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  • The order of the slides may need to be altered.
    Some collaboration and KT may be missing, e.g. PAM, LSS & Newcastle, David/Julie and RGU. Julie and NHS. Also any collaborators with Carron and Rachel. DAMES?
  • Transcript

    • 1. collaboration & engagement University of Stirling
    • 2. dimensions Stirling Academics Industry & Commerce Public
    • 3. Stirling Edinburgh Dundee Glasgow match: Mobilising Advanced Technologies for Care at Home Home Care Networks Lifestyle Monitoring Speech Communication Multimodal Interfaces • SFC funded 2005-2009 • £xxxxxx
    • 4. • Social/Health Care: – Dementia Services Stirling, – Falkirk Council, – Hanover Housing Association, – Midlothian Council, – National Health Service Forth Valley, – North Lanarkshire Council, – West Lothian Council • Commercial: – British Telecom, – Intermediate Technology Institute, – Scottish Enterprise, – Sensorium, – Tunstall match: external partners Stirling Dundee Glasgow Edinburgh
    • 5. match: public engagement Stirling • Some words from Louise & Claire
    • 6. match: on-going activity; PAM Stirling • Personalised Ambient Monitoring of the mentally ill • Bipolar disorder Nottingham Southampton
    • 7. carmen: academic interaction Stirling • CARMEN is an e-Science Pilot Project funded by EPSRC. • It will deliver a virtual laboratory for neurophysiology, enabling sharing and collaborative exploitation of data, analysis code and expertise. Neural activity recordings (signals and image series) are the primary data types. 10 English Universities St. Andrews
    • 8. other academic collaborations Stirling • DAMES?I will talk to Jesse • Julie & NHS • David & RGU • Rachel/Carron EPSRC grant; external links? X Y
    • 9. Stirling KTP: explicit knowledge exchange • Glasgow based company providing predictive analytics technology for Telecommunications/Cellular, Media, Banking & Retail industries • Our KTP project is adding time series forecasting and Bayesian inference capabilities to their existing data mining suite • Involves implementing current state of the art and developing new algorithms to allow Bayesian networks to run on large scale distributed systems
    • 10. Stirling KTP: explicit knowledge exchange • expertise in P2P (Peer to Peer) technologies of the University of Stirling's Communications and Services research group • mobile phone experience of Sysnet • The goal is to develop a P2P framework for mobile handsets, three sample applications and a tool kit to enable third parties to develop their own applications. • The project started in the spring 2008 and will run for 18 months.
    • 11. • probabilistic reasoning to allow companies to optimise direct sales campaigns • In partnership with several Scottish marketing and data management companies, we have provided services to clients such as… • BMW and Mini • Nissan • Nintendo • Boss Clothing • Performing Rights Society • Lloyds TSB PoC: explicit knowledge exchange Stirling Electronic Salesman
    • 12. • Camera Obscura is a museum of visual science in Edinburgh • We have recently worked with them to install a new exhibit based on computer vision techniques: a magic mirror Public engagement: knowledge exchange • Using motion detection and foreground subtraction techniques, the magic mirror only shows people’s reflection if they are moving • Stand still, and you slowly vanish, move your head and it floats back into view • The result is a popular and highly interactive demonstration of machine vision techniques