Celia treball ski


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Celia treball ski

  1. 1. DO YOU WANT TO GO SKIING??? Celia Sanjuan Carreto 1er B
  2. 2. Index 1- Introduccion and equipment 2- “levels” 3- types of competitions 4- ski resorts 5- history 6- history II (the ski in Spain) 7- The End
  3. 3. With skis we can do acrobatics or slide on the snow. It practises all year long because there are glacials. Skiing is a risk sport using skis. You need: - skis -especial boots - a safety helmet - warm clothes -ski stick. -sunglasses, because de sun scorch. Introduccion and equipment
  4. 4. It paractises on the mountains with ski slopes, there are “levels”: -Green: area of flat ground, easy to go skiing. -Blue: it's more difficult than the green “level” -Red: Is difficult -Black: Is the very difficult level, only for experts They are tracks marked in the planes in orange color. Never the bajés only, since these tracks are not prepared to be skied. In the maps always are lines with differents colours, it depends of the difficulty. Not patrolled tracks “ Levels”
  5. 5. There are different types of competitions: -Downhill skiing: It's de longest competition -Super-G: Is the combination of velocity, precision and coordination. -Giant Slalom: Is the shortest competition. -Combined: There are some competitions combined. -Parallel Types of competitions
  6. 6. It is an area prepared to enjoy the snow. They have tracks of ski prepared by machines special and classified by colors (green, blue, red, black) hotels to rest, ski lifts, bars, zones for bobsleds... In Spain there are thirty-four ski resorts distributed in: - Asturias - Cantabria -Galicia - Castilla y León -La Rioja - Catalonia - Aragón - Madrid - Andalusia. Ski resorts
  7. 7. HISTORY Probably the ski is one of the most ancient sports. Ski they were used in the Scandinavian countries 5000 years ago. It appeared because the people needed to move for places with snow. The first historical reference of the ski goes back to the year 3000 a.c. It is an engraving in stone that was discovered in Radöy's island (Norway) in that the figure of a hunter appears with skis. Though three milleniums afterwards were written tests. From the year 1924 the Olympian winters games are celebrated, and from 1931 the Championships of the World of Ski.
  8. 8. The ski appeared in Spain small before 1910. In the thirties there are created small groups of fans who had been taught by foreigners of northern countries. In 1924 the Spanish army did the first Battalions of Mountain. Each one was possessing a Skiers' Section. HISTORY II (The ski in Spain) In 1941 there was founded the Spanish Federation of Ski (FEDE), which became free of the Federation of Mountain.
  9. 9. I recommend you go to skiing because is a very complet sport and is very Amusing. The air is cigar and healthy for the lungs. The mountains are beautifull and you can practise differet sports. I ski since tape-worm four years, my dad, my mum, my sister and My grandfather also ski, but now my mother cannot because he got hurt. My grandfather competed in a competition in France, where the best of Europe were meeting. It remained second. My father taught me to ski.