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Intramural Internship PowerPoint Presentation

  1. 1. BioE 1002-BioE 1002- Intramural Internship:Intramural Internship: What you need to know!What you need to know! Undergraduate Seminar SeriesUndergraduate Seminar Series Department of BioengineeringDepartment of Bioengineering University of PittsburghUniversity of Pittsburgh October 12, 2007October 12, 2007
  2. 2. Key PlayersKey Players Alejandro J. Almarza, Ph.D.-Alejandro J. Almarza, Ph.D.- Program Director, InstructorProgram Director, Instructor BioE 1002BioE 1002 Billie Bergman-Billie Bergman- Program CoordinatorProgram Coordinator
  3. 3. Goals Department GoalDepartment Goal • Achieve your career goalsAchieve your career goals through individualized educationthrough individualized education BioE 1002 GoalsBioE 1002 Goals • Training in project planning,Training in project planning, design or experimentation, anddesign or experimentation, and analysisanalysis • Improve oral presentation andImprove oral presentation and technical writing skillstechnical writing skills
  4. 4. Research? •• Why do I need this?Why do I need this? Marketability- Grad, Med, or IndustryMarketability- Grad, Med, or Industry Experience/Practical Skills!!!Experience/Practical Skills!!! -Techniques/Design-Techniques/Design -Communication-Communication (presentation, writing)(presentation, writing) -Analytical and Problem Solving-Analytical and Problem Solving -Organization-Organization
  5. 5. Logistics/Requirements •• Must be in or enteringMust be in or entering JuniorJunior oror SeniorSenior yearyear • 9+ hours of research per week9+ hours of research per week • Class will meet Fridays from 12-2Class will meet Fridays from 12-2 • Meetings will include guestMeetings will include guest lectures on relevant topicslectures on relevant topics
  6. 6. Logistics/Requirements Cont. • Two formal presentationsTwo formal presentations (Midterm and Final exams)(Midterm and Final exams) • Two smaller presentationsTwo smaller presentations • Two writing assignmentsTwo writing assignments (Summary report and abstract)(Summary report and abstract) • Advisor EvaluationAdvisor Evaluation
  7. 7. Registration (Heads Up!) •• Special Permission RequiredSpecial Permission Required (i.e. My signature)(i.e. My signature) • Granted if student has aGranted if student has a completedcompleted application formapplication form andand advisor/project is approvedadvisor/project is approved No extramural internshipsNo extramural internships • Now is the time to get a projectNow is the time to get a project lined up!lined up!
  8. 8. How Do I Get an Internship? •• Do some investigating!Do some investigating! • Contact ProfessorsContact Professors (Be respectful and courteous- this(Be respectful and courteous- this could be your mentor)could be your mentor) • Visit laboratoriesVisit laboratories • Ask for an appointment (politely)Ask for an appointment (politely)
  9. 9. • Treat appointment as a job interviewTreat appointment as a job interview • Come preparedCome prepared – Well dressedWell dressed – Resume in handResume in hand – Know their research topicKnow their research topic – Inform them that this is part of aInform them that this is part of a required course and you would like torequired course and you would like to volunteervolunteer How Do I Get an Internship?
  10. 10. Laboratories/Groups Artificial/BiohybridArtificial/Biohybrid Organ DevelopmentOrgan Development LaboratoryLaboratory Artificial LungArtificial Lung LaboratoryLaboratory Center for ClinicalCenter for Clinical NeurophysiologyNeurophysiology Center for HearingCenter for Hearing and Balanceand Balance
  11. 11. Affiliates Brain ImagingBrain Imaging Research CenterResearch Center Carnegie MellonCarnegie Mellon Department ofDepartment of BiomedicalBiomedical EngineeringEngineering Carnegie MellonCarnegie Mellon Robotics InstituteRobotics Institute Center for theCenter for the
  12. 12. Summer Research Experience • Fulfills research requirementFulfills research requirement for BioE 1002for BioE 1002 • LearnLearn • Have FunHave Fun • Get Paid!Get Paid! ProgramsPrograms • Bioengineering DepartmentBioengineering Department (10 slots)(10 slots) Feb 28Feb 28thth deadlinedeadline BioE websiteBioE website • Musculoskeletal Research CenterMusculoskeletal Research Center (5 slots)(5 slots) Mar 9Mar 9thth deadlinedeadline • Pittsburgh Tissue Eng. InitiativePittsburgh Tissue Eng. Initiative (20 slots)(20 slots) Feb 5Feb 5thth deadlinedeadline • Human Engineering Res LabsHuman Engineering Res Labs (10 slots)(10 slots) Mar 1Mar 1stst deadlinedeadline
  13. 13. Extramural Summer Programs • Does notDoes not count toward BioE 1002count toward BioE 1002 • List of opportunities on the BioEList of opportunities on the BioE websitewebsite • eering/main/undergraduate/inforeering/main/undergraduate/infor mation.htmlmation.html • The American PhysiologicalThe American Physiological Society - Undergraduate summerSociety - Undergraduate summer research fellowshipresearch fellowship • Battelle Memorial InstituteBattelle Memorial Institute • Baylor College of MedicineBaylor College of Medicine Summer Medical and ResearchSummer Medical and Research
  14. 14. My Contact Information • Office hoursOffice hours – 744 Benedum Fridays from 9-11744 Benedum Fridays from 9-11 • E-mailE-mail – • Phone #Phone # – Office 3-9618Office 3-9618
  15. 15. The End! • Please pick up an applicationPlease pick up an application formform • Questions?Questions? • Please visitPlease visit research/index.htmlresearch/index.html