Microsoft Server 2012 - 2013 NEO Tech Summit


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All about Microsoft Server 2012

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  • “Beginning with Windows Server 2012, AD DS virtual domain controllers hosted on hypervisor platforms that expose an identifier called VM-Generation ID can detect and employ necessary safety measures to protect the AD DS environment if the virtual machine is rolled back in time by the application of a VM snapshot”Can it be shortened?Google Search – “virtualizing your domain controller without getting fired”  should this be on there or just said?----- Meeting Notes (5/6/13 14:47) -----bring them in one at a time
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  • Microsoft Server 2012 - 2013 NEO Tech Summit

    1. 1. We Build Strong Networks, Relationships and Trust. Windows Server 2012
    2. 2. In computing, data deduplication is a specialized data compression technique for eliminating duplicate copies of repeating data. Data Deduplication File and Storage Services It works below the file system, so even the repetitions inside the same file can be optimized. You can use “ddpeval.exe” now to evaluate your File Server(s) “ddpeval.exe” output from a small home directory share at DRS Optimized files size (no compression)  42.02 GB Space savings (no compression)  8.21 GB Space savings % (no compression)  16%
    3. 3. File and Storage Services
    4. 4. File and Storage Services File sharing solution for heterogeneous environments that consist of both Windows and non-Windows computers. Network File System
    5. 5. NTFS Health and Check Disk (CHKDSK) Confidently deploy large volumes. Windows Server 2012 actively monitors the health state of the file system volume, and it always provides the health state to the administrator. The analysis phase of CHKDSK, which was responsible for the majority of the offline time, becomes an online, background task. File and Storage Services
    6. 6. Hyper-V This feature enables you to replicate virtual machines between storage systems, clusters, and data centers in two sites to provide business continuity and disaster recovery. Hyper-V Replica
    7. 7. Hyper-V Live Migration Move the virtual hard disks used by a virtual machine to different physical storage while the virtual machine remains running. Storage Migration It’s now possible to perform a live migration in a non- clustered environment, as well as perform more than one live migration at the same time and use higher networks bandwidths.
    8. 8.  Scales to 64 nodes and 8,000 virtual machines per cluster Cluster scalability  Provides GUI tools to streamline management and operation of large-scale clusters Management of large-scale clusters  Helps allocate cluster resources to clustered virtual machines and other clustered roles Management and mobility of clustered Virtual Machines  Validates Hyper-V and CSV functionality and performs faster Cluster validation tests  Integrates Failover Clustering with additional server functionality Task Scheduler integration Failover Clustering
    9. 9. Virtualization Rapid deployment with cloning The hypervisor platform must support VM-Generation ID (Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V supports VM-Generation ID). Safer virtualization of domain controllers Beginning with Windows Server 2012, AD DS virtual domain controllers hosted on hypervisor platforms that expose an identifier called VM-Generation ID can detect and employ necessary safety measures to protect the AD DS environment if the virtual machine is rolled back in time by the application of a VM snapshot. Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
    10. 10. AD DS deployment in Windows Server 2012 integrates all the required steps to deploy new domain controllers into a single graphical interface. Simplified deployment and upgrade preparation Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) No more running adprep /forestprep and adprep /domainprep separately The wizard can export all options to a PowerShell script to automate additional AD DS servers
    11. 11. Simplified Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment and management  Traditional Remote Desktop Services / Terminal Services Simplified Session Virtualization deployment and management Centralized resource publishing  Rich Windows desktop remoting  Smooth audio and video playback  Rich graphics and video over a WAN  Device remoting support with USB redirection  True Multi-Touch and gesture remoting Rich user experience with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Remote Desktop Services
    12. 12. New, robust dashboard design  Full functionality with Windows Server 2012  remotely add or remove features and roles  Can manage 2008 or 2008 R2 (software requirements need to be met)  no role or feature installation or uninstallation Manage multiple servers Included with RSAT Tools for Windows 8 Server Manager
    13. 13. Use multiple NIC’s to speed up network access Built in to Windows Server 2012 Any vendor, any NIC that is on the HCL Load balancing Failover NIC Teaming
    14. 14. Control Panel Programs Programs and Features Turn Windows features on or off Hyper-V Enable-Windows OptionalFeature – Feature Name Microsoft-Hyper-V –All Client Hyper-V provides the same virtualization capabilities as Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012. Requires x64 processor that has Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) Client Hyper-V
    15. 15. Who is DRS?
    16. 16. Managed Services Professional Services Cloud Computing Collaboration Support Desk Building and Metro Cabling Connectivity and Internet Solutions Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Backup Application Development Colocation and Data Center IT Consulting Solution Implementation Services include: DRS
    17. 17. DRS has over 36,000 sq. ft. of Data Center space with locked cabinets, cages and technical office suites for enhanced security. Our Data Centers are all Tier 3 facilities. Belmont Technology Complex Features: • Dual Bus Power System • Redundant HVAC • SAS 70 • Rack Space • 21,000 sq. ft. • Office Suites Avalable WeConnect Data Center Features: • 16,000 sq. ft. • Cage and Rack Space • Disaster Recovery Planning • Dedicated Electrical Room • Dedicated Battery Room • Fiber Connectivity Youngstown Data Center Features: • AC & DC Protected Power • Carrier Class Data Center • Cage and Rack Space • SAS 70 • 16,000 sq. ft. Pittsburgh Location Features: • AC & DC Protected Power • Centrally Located • Cage and Rack Space • Dedicated Standby Power Colocation Facilities
    18. 18. DRS has developed the technical expertise and IT solutions to help customers increase their productivity while decreasing their costs. DRS employees are dedicated to making sure they have the latest and greatest certifications and continuing education available. The staff has achieved more than 50 of specialized certifications and the company as a whole has earned high-ranking partnership status with major IT vendors. Partners and Certifications
    19. 19. Contact Info Youngstown Office: 1343 Belmont Avenue Youngstown, Ohio 44504 Local Phone #: 330-259-4900 DRS Corporate Headquarters Speaker: Roy Greier, Platform Services Lead Formatted: Dom Cascarelli, Marketing & Media Associate Presentation:
    20. 20. Thank You! Please complete the survey at the end of your track and you will receive a USB flash drive that contains all of today’s presentations.