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Invited Paper Meetings for the 57th ISI Session, Durban ...


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  • 1. Invited Paper Meetings for the 57th ISI Session, Durban, South Africa Number Title Committee(s) Responsible Organiser Name, country, e-mail IPM1 President's Invited Papers Meeting ISI Denise Lievesley, UK, IPM2 Frontiers of Machine Learning Bernoulli Society IASC Su-Yun Huang, Taiwan, IPM3 Inference under Qualitative Restrictions Bernoulli Society Holger Dette, Germany, IPM4 Semi- and Nonparametric Statistics Bernoulli Society Graciela Boente, Argentina, and Wenceslao Gonzalez Manteiga, Spain, IPM5 Model Building and Regularization Bernoulli Society Axel Munk, Germany, munk@math.uni- IPM6 Stochastic Geometry with Applications Bernoulli Society Viktor Benes, Czech Republic, IPM7 Concentration Inequalities Bernoulli Society Sara van de Geer, Switzerland, IPM8 Random Dynamical Systems Bernoulli Society Peter Imkeller, Germany, and Salah-Eldin A. Mohammed, Sudan, IPM9 Statistical Modeling and Data Analysis for Neural Coding Bernoulli Society Britt Anderson, Canada, and Elie Bienenstock, USA, IPM10 The Role of Chance in Evolution Bernoulli Society Peter Jagers, Sweden, IPM11 Stochastics in Neurophysiology Bernoulli Society Pedro Valdes Sosa, Cuba, IPM12 Statistics in Biodiversity Bernoulli Society Miguel Nakamura, Mexico, IPM13 Stochastics of Genome Bernoulli Society Jun Liu, USA, IPM14 Complex Data Analysis, Dimension Reduction and Sparsity Bernoulli Society Ursula Gather, Germany, IPM15 The challenge of building a supply of statisticians for the future IAOS IASE Nancy McBeth, New Zealand, IPM16 Comparing Poverty and Prices across National Boundaries - the ICP Programme and Poverty PPPs IAOS IASS Local Hosts Fred Vogel, IPM17 Implementing the 1993 System of National Accounts IAOS IFC Carl Obst, Australia, IPM18 Sustainable Development Indicators - New Challenges IAOS TIES Rosie Fyfe, New Zealand, with Rachael Milicich, New Zealand, (Chair)
  • 2. IPM19 Globalisation and official statistics - how to ensure international comparability, while retaining national relevance IAOS Local Hosts Robyn Lynch, UK, IPM20 Bringing Stats Home: Role of Official Statistical Offices in supporting comparable statistics at regional, urban and local level IAOS Dominic Leung, Hong Kong, China, IPM21 Improving comparability of urban and regional data: Standards, hermonization, and sharing metadata resources for survey development IAOS Wendy Thomas, USA, IPM22 Methodological and measurement challenges in Economic Statistics IAOS Peter Harper, Australia, IPM23 Contemporary methodological challenges in Social Statistics IAOS Michel Glaude, Eurostat, IPM24 Quality Control and Assurance of Administration Data used in Statistics Production IAOS Hilkka Vihavainen, Finland, IPM25 Measuring Prices statistics: A National Conspiracy of Numbers? IAOS Michael Ward, UK, IPM26 Functional Data Analysis: Theory and Applications IASC BS Jason Fine, USA, IPM27 Uncertainty in Statistical Matching IASC IASS Mauro Scanu, Italy, ISTAT, with Tomas Aluja-Banet, Spain, IPM28 Statistics and the Internet for Development in e-Education e-Health and Other Fields with particular reference to Africa IASC Fionn Murtagh, UK, IPM29 Statistical Methods for Non Linear Latent Variable Models IASC Salvatore Ingrassia, Italy, IPM30 Statistical Online Monitoring IASC Roland Fried, Germany, fried@statistik.uni- IPM31 Statistical and computational challenges from new environmental sensing systems IASC Bronwyn Harch, Australia, IPM32 Sensometrics and chemometrics in food industry IASC El Mostafa Qannari, France, IPM33 Statistical Modeling of Multimedia Content IASC Adalbert Wilhelm, Germany, a.wilhelm@iu- IPM34 Measures of Effectiveness for Distributed Systems IASC William F. Szewczyk, USA, IPM35 Spatial Statistics: Recent Advances in Epidemiological Applications IASC Elvan Ceyhan,Turkey, IPM36 Random projection for multimedia retrieval IASC Jean-Hugues Chauchat, France, jean- IPM37 The roles of statistical agencies in developing statistical literacy IASE IAOS Reija Helenius, Finland, IPM38 Educating the public on how to use official statistics. IASE Local Hosts Peter Wingfield-Digby,
  • 3. IPM39 Challenges faced in Statistics Education in African countries IASE Local Hosts Delia North, South Africa, IPM40 Balancing the training of future statisticians for workplace and research IASE Charles Rohde, USA, IPM41 Exploiting the Progress in Statistical Graphics and Statistical Computing for the benefit of Statistical Literacy IASE Juana Sanchez, USA, IPM42 Survey Research in Statistics Education IASE Irena Ograjensek, Slovenia, IPM43 Research on Informal Inferential Reasoning IASE Katie Makar, Australia, IPM44 Teaching, Learning and Assessing Statistics Problem Solving in Higher Education IASE Neville Davies, UK, IPM45 Technologies for learning and teaching in developing countries IASE Gabriella Belli, USA, IPM46 Virtual Learning Environments for Statistics Education IASE Adriana Backx Noronha Viana, Brazil, and Pieternel Verhoeven, Netherlands, IPM47 Designing and Conducting Surveys in Adverse Conditions (tentative title). IASS GTC Michael College, Australia, IPM48 Sampling and Estimation Issues in Health Statistics IASS Local Hosts Wilton Bussab, Brazil, or IPM49 Measuring and Assessing Respondent Load IASS Local Hosts Richard Penny, New Zealand, IPM50 New Developments in Monitoring and Controlling Field Data Collection Activities IASS Dina Neiger, Australia, IPM51 Recent Developments in Survey Methodology Research - Design and Estimation IASS Paul Smith, UK, IPM52 Outliers in Complex Sample Surveys IASS Julie Gershunskaya, USA, and Partha Lahiri, USA, IPM53 Nonresponse Bias in Surveys IASS Jelke Bethlehem, Netherlands, IPM54 New Developments in Modeling and Analysis of Survey Data IASS Jay Breidt, USA, IPM55 New Methodologies in Sampling Rare and Elusive Populations IASS Sanghamitra Pal, India, IPM56 Modeling Economic Data to Produce Small Area Estimates IASS Mike Hidiroglou, Canada, IPM57 Integrated Household Surveys - Design, Implementation, and Estimation IASS Denise Silva, UK and Brazil, IPM58 Issues In Price Index Methodology and Measurement IASS Sylvie Gauthier, Canada, IPM59 Dissemination of Survey Results to Public IASS Tommy Wright, USA, IPM60 What Role, If Any, Should Weights Play in the Analysis of Survey Data IASS Phil Kott, USA,
  • 4. IPM61 Capturing Unobserved Heterogeneity in Latent Variable Modeling ISBIS IASC Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi, France, IPM62 Statistical Issues in Complex Computational Models ISBIS Pritam Ranjan, Canada, IPM63 Statistics in Finance ISBIS Rong Chen, USA, IPM64 Statistics in the Pharmaceutica Industry ISBIS Chihiro Hirotsu, Japan, IPM65 Analysis of Measurement Systems ISBIS Jeroen de Mast, Netherlands, IPM66 Energy Statistics ISBIS Carol Joyce Blumberg, USA, IPM67 Models of modern data and metadata systems GTC IFC IASS Steven Keuning, Germany, IPM68 Risks in Finance - The state of the art in statistical methods. GTC IFC ISBIS Richard Walton, UK, t IPM69 Qauntification of qualitative data from surveys GTC IFC Cevriye Aysoy, Turkey, IPM70 The size and impact of statistical revisions GTC IFC Rudi Acx, Belgium, IPM71 Statistics of institutional investors GTC IFC Debra L. Gruber, USA, IPM72 Measuring access to monetary and financial services GTC IFC Vukani Mamba, South Africa, IPM73 Relative survival GTC LS BS Janez Stare, Slovenia, IPM74 Group sequential analysis design GTC LS M.J.van der Laan, USA, IPM75 Inference and prediction in competing risks and multi-state models GTC LS Hein Putter, Netherlands, IPM76 Challenges and new advances of large dimensional failure time data analysis with applications in population sciences GTC LS Yi Li, USA, IPM77 Statistical methodolgy for the analysis of sleep studies GTC LS Ciprian M. Crainiceanu, USA, IPM79 Prognostic modeling for proteonic data GTC LS Bart Mertens, Netherlands, IPM80 Measuring fertility GTC Niels Keiding, Denmark, IPM81 Combining stochastic and deterministic models to determine global warming GTC TIES BS Richard Smith, USA, IPM82 Statistical Issues associated with climate change GTC TIES David Marker, USA, IPM83 New studies of the association between human health and pollution and their impact in air quality regulation GTC TIES Montserrat Fuentes, USA, with Sudipto Banarjee, USA, (Chair)
  • 5. IPM84 Spatial modelling of large and disparate environmental datasets GTC TIES Montserrat Fuentes, USA, with Gavin Shaddick, (Chair) IPM85 Meoscale studies of temperature trend GTC TIES Robert Lund, USA, IPM86 Landscape based risk assessment GTC TIES Bronwyn Harch, Australia, IPM87 New methods for improving access to statistics by the general public GTC IAOS Siu-Ming Tam, Australia, siu- IPM88 Statistics for Development GTC IAOS Local Hosts Misha Belkindas, USA, IPM89 Institutional Strengthening - Building and maintaining the infrastructure in an environment of scarce resources GTC IAOS Local Hosts Michel Mouyela-Kataula, African Development Bank, Congo, IPM90 Institutional Strengthening - Statistics Legislation and Institutional arrangements and how to make them work in practice? GTC Local Hosts Paul Cheung, Singapore and US, IPM91 Institutional Strengthening - Developing the capability of the people producing and analysing official statistics. GTC Local Hosts Ben Kiregyera, Ethiopia, or IPM92 Biostatistics and Health in Africa: The Impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on national development GTC Local Hosts Carl Lombard, South Africa, IPM93 Statistics in South Africa - past, present and future (tentative title) Likely to be devoted to Young African Statisticians Local Hosts Miranda Mafafo, South Africa, with Pali Lehohla, South Africa, (Chair) IPM94 Principles for ethics in statistics (tentative title) GTC Ethics Committee David Morganstein, USA, IPM95 Adversarial Risk Analysis GTC Risk Analyses Committee David Banks, USA, with Lutz Edler, Germany, (Chair) IPM96 Progress, politics and statistcs: interactons and implications GTC OECD Jon Hall, France, IPM97 Estimating demographic statistics with flawed vital registration systems GTC IUSSP IASS Carla AbouZahr, World Health Organization, IPM98 Issues in the analysis of multivariate data in the spatial domain GTC IAMG Eric Grunsky, Canada, IPM99 Biostatistics and Clinical Research: A Symbiosis ISI Norbert Victor, Germany, victor@imbi.uni-
  • 6. IPM100 To be determined by the African Association of Statistical Data Archivists (AASDA) ISI Kizito Kasozi, President , AASDA, IPM101 Jan Tinbergen and Cochran-Hansen Awards for best papers by young statisticians ISI Daniel Berze, Netherlands,
  • 7. IPM100 To be determined by the African Association of Statistical Data Archivists (AASDA) ISI Kizito Kasozi, President , AASDA, IPM101 Jan Tinbergen and Cochran-Hansen Awards for best papers by young statisticians ISI Daniel Berze, Netherlands,