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Microsoft Student Partner presentation about developing on Windows Azure.

Microsoft Student Partner presentation about developing on Windows Azure.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Microsoft Student PartnerAzure Development 101
    Dominic Green
  • 2. About Me ...
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8. Now for the techy stuff...
  • 9. Windows Azure
  • 10. Windows Azure
    KISS – Keep it Simple ...
    Avoid unnecessary complexity
  • 11. Windows Azure
    Starbucks Model
    Order taken by one person
    Added to a order queue
    Coffee made by someone else
    Allows each worker to specialise
  • 12. Windows Azure
    Loosely Coupled
    Cashier doesn’t need to know how to make the coffee
    Message based communication
    Increases scalability
  • 13. Windows Azure
    Message Serialization
    Cashier writes the order on a cup or ticket
    Allows complex information passed via queue
    Passing objects to the queue
    Serialize – Send – De-Serialize
  • 14. Windows Azure
    Logging and Tracing
    If the order goes wrong we should identify where so it doesn't happen to the next customer.
    Write all activities out to logs
    Cannot attach a debugger to the cloud
    Identify cause and location of any problems
  • 15. Windows Azure
    Trace Manager
    Trace In / Out of methods
    Trace Extension method for any object
    Trace Message
    Trace Exception
    Enable tracing from configuration
  • 16. Windows Azure
    Move away from config files
    app.config and web.config files can no longer be altered normally.
    Part of the deployed package
    Use .cscfg and .csdef files
    Worker Role app.config
  • 17. Windows Azure
    Identifying Messages
    Globally Unique Identifier
    Very low probability of being replicated
    Trace message in the cloud
  • 18. Windows Azure
    Adapt to load
    If too many orders come in everyone should focus on making coffee.
    Focus on critical operations
    Turn features of the site off to ease load
    Once dealt with the spike resume normal service
  • 19. Windows Azure
    We don’t want to make the same order twice, its bad for business.
    Multiple operations should always give the same result
  • 20. Windows Azure
    Local Storage
    Local storage can be used as a cache
    Don’t store critical data
    Use Azure storage to persist data
    Plan for the worst
  • 21. Windows Azure
    Development Fabric
    Can debug applications locally using the development fabric
    Included in the Azure SDK
    Acts as a local cloud
  • 22. Windows Azure
    Development Storage
    Local version of storage
    Remember to generate your tables
    Acts slightly different that real storage
    Use cloud storage as much as possible
  • 23. Windows Azure
    Table Storage
    Need to generate tables locally
    Ensure Dev Storage is pointing to the correct table
    Difference online
  • 24. Windows Azure
    Production and Staging
  • 25. Windows Azure
    Software + Services
    Client applications can use the power of the cloud
    Add the endpoints to app.config
    Rich user experience
    Extend current applications
  • 26. Windows Azure
    Cloud Drive
    Included in the Windows Azure SDK Samples
    Windows Storage Explorer
  • 27. Windows Azure
    Windows Azure
    Steve Marx
    Sriram Krishnan
    Cloudy in Seattle
  • 28. @domgreen
    Dominic Green