Dominican Republic Villas


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A market analysis of the Dominican Republic villas for sale in the North coast, specifically Sosua and Cabarete. By Golden Treasures Real Estate.

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Dominican Republic Villas

  2. 2. VILLAS IN SOSUA: A GROWING INVESTMENT TREND<br />Sosua has seen a constant growth in luxury villa construction in the past 10 years, making it one of the fastest growing North Coast towns of the Dominican Republic in terms of real estate development. Its next door sister, Cabarete, has also seen a huge increase in new condo development, mostly facing the beach. A lot of the villas built in the past 6 years are affordable in terms of value, costing buyers around US$198,000.00 in villa residential projects such as Casa Linda and Hispaniola. The real value of the villas is the rental income potential from tourists who request villa rentals each year in Sosua, meaning the properties are self-sufficient in terms of maintenance fees. Most buyers will bring up the issues of maintenance before committing to purchase. This type of villa will be in high demand for a long time.<br />
  3. 3. LUXURY VILLA IN SOSUA: SPC0221<br />This beachfront property for sale in the Dominican Republic is a five bedroom with infinity pool and outdoor Jacuzzi, with a former price tag of US$2.4 million and now selling for US$1.9 million because of the market crash in financial institutions worldwide that has also affected the real estate market in the island. Set in a nice beach near Sea Horse Ranch in Sosua, the house was recently remodeled ( paint, curtains, new pool deck ) and a new condo project nearby has sent the land price up so the price on this villa will keep its value for long. An empty neighboring lot of 2,000 square meters to its right side can be also obtained for enlarging the garden area or building more suites to turn the villa into a nice boutique-type beach resort. The listing with all the detailed information con this Sosua villa for sale is at the Golden Treasures Luxury Villas site.<br />
  4. 4. Luxury villas in Sosua<br /> Sosua has also been the favorite beach town for upscale villa residential developments in places like El Choco, Sea Horse Ranch, Panorama Village, Playa Chiquita and now Sosua Ocean village. Larger villas with high end finish materials and features costing one or several million dollars have reshaped the real estate and self catering rental market in Sosua. The villa in the video shown here was recently built with very high standards. It is for sale in the market for US$1.5 million : Dominican Republic Villa for sale<br />
  5. 5. Fractional Ownership Villas<br />Fractional ownership real estate is also present in Sosua, making possible that more people become owners of vacation villas without the need to pay high sums of money and owning deeded weeks or months in a villa near the beach. <br />One of the best things of fractional real estate is that the properties are actually owned, not the time on them so they can`t ever “disappear” due to bad management ( such as some clubs, e.g. Sun Village in Cofresi ). See the details in the villa fractionalspage. <br />
  6. 6. Villa Property Management<br />Several property management companies are available in the Dominican Republic`s North Coast, providing full time maintenance, accounting and rental managing services. They will pay the bills for you, clean the villa`s swimming pool, do the garden, perform a daily or weekly deep cleaning of the property and fix all maintenance related issues. Prices vary according to the size of the property, also based on the selected maintenance . In Sosua we have Amber Guardian, North Beach Management, and NC-Facility , and further North we have North Coast Management, that covers the area of Cabrera and Rio San Juan.<br />
  7. 7. The Casa Linda Villas in Sosua<br />Casa Linda is probably one of the most successful villa projects in the area, actually the first one to implement the construction of large scale, small villas with two and three bedrooms, swimming pool and garden areas. Recently expanded, it introduced the Villa Ultima, a whole new concept that is a hybrid between the affordable and the luxury villas. The Ultima is the first fractional ownership villa offered by Casa Linda, designed with 4 bedrooms around a centered swimming pool with bar and amenities.<br />
  8. 8. Hispaniola Residential<br />Residencial Hispaniola is a more recent gated community of small to medium villas, similar in many villa models to Casa Linda, with many more custom designed properties. The designers carefully planned this new residential with more open spaces between the villas and some extras such as the playground and community areas. Expansion is expected and the additional land is already prepared for it. You can expect to pay around US$215,000.00 for a villa in this beautiful gated community of Sosua.<br />
  9. 9. Panorama Village<br />A few years ago the local branch of century 21 had the idea of creating a stunning residential community of luxury villas in a large patch of land of Sosua, giving birth to Panorama village. Reaching this green paradise takes about a 10-15 minute drive into the forest land next to El Choco, but once there you feel like traveling to a whole new world of lush green land nesting many beautiful villas and homes facing Haciendas El Choco.<br />
  10. 10. Villas in Cabarete<br />Cabarete is one of the best places in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic because it has a lot of attractions, from being a top spot for kite surfers, to its great beach and nightlife. Villa development in Cabarete has been a constant, also the beachfront condos such as Ocean One, Ocean Dream, Harmony, Watermark, Cabarete Palace and many others. Cabarete offers many great restaurants, stores and a vibrant disco life at night that brings a lot of people together from all over the world. Renting a villa in Cabarete is a lifestyle, and getting one in high season can be hard unless you book it months in advance.<br />
  11. 11. Golden Treasures Real Estate<br />Dominican Republic Luxury Villas<br />DOMINICAN REPUBLIC VILLAS FOR SALE<br />Pedro Clisante 12 , Village Square Plaza Suite #1 El Batey Sosua<br />Tel. 809-571-1001 / 809-377-2038 / 829-477-2038<br /><br />
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