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Talk given in the #tsn15 @ Mexico City

Talk given in the #tsn15 @ Mexico City

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  • 1. Working at a startupas the CTOTech Startups Nights #TSN15Mexico City, 2013-Jun-20
  • 2. DisclaimerI’m not a CTOI dont work at a startupWTF?Why Im here?Because I used to be a CTO at a startupBecause I have a story to share, a life story
  • 3. The beginningI quit my job as development manager at BMV(Mexican Stock Market)I joined a startup in the music businessWith the most impressive technical team I ever hadWith a lot of resourcesWith a very ambicious planEarning less money than my previous job
  • 4. My first resultsThe most challenging project ever in my profesional lifeTeamwork, agile environment, extreme programmingMulticulturalThe better hires != the best teamFocus is keyMore features, more time, we never delivered a product, lack ofMVP definitionAfter a year I was disappointed. So, I returned back to work in myown company for a few months, until...
  • 5. ¿Y si se trata de trata?
  • 6. First reaction“sarcasm”: “Seems legit”I didn’t respond...
  • 7. 3 months later...
  • 8. Epic adventure beganA friend of mine asked me for some hints to hiredevelopersVery difficult to find developers with a specific skills andknowledgeAfter some weeks and more details, my friend askedme to join the startup as the CTO
  • 9. My first day9:00 am. Conference call with the development team atBerlin, Germany11:00 am. Quick talk with the CEO11:05 am. CEO to me: “have you been in Germany?,No?, ok, Tonight, make your luggage. Tomorrowmorning you will travel to Berlin. We will launch thestore in 2 weeks”
  • 10. Startup SpiritGo as fast as you canBuild a team, the right team. Very risky.Deliver, deliver, fast?Ecommerce platform built from scratch
  • 11. LaunchSpent two weeks in Berlin, learning about the project,very intensive days (Payment Gateway for MexicanMarket)One week after I came back to Mexico, we launchOne week after Mexico launching, We launch inArgentinaPlatform not ready for latam market, huge efforts toadapt
  • 12. Global deployment
  • 13. Global deployment
  • 14. Global deployment
  • 15. Next stepsBuilt the development team in MexicoTook ownership of the platformHardware infrastructureSoftware developmentNew business requirementsFlexibility, Agility
  • 16. Some numbers3 to 100 employees0 to 5 million users180 million emails sent a month200k-300k visits daily1.5M > page views daily80K concurrent users20K-50K new users daily1000-3000 purchases daily
  • 17. Good stuffclickOnero bought several startupsNational presenceWon the prize for “Best internet company in Mexico2011”Culture
  • 18. “Ecommerce Companyof the year in Mexico”
  • 19. Dev Team CultureNo control freaksFreedomEmbrace innovationWrite code and take care of the codeAutomate almost everythingDevOps
  • 20. Bad stuff, very badLogisticsCall centerCustomer serviceLack of commitment by MerchantsCrisis, end of the world¡
  • 21. End of the worldNo money, no more fundingLayoffs...Affected Customer serviceDecrease operational costsTechnology. <- Oportunity
  • 22. ¡clickOnero by Mexicans!New eraNew business modelNew teamNew strategyNew CEONew ecommerce platform, new technologyOportunity¡
  • 23. My personal profitLearn, learn, learn a lotStronger,More confidentBest experience in my life
  • 24. Hey CEOs, don’t forget