with ITV. high expectations and bated breath.  Twelve months ago I labelled the BTCC as the ‘great escape’ for hundreds of thousands looking for the ideal way to switch off from the pressures of everyday life – a claim substantiated by the fact that in 2009 just as many people attended our race events as in Alan J Gow 2008. Again some 325,000 spectators came BTCC Series Director through our gates – an impressive number in any sporting sphere. 
  • 3. The cars will be bigger and, using turbo- charged engines, ultimately produce more power. For the first few years, however, that power will be reigned in so as to allow all teams, whether running newer NGTC or existing S2000 cars, to fight equally for No other car racing series in Britain – indeed, outright honours. This helps safeguard those The Present very few around the world – comes remotely teams who have recently invested in S2000 close to enjoying the levels of media profile, equipment and, wisely, provides a sensible audience numbers, marketability, public period of transition before the NGTC machines appeal and great racing generated by the become the BTCC’s primary formula in 2013. BTCC.  As a sporting spectacle, BTCC race days The BTCC also boasts great heritage dating are equal to Premiership football, rugby back to 1958 and in the 50-plus years since and county cricket in terms of numbers, has stood out as Britain’s most charismatic excitement and atmosphere. Much of that is and popular form of motor sport. It also sets down to some unique selling points: unlike an example to other race series around the other sports, children are admitted for free world when it comes to helping address and the crowds are invited to rub shoulders environmental targets (see case study p07). with their heroes thanks to an open-paddock policy plus specially organised pit lane The 2010 grid will be filled once more 05 autograph sessions. predominantly by cars based on the FIA’s Super 2000 technical regulations, which are used in most other senior touring car series. These types of cars have been in the BTCC 04 since 2004 and the most successful in recent years have included the BMW 3-Series, Chevrolet Lacetti, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, SEAT Leon and Vauxhall Vectra. Cars that, in other words, are akin to those in which the public have driven to the circuit, further encouraging great brand loyalty among followers… However, an exciting major technical change that, importantly, will slash costs for teams is on the horizon. A new breed of car (NGTC or Next Generation Touring Car) will start to appear in 2011 alongside S2000 machinery.  Those teams opting to go the NGTC route The turbo-charged engines, all two-litre in early will achieve an instant and dramatic size, are expected to last an entire season reduction in costs. It is estimated that a ready- without requiring a rebuild. Teams will be to-race NGTC car will cost around £100,000, permitted to choose from a manufacturer’s some 50 per cent less than a front-running ‘broad family’ and develop them within set S2000 machine. This could prove a catalyst parameters. Smaller teams will also have the “Very few car racing series around for teams and sponsors in other categories, option of purchasing or leasing an unbranded the world come even remotely close but with grand designs on the BTCC, to finally TOCA engine. The most any team could to enjoying the levels of media profile, make their entrance. spend purchasing an engine will be audience numbers, marketability, about £25,000.  public appeal and great racing Greater use of common components such as generated by the BTCC” ECU, brakes, hubs, steering rack, fuel tank, gearboxes, suspension and subframes will then further save tens of thousands of pounds in development costs. On-event technical support will also remove the need for teams to carry such large spares inventories, further lowering costs.
  • 4. CASE STUDY: “An exciting major technical change that will slash costs Green Credentials Indeed, the BTCC’s smart thinking has received glowing praise from Energy Efficient for teams is on the horizon” Motorsport – the UK Government-sponsored The BTCC’s green credentials down the years initiative set up to encourage energy have been well documented, but in 2009 it efficiency in motor sport. accomplished a world first by implementing – and enforcing – new regulations that limit its EEMS’ Marc de Jong says the BTCC’s lead cars’ CO2 emissions to those of their showroom should act as a wake-up call to other race counterparts. series, commenting: “The BTCC is the first championship to make CO2 emissions directly Each car is now tested regularly on a rolling relevant to the competition. It has created a road inside a neutral laboratory at Land platform and now motor sport can showcase Rover’s hi-tech Solihull base to ensure it real and quantifiable solutions to the broader complies with the regulations. industry.” BTCC Series Director Alan Gow explains: “Instead of simply mandating the use of bio- fuels, which have little relevance in everyday public life, or off-setting our emissions by planting a few trees, the measures we have taken are far more meaningful. They actually challenge engine builders and car manufacturers and help drive technology 06 forward.” 07 Proof that the regulations work is underlined by the fact that in 2009: • Eight different drivers representing six different teams shared the 30 race victories • Another seven drivers celebrated podium results • Nine different teams fielding seven The BTCC not only moves with the times, different models of car achieved but keeps a firm check on its core values: top three finishes providing manufacturers, teams and sponsors • Out of ten qualifying sessions, seven with an unrivalled return on their investment different drivers set pole position while delivering unparalleled, value-for-  Notably, this is not the first time the Equally, race three’s starting grid order is money entertainment for the public.  BTCC has led a technical revolution: in the decided by race two’s result, but with the • The 30 fastest race laps were shared between 12 different drivers early Nineties it pioneered the all two-litre leading positions reversed. This has led to formula that changed the face of touring car several smaller teams starting race three from • 13 different drivers racing for nine different teams led races competition globally forever. the front of the grid and, as a consequence, enjoying the full attention of the ITV cameras. • 24 out of 29 drivers who raced in the The BTCC also constantly monitors its sporting  BTCC scored championship points regulations to ensure the racing is kept close for participants and fans. For example, a success ballast system – whereby extra weight is applied to the most successful cars – is used to prevent any runaway winners.
  • 5. Living up to its status as the country’s premier More than just taking the action to the race series, the HiQ BTCC headlines at all of people right around the UK, the wide mix of “The BTCC selects the the UK’s top motor sport venues. The cleverly circuits presents the teams and drivers with best possible tracks constructed ten-weekend calendar ensures different challenges. Whether it be super-fast to ensure maximum that hundreds of thousands of fans throughout Thruxton’s daunting, high-speed corners or After Brands Hatch attracted 35,000 spectators spectator appeal” the nation can catch the premier league tin- Knockhill’s undulating, off-camber twists, for its Finals Day event in 2009 – a record top thrills at their local circuits. all the individual venues have their own BTCC crowd for the track since it was taken characteristics to test the competitors’ nerves over by the MotorSport Vision group in The 2010 calendar includes circuits in and skills to the limit. It’s worth noting that in 2004 – it is little wonder that Chief Executive Cheshire, Fife, Hampshire, Kent, Leicestershire, 2010 the teams will have a welcome seven- Jonathan Palmer commented: “I’d like to Norfolk, Northamptonshire and North week mid-season break so as to allow for the congratulate BTCC Series Director Alan Gow Yorkshire. With each race meeting hosting British Formula 1 Grand Prix, football’s World and Dennis Carter at the BARC for evolving three full points-scoring BTCC showdowns, Cup and cycling’s Tour de France. the championship into such an outstanding there’s never a dull moment.  package of entertainment for the fans. It was Furthermore, the BTCC takes great care in fantastic to see so many spectators at Brands selecting the best possible track layouts to Hatch – the circuit really was heaving!” ensure maximum spectator appeal. That’s why races are held on a variety of tracks The BTCC really does add up to the best from the epic Brands Hatch Grand Prix to the value-for-money entertainment possible for picturesque Oulton Park Island and hurly- both trackside crowds and TV audiences.  burly Silverstone National circuits. 2010 Dates April 03-04 / Thruxton, Hampshire 09 April 24-25 / Rockingham, Northamptonshire May 01-02 / Brands Hatch (Grand Prix), Kent June 05-06 / Oulton Park (Island), Cheshire 08 June 19-20 / Croft, North Yorkshire August 07-08 / Snetterton, Norfolk August 21-22 / Silverstone (National), Northamptonshire September 04-05 / Knockhill, Fife September 18-19 / Donington Park, Leicestershire October 09-10 / Brands Hatch (Indy), Kent
  • 6. For many, the BTCC is at its most exciting and competitive in over a decade with several new pretenders having joined the list of established stars expected to challenge for outright honours in the coming years… Each is taking full advantage of the BTCC’s accessibility and level playing field to make a name for itself in the UK’s – and one of the world’s – most celebrated and charismatic motor racing championships. Furthermore, CASE STUDY: each knows success carries tremendous kudos Fast forward with every race being broadcast live into with a Ford living rooms across the nation on ITV4. After an absence of almost a decade, 2009 Another beauty of the BTCC is that it doesn’t Today, independent squads rule the roost saw the return of one of the BTCC’s truly giant limit the number of cars entered by a team. but the appeal for sponsors and big name names, Ford, as independent squad Arena This enables those with bigger budgets to drivers is as appealing as ever. Indeed, the International Motorsport entered a pair of put out two or maybe three cars and those levels of professionalism and attention to Focus STs. running to smaller budgets, but with just as detail achieved by the leading independent much determination, to field single-car entries. squads in particular are equal to those of a Significantly, the Aon-backed project manufacturer-backed outfit. Proof of that is demonstrated that BTCC regulations give Although not a factory team, Ford, notably, Some teams, perhaps in their nascent years in the fact that in 2009 it was independent team privateers the option of choosing their own still used Team Aon’s results to help promote 10 car and developing it into a front-runner. the BTCC, operate with considerable success WSR (Team RAC) that won the outright title its innovative suspension design fitted to its The Focus was later than hoped for – only Focus RS models on the road. on very modest budgets compared to the – its first in the BTCC – by beating Vauxhall’s turning a wheel for the first time at a blustery, top-line outfits. But because the rewards in outgoing manufacturer-backed VX Racing, 11 deserted Silverstone just a month before the Arena boss Mike Earle says: “Investment, the BTCC are so high – both on and off the the most successful of modern times, plus opening round – and it took until mid-season getting the pre-season engineering track – the championship remains a hugely Racing Silverline, an off-shoot of the RML before points finishes became a reality. By programme right, not compromising on cost-effective exercise compared to other, less Chevrolet World Touring Car team. Rockingham’s penultimate round, the hard solutions and being realistic – the rewards high-profile series. Big or small, each team work really started to be rewarded as Tom are incremental – would be my top four has an opportunity to capture the public’s For WSR’s Colin Turkington, 2009 also brought Chilton finished on the podium in third. pieces of advice. imagination. him his first outright Drivers’ title – a highly significant achievement for he became the Then, at Brands Hatch’s final round, there “The Focus is something that no-one else has, first of a newer generation of drivers to be were ecstatic scenes as Chilton qualified on so I suppose we hope it may attract some pole position before daring to lead two of crowned Champion. Indeed, it is noticeable manufacturer support. BTCC is the most Sunday’s three races – missing victory in one cost-effective form of motor sport and in the that the BTCC grid has taken on a younger by the closest winning margin in BTCC current economic climate one of very few feel during the past five years, as drivers history (0.015s). formulae that comes in under the rate card identify the series at an earlier age as a fairer for sponsors. and much more exciting long-term career opportunity with the chance to build a huge “We’ve now got a strong package for 2010 profile.  thanks to the progress we’ve made in ‘09. That progress is something that Ford is beginning to appreciate.”
  • 7. “It’s one thing that every team in the BTCC has in common: they are all run by real  But WSR, VXR and RML were not the only enthusiasts who are in the The Contenders teams to spray the victory champagne in 2009. Adding to the mix were Team Dynamics sport for the right reasons” with its Honda Civic and, joining the winner’s circle for the first time, Motorbase (running as Airwaves BMW after a strong run of results in 2008 attracted title sponsorship from the Wrigley’s high-street brand). Team Principal David Bartrum says: “Two wins in 2009, only our fourth year, has been a dream come true. It’s one thing that every team in the BTCC has in common: they are all run by real enthusiasts who are in the sport for the right reasons, and although competition is fierce, it’s a very healthy type of competition. “For 2010 we feel ready as a team to challenge for titles. Switching to the BMWs in 2008 was the making of us – these cars were already proven winners so we had no Entering with cars already proven on the excuses. Furthermore, we’re permitted great world stage is one obvious way into the series. technical support from BMW and that’s hugely However, the BTCC also allows – and very 13 important as we don’t have the budget for our much encourages – teams to join the grid with own development programme. cars of their own choice by taking advantage of the championship’s local homologation. “We are still a true privateer team with For 2009, the BTCC created a Manufacturer/ 12 minimal full-time staff supported by ‘weekend Constructor trophy to recognise and reward warriors’ at race events. We probably present those using local homologation to introduce a façade that belies the size of our budget. cars of their own design as opposed to those Our template is WSR but with a character all already developed by other manufacturers of our own.” or teams. Dynamics with its Honda Civic and Arena International Motorsport, with its new, self-developed Ford Focus STs (see case study p10), both scored highly and received podium silverware in this championship.  JAG The BTCC also permits teams to continue using older BTC-spec cars. The benchmark in their heyday (2001-06), these cars offer smaller independent teams a competitive and highly cost-effective way into the series – and the watching public with the very real possibility of some giant-killing acts to celebrate. In 2009 both Paul O’Neill, with a third place outright, and Martyn Bell scored points in their Honda Integras (see case study p14), as did newcomer Martin Johnson in his Boulevard Team Racing squad’s Vauxhall Astra – a car originally used by Vauxhall’s factory team as long ago as 2001! 
  • 8.  The BTCC is famed for its ability to conjure The Contenders up some real David vs Goliath moments and a number of incentives are in place to encourage and aid the smaller outfits. Included in entry fees is a handsome allocation of paddock and pit lane passes for working team personnel and VIPs. All teams are given the same opportunities to participate in the BTCC’s promotional activity, whether PR stunts in the build-up to a race CASE STUDY: weekends or during race day’s Pit Lane Ray of sunshine Walkabout public autograph sessions. Also on race day, there’s the reversing of the leading positions on race three’s starting grid, thereby As the boss of thriving online travel agency,, Chris Brown’s story tells how allowing minnows to start from the front live achievable it is to live the BTCC dream. on ITV4. Dunlop, meanwhile, generously rewards teams with tyre bonuses that alone Brown had been a personal sponsor to equate to £70,000. That’s on top of the BTCC’s privateer Martyn Bell from 2006 to 2008. For own £75,000 prize fund, shared out across the 2009, the BTCC bug having truly bitten, he ten rounds to reward each event’s top three invested in the two ex-Team Dynamics title- highest-scoring teams.  winning Honda Integras. Brown says: “We’ve a modest outlay Now owned by him, Brown contracted compared to the bigger teams yet in some In terms of accessibility, exposure, return on experienced squad Tech-Speed to fettle the respects get more out of it. The sunshine. investment, profile and following there has 14 cars for the popular Bell and Paul O’Neill. name is now very popular with BTCC been no better time for teams to join – and Twenty top ten finishes were probably audiences, which are huge in numbers and, thrive in – Britain’s premier motor racing beyond even Brown’s wildest dreams, let importantly to us as a company, consist of a arena.  alone the awe-inspiring third-place outright high percentage of families. 15 achieved by former factory Vauxhall driver O’Neill at Snetterton… “Yes, my dream of being a part of the BTCC grid has come true – I still pinch myself – but purchasing the Hondas has also proved to be a very shrewd marketing investment. The BTCC’s rules enable the older cars to still have their day of days and the public always loves an underdog. It’s a strength we’re very happy to play to… for now.”
  • 9. As Britain’s biggest motor racing TV & Media championship, the BTCC commands enormous media coverage throughout the UK and globally. Television has always been the BTCC’s most powerful medium and since the late Eighties the championship has received regular coverage through Britain’s biggest TV operators.  ITV In 2009, the BTCC enjoyed unprecedented levels of live television exposure with free-to- It is therefore virtually impossible to miss air channel ITV4 broadcasting a minimum of a round of the BTCC. Indeed, in 2009 an five hours direct from each round into living accumulative audience of 13.8 million rooms all across the UK. watched the BTCC across ITV’s channels, with the same levels of coverage and viewership In total, ITV4’s coverage of the BTCC in 2009 scheduled to continue throughout 2010. equated to a staggering 93 hours and 37 minutes. It’s a TV broadcasting arrangement ITV’s terrific support of the championship 17 that many other high-profile sports, let alone also extends online with its website motor racing series, around the world would streaming each live broadcast. In addition, die for. For those involved in the BTCC – a dedicated section on the site – that 16 teams, drivers, sponsors and fans – such also includes expert editorial coverage – exposure is clearly terrific news as ITV4 now allows visitors to watch re-runs of each race in reaches 94 per cent of the UK population. full by using the ITV Player facility. Furthermore, 90-minute race highlights ITV’s hugely popular on-screen Teletext were shown four times after each event on service carries regular news updates as well terrestrial channel ITV1, again on ITV4 and throughout the season. also Men & Motors – bringing the network’s total coverage for the season to 116 and a Global TV half hours. The BTCC is watched around the world on a variety of networks (both terrestrial and digital) spanning some 20 countries across six continents: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, UK TV Audience BTCC: Global TV North America and South America (see Country Broadcaster Audience reach chart). This means a potential audience Channel Total Broadcast Hours reach of close to 135 million households per (50 Programmes) USA Speed 80m viewing (some 1.35bn when annualised). The ITV4 93 hours 37 mins Canada Speed 8m ITV1 12 hours 30 mins championship also enjoys further significant S America (inc. Mex) Speed Latin America 15m Men & Motors 10 hours 19 mins global reach through a new programme Czech Republic Sport5 800k called The Grid, distributed worldwide with Denmark Canal Plus 46k Total hours 116 hours 26 mins race reports and footage from each round. Finland Canal Plus 68k The total reach for each viewing is over Total viewers 13,767,535* Greece Supersports 280k 400m households.  * Cumulative audience number, weighted according Netherlands Raceworld tba to programme duration hours, which reflects Norway Canal Plus 225k sustained viewing of more than three minutes Sweden Canal Plus 425k Slovakia Sport5 630k Russia 7TV 26m Australia One HD tba Hong Kong I-Cable 2.2m
  • 10. “In 2009, the BTCC enjoyed unprecedented levels of live television exposure” TV Extra  The BTCC is big news as it tours around the UK, no more so than on regional TV news broadcast. Both ITV and BBC crews often roll up to preview the forthcoming big race weekend. Indeed, it is not uncommon for their also generates exposure on some of the entire news sports round-ups to be broadcast nation’s most-watched lifestyle and consumer live from the colourful backdrop of the BTCC’s programmes. BBC2’s motoring show Top Gear pit lane or paddock. This of course means regularly features drivers from the BTCC as tremendous added media value as the BTCC part of its mad-cap adventures that attract is paraded before new audiences of millions seven million-plus viewers per episode. during lunch and teatime broadcasts. In Dennis Publishing Figures 2009, BTCC generated an extra 90 minutes CBBC’s Sportsround show (BBC2 Friday pm Magazine ABC of pre-event coverage on regional TV outlets, and repeated BBC2 Saturday am) went Title circulation/readership Annual namely: Brands Hatch (ITV Meridian & behind the scenes with the BTCC at Brands Auto Express 69,000 / 291,000 3,519,000 / 14,841,000 BBC South East), Thruxton (ITV Meridian), Hatch. Similarly, its Help! Teach is Coming evo 62,282 / 217,000 747,384 / 2,604,000 Donington Park (BBC East Midlands), Croft To Stay programme also provided younger (ITV Tyne Tees, BBC Look North Leeds & viewers with an insight into the championship. Unique BBC Look North Newcastle), Snetterton (ITV Daytime cooking and celebrity shows Ready Website monthly visitors Annual Anglia), Knockhill (BBC Scotland), Silverstone Steady Cook (BBC) and Loose Women (ITV), as 1,073,720 12,884,640 (ITV Anglia, BBC Oxford, BBC Look East) and well as the investigative Tonight (ITV), have 285,860 3,430,320 Brands Hatch Finals Day (ITV Meridian, BBC also contained BTCC content recently.  18 South East and BBC London Tonight). Through its contacts and appeal, the BTCC Media Partnership The BTCC enjoys an enviable media 19 partnership with major publishing group Dennis’s raved-about Auto Express and evo titles (both magazine and online), with a stream of broad editorial features and news updates, ticket competitions and advertising of race meetings that widens exposure to key new audiences. The group’s new online publication imotormag was also part of the mix in 2009. In addition, the magazines’ databases – running into hundreds of thousands of subscribers – are targeted with further BTCC news and promotions. In return, Dennis chiefly uses the BTCC to promote the Auto Express and evo brands with prominent logos on the side of every BTCC car and the championship’s podium and TV interview backdrops. 
  • 11. Radio, Magazines, Newspapers & Online Previews, plus qualifying and race reports, regularly appear in the national media (both in-print and online). Noticeably, the UK’s Meanwhile, appointed radio agency Talking biggest selling daily newspaper, The Sun, Point Broadcasting schedules interviews has significantly increased coverage of the and reports as well as updating the audio BTCC on its website – see sidebar. Similarly, interview page on the official fellow ‘red top’ The Mirror also forged its website. In 2009 the BTCC received 50 hours, own partnership with leading squad Team six minutes of total airtime across 154 BBC RAC, underlining the BTCC’s credentials as a results and longer-term benefits (see Crowds and independent radio stations, including recognised major sporting spectacle. chapter). Widely read trade and lifestyle immensely popular ticket promotions and publications covering education, emergency special features on talkSPORT, BBC 5 Live As the BTCC travels the land, the big regional and utility services, event organisation and with Gabby Logan, and BBC Radio 2 with newspapers print plenty of column inches other sports have all featured BTCC content. Steve Wright and Chris Evans – three of the about the championship, with a heavy focus nation’s most listened-to radio show hosts. on the championship’s star names and local The BTCC also provides perfect material BTCC broadcasts on radio in the UK in 2009 drivers and teams. Some circuits, working in for the UK’s many radio stations. At Croft in attracted an estimated 53.95 million listeners. conjunction with the BTCC, have arranged tie- 2009, BBC Radio 5 Live broadcast three live  ins with some of their most influential regional interview-based pieces from the paddock publications that have brought instant during its breakfast show. At Brands Hatch’s final round, Nick Ferrari, presenter 21 on London’s massive LBC station, was an enthusiastic visitor. 20 BTCC Media/ The Sun, as a brand, has also exploited  The BTCC’s media and many millions One of the site’s most popular sections is its CASE STUDY: the BTCC’s public appeal elsewhere; at of fans are also kept updated with news Fans Forum that allows fans to discuss all by the championship’s busy Media Office, manner of BTCC-related topics and also offers Black & white, Rockingham it provided Page 3 models as grid girls for Plato’s Racing Silverline team which of course also stimulates coverage them a chance to put their questions to Series red all over and brought along a pop band to play for across many types of outlets. Central to this Director Alan Gow – a feature almost unique the crowds. service is the BTCC’s official website www. among major sports websites and which Britain’s best-selling daily newspaper The Sun – the ultimate on-line BTCC fix that further emphasises the BTCC’s accessibility.  has become a fervent supporter of the BTCC The Sun’s Chris Hockley says: “The reason provides information about every aspect of in recent years, particularly via its online we’re behind the BTCC is because it shares the championship. publication. many attributes with The Sun: excitement, drama, glamour and endeavour. A million people a day visit attracts up to 94,000 unique visitors and, after football, the BTCC has helped “It’s always good to be associated with an per month. It now has some 22,500 registered make motor racing its most popular sports outspoken, colourful big-name driver like fans with around half of those signing up to section. Jason because that raises our profile. receive official championship newsletters and details of exclusive competitions – many of After signing BTCC ace Jason Plato as a “But we also have the obvious benefit of which help teams to market their sponsors’ columnist, the website has rapidly expanded good TV coverage that shows our colours on products. its coverage of the championship to Jason’s car. For us it’s great to be involved include videos and regular reports on other with Britain’s premier racing series so we can characters within the series. hopefully share its popularity.”
  • 12. The high profile HiQ MSA BTCC offers sponsors a range of possibilities that are unique in “Participation in the BTCC contemporary motor racing and clearly make grants a golden opportunity the BTCC one of the best-value investments in to bring alive a brand” the sporting market place. For any astute and imaginative company, participation grants an instant golden opportunity to bring alive a brand in front of hundreds of thousands of trackside spectators and millions more TV viewers. There is increased exposure through the BTCC’s prime time terrestrial, Freeview and satellite television packages, which reach millions of households throughout the UK and around the world. 22 CASE STUDY: RAC for the title “Our involvement has also enabled us to achieve plenty of internal engagement with staff at our many RAC centres around the UK with driver visits and so forth. To be seen to BTCC Series Director Alan Gow says: “The beauty of the BTCC is that it appeals to both consumer and business-to-business products. A lot of sports and championships are perhaps orientated more towards business products whereas that split doesn’t exist in the BTCC. The broad range of companies involved – many of them blue chip – whether suppliers to 23 the BTCC or team sponsors, also demonstrates In 2009, RAC hit the jackpot in terms of be winning in such a competitive sporting the power of a large crowd and prime time TV winning over the millions of public who either arena is obviously motivating for staff, but audience, particularly when there is a strong attend BTCC race events or watch them on also increases your standing in the public eye. demographic profile.”  television across the UK. “It’s fair to say that compared to previous In its fourth season as title sponsor to the activities, the BTCC has given us far greater WSR squad, it found itself at the very heart interaction with the public, particularly of the title battle as driver Colin Turkington families. You’re not limiting your audience challenged for – and won – the coveted appeal as the events are popular with both Champion’s trophy in his heavily-liveried sexes and people of many different ages from RAC BMW. all types of backgrounds.” RAC’s Sponsorship and PR Consultant Kerry Gazzard explains: “The three big boxes we initially set out to tick were very much brand awareness, business-to-business hospitality and media value. All three started being ticked almost immediately in our first season of 2006. We reaped instant rewards and it’s kept growing from there.
  • 13. Sponsorship & Marketing “The BTCC’s geographical reach has enabled us to enhance our profile across the United  The Goodyear Dunlop group is entering Kingdom and reach further markets with its sixth year as major title sponsor with the its extensive television coverage in front of BTCC in 2010. From 2004-07, its Dunlop tyre BTCC’s extremely receptive audience and brand was the championship’s title sponsor loyal supporters. That reach has also opened before handing over until the end of the 2010 many potential new business partnerships season to sister UK fast-fit company HiQ. Its and enabled us to communicate our re- While doing wonders for a company’s brand Marketing Manager Geraldine McGovern brand and new brand positioning to hotel or product, the BTCC also offers sponsors and reports: “Our title sponsorship of the BTCC has users across both the business and leisure partners money-can’t-buy experiences at its become a vital component as we challenge sectors. On top of that, the BTCC’s high race events. The feedback from teams and for pole position in the fast-fit industry, and in “Our franchisees have interacted with the profile, mass audience and very exciting sponsors is always the same: no other motor our second year (2009) that sponsorship has series and used each race weekend to sporting environment provides us with further sport arena in the UK provides such wonderful helped the network establish itself as a fast-fit generate a new, growing customer base. TV opportunities to integrate our wider marketing marketing and sponsorship possibilities as brand the public can be sure of.  coverage, newspaper column inches and strategies to great effect.” the BTCC.  online social networking have also helped elevate HiQ to an increased position of “The BTCC is a product that strength within the industry, courtesy of our we are excited to be closely sponsorship of the BTCC. associated with as it remains “The BTCC is a product that we are excited a hugely popular sport with to be closely associated with as it remains a an ever-growing fan base” hugely popular sport with an ever-growing fan base. Having our name alongside the series has certainly created more awareness 25 and affection for our network of fast-fit CASE STUDY: centres.” Perfect fit for fast fit Other major high-street names have also 24 formed strong partnerships with the BTCC. HiQ’s title sponsorship of the BTCC, entering its third season in 2010, has added great One such is the Intercontinental Hotel Group credibility to its standing in the vehicle fast-fit (IHG) through its Holiday Inn brand, whose marketplace. Its association has come as Partnership Marketing Director Adrian White it pushes to make its expanding network of says: “Our involvement in the BTCC has centres across the country the number one been a great experience for the IHG group, choice for vehicle servicing. particularly for raising awareness of our brands in the UK.  On race weekend the benefits of branding- up each BTCC track in its corporate cyan colours are obvious: massive exposure in front of millions of motorists – many of them Furthermore, HiQ’s title sponsorship means it hugely loyal and passionate fans – watching can call on some of the BTCC’s biggest names trackside or on TV. – all influential role models – to endorse its messages. In 2009, reigning champion But HiQ’s allegiance to the BTCC reaps it Fabrizio Giovanardi, team-mate Andrew great rewards away from the track as well. Jordan and fellow BTCC racer Tom Chilton ““We work closely with our sponsors to ensure Many of its centres have taken on a fun and all added vocal support to HiQ’s 1-2-3 road they all maximise the full potential of their racy BTCC theme. In return, this sends out safety campaign. involvement in the BTCC,” explains Richard a clear and comforting message to existing Tait-Harris, Group Marketing Manager, and potentially new customers that they HiQ also used its involvement in the BTCC to Team Dynamics. “These sponsors down the are receiving the very highest standards in help raise awareness and funds for its chosen years have been predominantly blue-chip customer care. charity, Breast Cancer Care, with a number companies from both the motor industry of high-profile stunts at race events. Other plus high street brands. The BTCC provides hugely popular fan-friendly activities online them with a broad spectrum of opportunities. – such as voting for favourite drivers, a grid girl competition and product promotions to Obviously the media value generated in the the official website and its database UK and beyond is the main attraction. Our of tens of thousands – have all added to research reveals that the worth of the TV increase HiQ’s public profile considerably coverage alone is at least three times greater compared to two years ago (see main than normal TV advertising.  chapter).
  • 14. Sponsorship & Marketing  RML’s Sponsorship and Marketing Director Rupert Manwaring says: “The BTCC is a magnet for UK domestic sponsors. When we decided to enter the 2009 championship the week before the first race, we faced the daunting task of securing sponsorship for the programme during the racing season. Thanks to the BTCC’s audience appeal and our on-track performance, we met our funding target, to the point of running three “Leyland Paints is predominantly known as “Our association with the cars during the second half of the year. Our a ‘trade’ brand. However, the sponsorship championship has proven 1-2-3 finish at Silverstone delivered for all our has also enabled us to impact on the For the past four seasons, the RAC has to be a highly effective taken full advantage of its highly visible sponsors, and so did the BTCC.” mass market, broadening the impact motivator for trade and involvement in the BTCC to promote its and awareness of the Leyland brand into consumer incentives” renowned range of motoring services. This has 2009 also marked the year in which David consumer environments. This has helped to been achieved by becoming team sponsor to Bartrum’s Motorbase team matured into a establish a strong brand association through the WSR outfit, and in 2009 it hit the jackpot genuine, potential title challenger. Not only brand visibility and a positive association and with a highly successful bid for the title (see did it achieve its first race wins in the series credibility among existing and potential users, case study p22). but it did so much to the delight of new title stockists and media. sponsor, Wrigley’s famous chewing gum Another team to have really captured the brand Airwaves. Another major global “In addition, our association with the  “More importantly perhaps, these sponsors media’s and public’s imagination of late is company PPG was also part of the success championship has proven to be a highly 26 can interact face-to-face with the general RML. Having run Chevrolets in the World story as it added its support for the team effective motivator for trade and consumer public who are hugely passionate about Touring Car series, it effectively decided to through its Leyland Paints company. Its incentives through hospitality packages, drivers, teams, competing marques and enter the BTCC as a privateer just a week Brand Manager Nicola Hickman enthuses: additional track experiences and driver 27 those brands actively involved in the series. before the 2009 season started, yet was “The primary objective of our Airwaves BMW appearances.”  The race events also provide an important still able to attract sufficient backing for its team sponsorship has been to raise brand opportunity for data collection. Interestingly, programme – at the time with a single-car awareness with Leyland’s target audience. we ran five individual promotions with Honda entry for former champion Jason Plato. By The BTCC offers us a sporting platform to align UK with a live show going into dealerships the next event a second car had been added the brand with a fast paced, prestigious and local to circuits. These proved to be hugely for rising star Mat Jackson as the project popular national event. popular, attracting audiences of over attracted title sponsorship from high-power three hundred people to each event. The tools brand Silverline. Success on track then dealerships burgeoned and cars were sold, also brought additional funding from major exactly on target.” car buying website  And continues Tait-Harris: “We also take our “The BTCC is a magnet for story out to the greater public well beyond BTCC race weekends by presenting ourselves UK domestic sponsors... at other high-profile events such as the British Our 1-2-3 finish at Silverstone Motorshow and Goodwood Festival of Speed, delivered for all our sponsors, which together reach more than half a million and so did the BTCC” people. For example, our fully-liveried Honda Civic show car was in demand so much with appearances for Honda (UK) plus at shows and other exhibitions that it was back at base for just one weekend during the 2009 season.”
  • 15. The high-profile, high-drama, big-crowd backdrop makes the BTCC the perfect platform and environment for teams and sponsors to entertain guests. So it’s no surprise that a wealth of far-reaching corporate activities are available… catering for all tastes and budgets. The BTCC’s pedigree and well-established TV coverage means it enjoys an enviable status among the UK’s elite sports. This status gives each BTCC meeting a real prominence and true sense of occasion, enabling hosts to take the ‘wining and dining’ of VIP guests to new levels. Furthermore, the BTCC is able to provide its teams and commercial partners with an opportunity to invite guests from across the UK, thanks to a careful selection Inevitably, local amenities vary enormously of venues that sees the series headlining at at these different venues. Some provide circuits the length and breadth of Britain. permanent hospitality suites that can be rented on a race-by-race basis, providing While some race meetings are staged at businesses with the perfect opportunity to internationally renowned racing circuits such entertain clients and reward employees in as Brands Hatch, Silverstone and Donington purpose-built surroundings. Typically, major 29 Park, others take place at smaller, lesser- manufacturers and big-name sponsors prefer known but equally important circuits such to welcome guests into their own strongly as Croft in the North-East and Knockhill in branded bespoke structures and dedicated 28 Scotland. Wherever the location, however, hospitality units. Furthermore, live television there’s always a real buzz and ‘big event’ ensures that no-one misses any of the bumper- atmosphere when the BTCC bandwagon rolls to-bumper thrills on the race track. into town. These hospitality ‘villages’ – often situated right at the heart of the action – provide VIPs with the best possible seats in the “We’ve been involved house, adding to their race-day experience. in other activities before Moreover, the busy BTCC timetable is specifically organised to allow drivers and key but, without doubt, we get team management time to make personal far greater return in the appearances during the day’s racing, BTCC when it comes to providing an extra dimension and insight to hospitality” these important corporate activities.  “We’ve been involved in other activities before but, without doubt, we get far greater return in the BTCC when it comes to hospitality,” reports Kerry Gazzard, Sponsorship and PR Consultant, RAC. “We’ve used our BTCC hospitality programme successfully to entertain a wide selection of key guests, and notably to strengthen our business ties with existing partners as well as those of our parent group, Aviva.” Whatever your particular requirements, the high-flying BTCC offers both large and small organisations unrivalled opportunities, as well as the very real promise of an exhilarating taste of life in the fast lane. 
  • 16. “The BTCC was everything I expected it to be: exciting and very competitive, which is what it has always been famous for. There’s great interaction with and support from the public” Johnny Herbert The BTCC is firmly established not only as Britain’s most popular form of motor racing but also as one of the UK’s top sporting attractions with crowds similar in size to those at Premiership football and Test Match cricket matches. It is estimated that trackside figures in 2009 held steady with around 325,000 people attending the championship’s ten fixtures – this is highly significant considering the UK 30 was sucked into a financial recession. That popularity is further reinforced by 31 the fact that the average attendance at grounds on the opening day of the 2009/10 CASE STUDY: Premiership football season was 30,235 – figures that really do put the BTCC firmly in Working with the ‘big league’ of British sporting events. the circuits As a result, ticket sales at the two circuits boomed. Furthermore, both Echo titles are The secret to the BTCC’s on-going success is ‘Fast and friendly’ best describes the Encouraging ‘bums on seats’ is a top priority keen to repeat the exercise in 2010, having simple: unrivalled entertainment at affordable atmosphere. As well as the buzz of the BTCC for the BTCC and it maps out well in advance now successfully used the BTCC’s arrival in with each circuit a bespoke plan designed to their respective regions to generate a feel- prices. Most of all, the BTCC is a fast-moving action, a busy bill of top-class support races attract the public through the gates. good factor among readers. show designed to compete against theme guarantees a non-stop programme of parks, shopping centres just as much as other on-track thrills. BTCC race days guarantee excitement, Knockhill was another to capture a sports for the public’s leisure time. public interaction and free admission for potential new audience of many hundreds The customer-focused BTCC is unique among children, yet rather than rest on its laurels the of thousands when the BTCC secured it a other major sports in encouraging interaction championship never lets up in driving home deal with Scotland’s biggest selling daily BTCC Spectator Demographic between the public and the stars of the show. those messages. newspaper, The Scottish Sun, which carried An ‘open paddock’ policy at most circuits, near non-stop coverage pre-event. Rarely Male Female Gender plus officially-organised driver autograph In 2009, the Thruxton and Croft circuits really have the Fife track’s car parks been fuller 64% 36% sessions in the pit lane means the fans can benefited from the BTCC’s PR and marketing than those on BTCC race day 2009… Social Class easily rub shoulders and grab a word or photo know-how that led to media partnerships AB 35% AB 21% with the highly influential Southern Daily C1 47% C1 59% with their heroes. One of the biggest draws Echo and Northern Echo media groups. C2 13% C2 3% in 2009 was former Le Mans 24 Hours and The result was massive levels of pre-event DE 5% DE 17% three-times grand prix winner Johnny Herbert Under 35 exposure, this stimulating strong regional who followed in the wheel tracks of the likes AB 20% radio and TV interest and thereby increasing C1 54% of Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Damon Hill, David the hype. C2 17% Coulthard and Nigel Mansell by becoming DE 9% the latest big name from Formula 1 to join the 35 or over BTCC grid. AB 47% C1 43% C2 4% DE 6%
  • 17. “The BTCC provides almost “The BTCC is unique among major unrivalled value-for-money sports events in encouraging public entertainment, interaction between the public Spectator Appeal particularly for families…” and the stars of the show”  Certainly, the BTCC provides almost unrivalled value-for-money public  In addition, race-goers can take entertainment, particularly for families. Race advantage of give-away offers from teams day admission for children up to 16 is free and sponsors, reinforcing the exhilarating No surprise then that spectator loyalty whilst adult tickets can be pre-ordered for as family atmosphere. During the BTCC’s Pit has always been one of the BTCC’s major little as £23. Lane Walkabout sessions – when the public, strengths – a fact proven by exit polls including children, are invited into the pit conducted by independent survey specialists. The phrase ‘when the BTCC rolls into town’ lane to meet the drivers for autographs Remarkably, 95 per cent of those interviewed really has taken on a whole new meaning and photos – a staggering amount of team said they would attend again and more than as well. Edinburgh, during the height of its merchandise and sponsor-related products 85 per cent indicated they would recommend world-famous Festivals period in August, set ranging from caps, pens, posters, stickers and BTCC race events to their friends. Survey data the scene for the championship’s fourth major autographs cards are handed out. Indeed, also confirmed far above-average levels of city centre show in as many years in 2009. A some teams have turned the exercise into a sponsorship recall, with the majority of people road closure enabled the drivers and teams drawn mammoth levels of interest from the fine art, using the sessions to run successful interviewed expressing loyalty to products to demonstrate their race cars at full speed public and media alike – Edinburgh’s city product competitions for their commercial promoted via the championship. right by Edinburgh’s iconic castle as the BTCC council estimates that some 18,000 people, all partners. In short, it’s an ‘open goal’ for teams made its only visit north of the border for its of them potentially new fans, lined Johnston to ensure it is their sponsor’s colours that paint An unwavering commitment by the annual round at the Knockhill circuit in Fife. Terrace in 2009 to see the BTCC’s stars the spectator banks and grandstands and go championship to a coordinated programme of 33 in action. home with the fans. pre-event promotion in conjunction with each The event, free for the public and a marketing circuit means the BTCC’s popularity is sure to dream for teams and their sponsors, followed And the BTCC is already a long way down No matter the size of the team, whether one continue spiraling to new heights.  32 on from similar demonstration runs in the path of encouraging its next generation of of the established grandee outfits or a smaller Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Milton Keynes and fans thanks to a proactive schools programme one-car newcomer, all know the BTCC is a Edinburgh several years before. Thanks to the which invites a local class or youth group golden opportunity to interact with – and BTCC’s unrivalled attention to detail, planning into the paddock on Friday afternoons for win over – one of the world’s most excitable, expertise and promotional skills, each of these a VIP tour of the pit lane. The youngsters knowledgeable and enthusiastic motor sport highly unique and spectacular events have are shown around the cars – some are even audiences. selected to sit in the driver’s seat – and also meet key team members plus the star drivers for autographs, Q&A sessions and photos. It’s a programme that in 2010 will enter is seventh year and which, since its inception in 2004, has provided some 1500 primary and secondary-aged youngsters with arguably their most inspiring and motivating day out of their school years. Elsewhere, the championship’s status also attracts high-profile celebrities from both motor sport and other entertainment fields. Celebrity faces are regularly spotted at BTCC meetings. Those spotted in the paddock and on the grid in 2009 included pop star Mel C, Olympic cycling and rowing gold medalists Ed Clancy MBE and Ben Ainslie CBE plus Great Britian rugby league player Jon Wilkin. 
  • 18. 50 Years Young  Witty one-liners, tears and laughter, dirty Highlighting the enduring success of the British moves, crashes, controversy, drama, heroes Touring Car Championship, the series has and villains – the BTCC had it all and became recently celebrated its golden anniversary. one of sport’s biggest overnight success stories. The inaugural BTCC was staged back in 1958 Few other sports can have enjoyed such and, since then, the championship has grown a rapid growth in popularity. ‘Being there’ into this country’s biggest motor racing show, suddenly became fashionable – indeed, the with massive national and international BTCC was more than just a day at the races. audience appeal. It was a UK tour, no longer confined to just England but now also heading to Scotland From the start, saloon car racing was a huge and Wales. It was a social occasion and, as a success with the public, who would pack result, live trackside audiences often reached The paddock was extraordinary to behold, into Britain’s racing venues to watch drivers By the Eighties, the BTCC was moving with the 40,000 mark. People who had previously a fantastic mixture of languages, styles, compete in racing versions of their road cars the times and beginning to attract a truly never taken an interest in motor sport were tastes, smells, colours, facial expressions at simply unbelievable speeds. Traditional, international flavour. Mazda, Toyota and Alfa suddenly going car-racing mad. and hand gestures. And then there was the great British names such as Jaguar, Austin, Romeo were the first three winners of the decade racing – the roars and cheers from the packed Ford, Mini, Lotus, Sunbeam, Hillman and as the championship continued to be run for The manufacturers simply could not afford grandstands and spectator banks, the sea of Triumph were all winners in the first 20 years, several classes of car, but the mighty Ford Sierra to miss out and the number taking part in hats, T-shirts, jackets and flags that people each aware of the importance of using the RS500 and BMW M3 – dominant as the Nineties the series grew rapidly. Alfa Romeo, Audi, waved in support of their favourites. BTCC to showcase their latest models. loomed – are probably the two most evocative BMW, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Peugeot, 35 models of the period. Renault, Toyota, Vauxhall and Volvo: all For competitors and spectators alike, the BTCC “From the start, saloon car It was in the Nineties, however, that the BTCC realised the enormous marketing value of became a ‘must see’ event and that remains competing in the BTCC and were quick to the same today as the world’s most famous racing was a huge success truly boomed. The championship was already 34 capitalise on the opportunity. Every one and time-honoured touring car championship with the public, who would beginning to grow in stature with regular of them has the BTCC to thank for their enters its second 50 years on yet another pack into Britain’s racing television coverage on the BBC’s flagship sports continued growth in the UK today. All fielded remarkable high.  venues to watch drivers show, Grandstand, on Saturday afternoons. full factory teams – often run by crack compete in racing versions When the decision was taken to make the BTCC Formula 1 outfits such as Williams, TWR and exclusively for two-litre cars, it instantly created of their road cars at simply closer racing and attracted a host of high-profile Prodrive – and hired megastar drivers. There was, quite simply, no other sporting arena unbelievable speeds” manufacturers and teams to the series. Combined like the BTCC. with enhanced television coverage and marketing genius, this made the BTCC essential viewing for millions throughout the UK – and many millions more worldwide. 
  • 19. In 2009 the BTCC attracted a total BTCC: Global TV trackside audience of Country Broadcaster Audience reach TV & Spectator Data TV & Spectator Data USA Speed 80m Canada Speed 8m S America (inc. Mex) Speed Latin America 15m Czech Republic Sport5 800k Denmark Canal Plus 46k Finland Canal Plus 68k Male Female Under 35 35 or over Greece Supersports 280k Global Audience Reach 1.35billion+ Netherlands Raceworld tba Average number of Norway Canal Plus 225k events attended in 2009 1.81 1.38 1.65 1.86 Sweden Canal Plus 425k Slovakia Sport5 630k Percentage who have bought merchandise 42% 30% 39% 41% Russia 7TV 26m Australia One HD tba Top five aspects enjoyed Racing 43% Racing 33% Racing 46% Racing 35% Hong Kong I-Cable 2.2m most during the day Atmosphere 20% Atmosphere 17% Atmosphere 19% Atmosphere 18% Weather 11% Weather 13% Weather 11% Weather 14% Good day out 9% Good day out 10% Good day out 10% Good day out 11% Food & Drink 8% Food & Drink 7% Food & Drink 5% Food & Drink 10% Five aspects the Nothing 44% Nothing 40% Nothing 43% Nothing 44% public disliked Crowds/queues 10% Crowds/queues 17% Crowds/queues 12% Crowds/queue 12% Travelling 10% Travelling 13% Travelling 10% Travelling 12% Quality of food 6% Quality of food 7% Quality of food 7% Quality of food 9% Toilet queues 6% Toilet queues 3% Toilet queues 6% Toilet queues 4% Social class AB 35% AB 21% AB 20% AB 47% C1 47% C1 59% C1 54% C1 43% C2 13% C2 3% C2 17% C2 4% DE 5% DE 17% DE 9% DE 6% 36 37 Personal income under £10,000 3% 4% 4% 1% £10,000 - £14,999 5% 7% 9% -% £15,000 - £19,999 6% 15% 9% 5% £20,000 - £24,999 19% 15% 22% 13% £25,000 - £29,999 14% 11% 9% 20% UK TV Audience £30,000 - £39,999 18% 22% 19% 18% £40,000 - £49,999 13% 11% 11% 15% Channel Total Broadcast Hours £50,000 - £59,999 8% 4% 6% 10% (50 Programmes) Total UK TV audience in 2009 £60,000 or over 14% 11% 11% 18% ITV4 93 hours 37 mins Top three other sports Formula 1 74% Tennis 48% Formula 1 71% Formula 1 74% ITV1 12 hours 30 mins watched on TV Football 67% Formula 1 36% Football 63% Football 74% Men & Motors 10 hours 19 mins Athletics 26% Football 32% Athletics 23% Cricket 74% Total hours 116 hours 26 mins Top three national The Sun 25% Daily Mail 29% The Sun 29% Daily Mail 28% papers read Daily Mail 19% The Times 13% Daily Mail 15% Telegraph 18% Telegraph 10% Express 10% Express 9% The Sun 8% Total viewers 13,767,535* Research carried out by Sports Marketing Surveys * Cumulative audience number, weighted according to programme duration hours, which reflects UK Radio coverage in 2009 154stations sustained viewing of more than three minutes 3 %6 % 6 4 50hrs6 Gender profile Dennis Publishing Figures Magazine ABC Title circulation/readership Annual mins Auto Express 69,000 / 291,000 3,519,000 / 14,841,000 evo 62,282 / 217,000 747,384 / 2,604,000 Estimated listeners 53.95million Unique Website monthly visitors Annual 1,073,720 12,884,640 285,860 3,430,320
  • 20. Each BTCC race event features not only three headline touring car races, but also the very best of UK single-seater, saloon and sportscar In total, there are five specially selected action. The weekend’s non-stop programme championships on the regular BTCC support- includes up to 13 races, guaranteeing fans ing bill to boost the appeal of each weekend. a top-class entertainment package which World title-winning Formula 1 manufacturer exceeds that offered by any other major sport Renault and legendary supercar maker in the country. Porsche provide three of those championships,  Few companies come close to matching while the other two come from flourishing the illustrious motor sport pedigree of Porsche. British sportscar make Ginetta. All five series With a record number of Le Mans 24 Hours are fully manufacturer-supported, ensuring victories behind it the German sportscar that levels of professionalism and excitement marque nowadays concentrates on its Car- for crowds are unrivalled by any other motor rera Cup series in key global markets. sport experience in the UK.  In the UK, only the BTCC offers Porsche a big enough arena to captivate the audience it desires. The championship is exclusively for racing versions of Porsche’s 180mph 997 model. Big grids of the mouth-watering Ger- man dream machines handled by top-line drivers – many with international touring car, GT and single-seater experience – make for a sensational sight and sound. Porsche GB also supports its Carrera Cup with a tower- ing state-of-the-art hospitality suite that forms an integral part of its high-profile marketing Formula Renault has supported the BTCC 39 programme. since 1993. The cars are identical two-litre, carbon fibre machines that boast an authentic Renaultsport runs two championships: its F1 look and feel – this will be enhanced 38 Formula Renault single-seater category and further in 2010 when a new generation of car, the thrill-a-minute, single-model Clio Cup. including seven-speed gearbox, is introduced Combined, the championships’ roots in the UK – and grids are full of aspiring F1 racers. The stretch back more than 50 years. series has produced some great names, most notably the 2008 and 2007 F1 world champi- ons Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen, who were Formula Renault title winners in 2000 and 2003 respectively. 
  • 21.  The Clio Cup is the latest in a successful line of single-model championships run by Renault UK that dates back to the early Seventies, when leaning 5TLs and TSs wowed the crowds with big grids and crazy antics. The Clio Cup has carried on that tradition as teams and drivers – many with BTCC ambitions – eager to get their hands on cost-effective, identical racing versions of Renault’s potent 210bhp Clio 200 model.  Ginetta is very much the new kid on the block – quite literally. Its Junior championship, In recent years a number of drivers – notably for drivers aged 14 to 17, has been a major Mat Jackson, Andrew Jordan and champions hit since it joined the ‘BTCC family’ in 2008, Tom Onslow-Cole and Jonathan Adam – have providing regular thrills and spills as the learnt their craft in Clios and then gone on to youngsters battle it out doorhandle-to- prove themselves in the BTCC.  doorhandle. For 2010, the company’s new five-speed, 1.8-litre G40 model (see above image) will replace that used in recent years, adding to the unpredictability for teams, After a highly dramatic debut season in drivers and spectators. 2009, the G50s retain their coveted position alongside Renault and Porsche on the BTCC bill for 2010. 40 All five championships not only deliver the best possible entertainment for trackside BTCC fans, but also enjoy hitherto unprecedented 41 levels of television exposure thanks to the live ITV4 coverage from each event with highlights also shown on ITV1.  The Yorkshire-based manufacturer’s presence on BTCC race weekends was doubled in 2008 with the addition of the more powerful Ginetta G50 championship. The racing is fast, furious and unpredictable as the drivers – many with reputations to uphold – fight to tame the spectacular, 3.5-litre, 300bhp V6-powered G50 coupes. The new generation Formula Renault
  • 22. 42 43 The HiQ MSA British Touring Car The TOCA Team “We have a wealth of experience and are Championship is widely recognised as a fully committed to maintaining the BTCC’s world leader. Under Alan Gow’s direction, position as the most versatile and valuable TOCA was formed to take over the running of motor sport property in Britain,” says Series the BTCC in 1992 and throughout the Nineties Their expertise encompasses a huge array of Director Gow. “Setting and meeting the it set new standards for sports marketing, skills from legal and technical right through to highest standards of professionalism is the promotion and administration of motor sport promotion and PR. The sum of their individual in Great Britain. talents creates a thriving environment, which basis of everything we do.” Alan Gow Dan Mayo is to the ultimate benefit of competitors, Series Director Co-Ordinator More than 50 years on from its humble origins TOCA’s innovative leadership took the BTCC business partners, race teams and everyone and long established as one of the world’s from strength to strength, attracting top class else involved in the championship’s on-going most renowned national race series, the HiQ teams, world class drivers, unprecedented achievements. MSA British Touring Car Championship could numbers of motor manufacturers and Premier not be in better hands.  League-sized crowds. Right around the globe, There have been innovations including the the thriving BTCC was hailed as the world’s staging of city centre shows, the introduction most influential touring car championship, of new cost-conscious technical regulations providing spectacular action trackside and and the provision of a top-quality support race huge television audiences, as well as budget- package with the involvement of pro-active friendly marketing opportunities for pro-active manufacturers including Ginetta, Porsche car makers and business partners. and Renault. Not least among the advances is the development of world-class medical Rob Kettleboro Dennis Carter Peter Riches With this proven track record, the highly facilities at each BTCC meeting. These include Race Director Race Director Technical Director respected TOCA team has the experience the professionally staffed and well-equipped and ability to deliver on all fronts. The TOCA Intensive Care Unit and Medivac organisational structure includes experts in a helicopter. wide range of different specialist disciplines, each and every one of them totally dedicated to the overall success of the BTCC. Carl McKellar Dr Paul Trafford Media Officer Medical Director
  • 23. Championship Officials Administrator & Technical Series Director Director Alan Gow Peter Riches Media Telephone The Willows Officers +44 (0) 7860 927637 Low Common Carl McKellar Email Deopham Norfolk NR18 9DZ Telephone Telephone +44 (0) 1372 414120 Co-Ordinator +44 (0) 1953 850657 Mobile Dan Mayo Facsimile +44 (0) 7786 138905 +44 (0) 1953 850657 Email Mobile carl.mckellar@ 17 White House Road +44 (0) 7916 126448 Elvington, York Y041 4AL Email Deborah Tee Telephone +44 (0) 1904 607320 Medical Mobile Telephone Director +44 (0) 7960 039758 +44 (0) 1372 414120 Dr Paul Trafford Email Mobile +44 (0) 7785 924400 7 Victoria Circus Email Dowanhill deborah.tee@ Glasgow G12 9LB Facsimile +44 (0) 141 404 2624 Organising Club Mobile Series Management +44 (0) 7785 557470 British Automobile Email Racing Club (BARC) BARC (TOCA) LTD 44 Thruxton Circuit Andover Hampshire HP11 8PM Telephone +44 (0) 1264 882200 Facsimile +44 (0) 1264 882233