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+ art director 	        GABRIELE DALLA COSTA (ARCHIMEDE.NU)                                              + graphic & conce...
4           5 ver-ginge hanccenerys
TRENTINO   Mountaintry           Bike coun           Trentino is the home of bike tours.           Here, cycling enthusias...
DOBO TMITIA    LRENDIIKEB                                                                     {8                          ...
DATION AND                                                                    ACCOMMOGY FOR RIDERS                        ...
N THEORACK OFT HE BEART            {   The Adamello Brenta Natural Park                The Adamello Brenta Natural Park co...
EXPERT     “EXPERT” TRAIL                                                                                         COUNTRY ...
NORTH                                   16      ITIA    OM T OL REN IBD IKEB       EXPERT TRAIL       COUNTRY TRAIL       ...
{                                                                                {         Madonna di Campiglio           ...
{                                                                                {         TERME DI COMANO                ...
{                                                                                   {         Val di Non                  ...
d                                                                                                                     Reco...
d                                                                  d     Recommende                                       ...
IMPORTANT!     Both routes open out along roads which, in some stretches, are     rough and open to motorised traffic.    ...
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Dolomiti Brenta Bike English
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Dolomiti Brenta Bike English


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171 thrilling kilometres, taking you through blossoming pasture land, cool rivers and streams and rocky landscapes, following in the trail of the brown bears that have returned to inhabit this area.
The Dolomiti di Brenta Bike project offers MTB fans a comprehensive package, a breathtaking route and a series of specialized services.

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Dolomiti Brenta Bike English

  1. 1. trek king ARE YOU a trekking trek FAN? Discover the new DBT LOMITIA king DIIKE
  2. 2. + art director GABRIELE DALLA COSTA (ARCHIMEDE.NU) + graphic & concept ARCHIMEDE.NU + editing DOLOMITI DI BRENTA BIKE + photo ronny kiaulehn MAURIZIO CORRADI ARCHIVI APT E CONSORZIO ARCHIVIO TRENTINO SPA ARCHIVIO PARCO ADAMELLO BRENTA + printing Litografica Editrice Saturnia PRINTED ON ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PAPER 171 kilometre tour o f T rentino: cycle it 7.700 metre elevation gain: tackl e i t 6 valle y s: disco v e r th e m2 A natural park: exper i e n c e it 2 new way s to ex perience: the m o u nta i n s o n y o u r b i k e One great ne w opportunity : Dolom i ti d i B r e nt a B i k e
  3. 3. 4 5 ver-ginge hanccenerys
  4. 4. TRENTINO Mountaintry Bike coun Trentino is the home of bike tours. Here, cycling enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with superb tours and trails: road routes for novices, cycle paths that are perfect for families, plus great trails for6 mountain bikes (over 4.700 km). 7 Those who get their adrenaline rush from grinding uphills can tackle the spectacular ascents made by the riders of the Giro d’Italia, passing from 67 metres a.s.l. on the shore of Lake Garda to an altitude of 2.000 metres in the surrounding mountains. In addition, there are over 300 kilometres of family-friendly cycle paths where you can pedal along in tranquillity, as well as countless trails suitable for mountain biking and 21 tours that enjoy cult status.Trentino’s10cyclepathsprovidea veritableparadise for cycle tourism fans ( The longest path crosses the entire region of Trentino, snaking along the Valle dell’Adige from the border with Alto Adige to the boundary with the Veneto region. The other cycle paths are to be found in Valsugana, Val di Sole, Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme, Val Rendena, the Giudicarie, Val del Chiese, Valle del Sarca, Vallagarina and Upper Lake Garda from Mori to Torbole and Valle del Primiero.
  5. 5. DOBO TMITIA LRENDIIKEB {8 9 DOLOMITI DI BRENTA BIKE A tour packed with thrills from start to finish. route and a series of specialized services: dedi- Based around the breathtaking Brenta Do- cated hotels for riders, advanced technology, lomites, in the heart of the protected area of technical assistance, refreshment points and Western Trentino, the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike transport services. tour winds through the Adamello Brenta Natu- There are two separate tours, designed to meet ral Park, taking in some of the most beautiful the needs of different categories of mountain natural and cultural gems the region has to of- bike enthusiast. The EXPERT trail is for more fer. Discover six stunning Trentino valleys on a extreme riders who want to explore the wild, double loop that you can cycle in stages and at natural environment, while the COUNTRY tour your own pace, stopping wherever you like and is designed for those eager to enjoy the moun- simply indulging your own desire to experience tains at a more leisurely pace and for those not UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site the mountains. looking to push themselves to the limits, but 171 thrilling kilometres, taking you through simply to savour the unspoilt natural scenery. On June 26th 2009 the Brenta Dolomites together with eight blossoming pasture land, cool rivers and A fabulous tour through enchanted landscapes other components of The Dolomites have been inscribed in streams and rocky landscapes, following in the and colours: from the pink hues of the Dolo- the World Heritage List because of their exceptional beauty trail of the brown bears that have returned to mites to the fertile countryside of the valley and unique landscape inhabit this area. floor, following the trail of the brown bear, lord The Dolomiti di Brenta Bike project offers MTB of the woods... fans a comprehensive package, a breathtaking
  6. 6. DATION AND ACCOMMOGY FOR RIDERS TECHNOLO Website Partner accommodation Shuttle buses and trains Specialized hotels, rural guest houses, B&Bs, apartments Transport services with a fully-equipped bus and Offering a wealth of techni- and alpine refuges where you will always find: train carriages dedicated to bike transport. This cal information, including - a covered, locked storage area for bikes service caters for those who want to avoid the routes, maps, altimetry - a bike washing area most demanding stretches like Dimaro-Campo data, road books, GPS trails - a well-equipped bike repairs space Carlo Magno and Pinzolo-Campo Carlo Magno. It and tips for planning your - the chance to wash and dry technical clothing also links Cles-Mostizzolo and lightens your load itinerary: where to sleep - online checking of availability by providing baggage transfers. and eat, how to organize - a bike corner with info on Dolomiti di Brenta Bike,, luggage transfers, etc... - deals with a specialized bike/repair shop 11 Booking online Check prices and availability for all partner accommodation on the website Maps, road books and GPS trails Just a few clicks are all it takes Allowing you to study the to book a room online. trail in advance, plan stages and know exactly what each stage has in store for you. Signs along the route Baggage transfer All partner accommodation structures can provide baggage transfer from one location to another. Additionally, the Consorzio Noleggiatori Notice boards, flags and an extensive network of Taxi Service (+39.336.539787) coordinates bike and baggage transfer signs, allowing you to follow the trail in total safety. along the entire route.
  7. 7. N THEORACK OFT HE BEART { The Adamello Brenta Natural Park The Adamello Brenta Natural Park comprises, to the west, the Trentino section of the Adam- ello-Presanella massif and the so-called king- dom of water and ice: huge glaciers, raging torrents, spectacular waterfalls and dozens of enchanting lakes. To the east, meanwhile, the park includes the breathtaking Brenta Dolo- mites: a fairy-tale like landscape of pinnacles, towers and sheer cliff faces. Between these two geologically diverse worlds lie numerous beau- tiful valleys, each with its own characteristic scenery. The Adamello Brenta Natural Park protects the natural and environmental characteristics of the area, promotes scientific study and the use of the natural resources by the community. It safeguards and enhances the natural, cultural and human resources of the territory. Visiting the Adamello Brenta Natural Park means embarking on a journey in search of nature’s incredible biodiversity, appreciating its colours and the way man has shaped the environment through traditional activities linked to mountain living. It’s an invitation to let yourself go for a few hours, a day or a weekend, in search of a forgot- ten bond with the landscape, a bond forged by images, sounds and sensory perceptions. Info > AREA: 620,5 kmq > MARKED TRAILS: 700 km12 > SPECIES OF MAMMAL: 51 13 > SPECIES OF FLORA: 1.200 > DEER: 1.300 > ROEBUCK: 3.600 > CHAMOIS: 7.300 > NUMBER OF TREES (above two metres in height): 25 million The Park and the bears A truly majestic and breathtaking animal, the Ursus. Between 1999 and 2002, 10 brown bears Alpine brown bear (Ursus arctos L.) has always were released into the wild here, adapting fascinated mankind, so much so that its history so well to their new environment that the has continually been intertwined with our own. population today numbers more than 20. The victims of persecution for centuries, brown bears were confined to a limited area of Western i Trentino which, in order to protect the animals, Parco Naturale became the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. Adamello Brenta In order to prevent the imminent extinction Via Nazionale, 24 38080 Strembo TN of the species, in 1996 the Park launched the Ph. +39 0465 806666 brown bear reintroduction project, called Life Fax +39 0465 806699
  8. 8. EXPERT “EXPERT” TRAIL COUNTRY “COUNTRY” TRAIL A rewarding challenge the joy of pedalling in company Dedicated to the most expert and intrepid mountain bikers, this is a gruelling Pedal in blissful tranquillity along safe cycle paths, country tracks and hillside off-road trail that guarantees unforgettable scenery and thrills galore. trails, following this simple, well-balanced route which is ideal for families and 171 km long in total, more than half of which is on dirt tracks, with a total all those who get on their bikes to unwind and discover the world around them. elevation gain of 7.700 metres. Just the ticket for those who love to feel the The trail is the right choice for those who wish to enjoy the mountains and explo- burn of steep uphills and reach the summit with gritty determination. The re the amazing horizons, but who also want to indulge their passion for cycling at itinerary takes you past the 2.000 metre threshold towards the famous peaks of a more laid-back pace. Cycling along the valley floor, Trentino’s agricultural tra-14 the Dolomites, taking in legendary stages of the Transalp Mountain Bike Tour: dition becomes apparent as you pass farms, apple orchards and vineyards, cross 15 Cima Grostè, Monte Spinale, Crozzon di Brenta, Campanil Basso and Monte pasture land and cycle through thick woodlands before coming to picturesque Peller. In addition to its stunning scenery and nature, this loop route offers ancient hamlets nestling quietly in the green countryside. Suitable for all levels, screaming downhills and climbs guaranteed to put sweat on your brow; a wide the Country Trail runs virtually parallel to its big brother, the Expert Trail, but variety of terrain, 115 kilometres of rough track, 6 kilometres of path but only avoids climbs with more demanding gradients and is designed to allow less ex- 1 kilometre where you’ll have to actually lug the bike. pert cyclists to nonetheless enjoy the beauty of the Brenta Dolomites. And for the more challenging sections of the trail, a transfer service in the form of buses and A trip with plenty of uphills and off-road sections, technical downhills and trains equipped to carry bikes will shuttle you conveniently to your destination. challenging gradients, the perfect choice for those who have competition in The Country Trail includes some of Trentino’s most beautiful cycle paths and their veins and an insatiable appetite for a challenge. takes in enchanting scenery; majestic mountains reflected in crystal clear la- kes, the unspoilt territory of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, far from the suffocating heat and mugginess of the plain, in the rejuvenating peace and tranquillity of the mountains. Info > Total length: 171 Km > Elevation gain: 7.700 m Info > Total length: 136 Km > Elevation gain: 4.600 m > Rough terrain: 115 Km > Rough terrain: 51 Km > Path (carrying bike): 6 (1) Km > Cycle paths: 32 Km > Road open to traffic: 50 Km > Road open to traffic: 53 Km > Highest point: Rifugio Graffer 2.262 m. a.s.l. > Highest point: Passo Campo C. Magno 1.642 m. a.s.l.
  10. 10. { { Madonna di Campiglio Valli Giudicarie CENTRALI Pinzolo - Val Rendena At Campo Carlo Magno the Expert Trail begins the climb up the The Expert Trail passes Malga Movlina, revealing the full forest road that leads to the Rifugio Graffer alpine refuge, an splendour of the Adamello Glaciers, and reaches Passo Daone, historic stopover for countless enthusiasts who every year take on the gateway to the Valli Giudicarie Centrali, a beautiful and the “TransAlp” route. The trail reaches Monte Spinale, following the picturesque basin surrounded by the Adamello Brenta Natural ancient tracks used to move animals between winter and summer Park. It then proceeds on to Binio, a rural mountainside hamlet at grazing, towards the summertime mountain pastures. From here it begins the descent towards Madonna di Campiglio, along the the start of Val di Manez, and drops off to Cerana, a village whose exciting Malga Fevri forest track. population was wiped out by the plague in the 17th century, before The Country Trail also passes through Madonna di Campiglio, continuing on to the picture-postcard village of Ragoli, graced descending from Campo Carlo Magno along the scenic Strada delle with numerous murals and frescoes painted on the exterior walls Grotte road. of houses.18 The two trails then part company once again. The Country Trail 19 From Villa Rendena, meanwhile, the Country Trail follows a heads down Valle di Campiglio to Carisolo, passing Sant’Antonio stretch of provincial road, soon to feature a cycle path, to the di Mavignola on the old road and then picking up the Val Rendena sports centre of the town of Tione di Trento, administrative centre cycle path, which it follows all the way to Villa. From Campiglio, of the Giudicarie valleys and an important centre for trade and the Expert Tour heads into the wild Vallesinella valley then drops down into Val Brenta before turning uphill again along the narrow tourism. The trail then picks up again along a dedicated cycle path to Valagola and the emerald coloured lake of the same name, tourism route all the way to Ragoli and the village of Pez. plus the nearby Alpine summer pasture. From here the trail takes The two routes link up shortly after Coltura and follow the the steep uphill (bikes have to be pushed) to the Bregn da l’Ors provincial road from Lisan to Stenico, passing by the characteristic pass, continuing from there along the relaxing cycle path to Malga Rio Bianco waterfall. Movlina, with incredible views of the southern peaks of the Brenta Dolomites and, to the west, the Lares glacier with the Carè Alto peak. i i Azienda per il Turismo Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo - Val Rendena Consorzio Turistico Giudicarie Centrali Via Pradalago, 4 - 38084 Madonna di Campiglio Via Damiano Chiesa, 3 - 38079 Tione Ph. +39 0465 447501 - Fax +39 0465 440404 Ph. +39 0465 323090 - Fax +39 0465 324140 - -
  11. 11. { { TERME DI COMANO ALTOPIANO DELLA Paganella DOLOMITI DI BRENTA DOLOMITI DI BRENTA You arrive at Stenico, whose majestic castle welcomes you. The The terrain turns rough again with the odd tarmacked stretch to Dolomiti di Brenta Bike trail takes in the Terme di Comano district Nembia where, crossing the provincial road, you enter the WWF along its southern section; this lush territory stretches between nature reserve, which leads to views over Lake Molveno. Lake Garda and the Brenta Dolomites. It’s famous for its unique After the attractive centre of Molveno, the Expert and Country spa waters, recommended for beauty treatments and skin cures, Trails tackle the steep slope that leads to Pradel. At Osellera the not to mention aerosol treatments favoured by sportsmen for their two trails part company: the Country Trail follows a minor road beneficial effect on the respiratory system. down to the valley floor of Rio Lambin, crosses the provincial From Stenico the trail heads towards the sun-kissed slopes of road and Selva Nera, where a wooden bridge crosses over and a Banale, with charming views over the plateaus of Bleggio and rough track proceeds at a gentle climb up to Andalo. Lomaso all the way to Fiavè, a hop, skip and jump from Lake Garda. From Osellera the Expert Trail continues the climb, first on road20 21 After crossing the small town of Andogno, the Expert and Country and later over rough terrain, reaching Andalo on the orographical Trails proceed together along small country roads, winding through right. a thermophile pine forest to the villages of Moline and Deggia near The two trails converge again at the sports centre in Andalo. From San Lorenzo in Banale: places that leave an impression thanks to there they follow a rough track through woodlands to the start of the well-preserved traditional architecture which can be seen in the the wild Valle dello Sporeggio. buildings, the mule track, the masonry arched bridge and in the Next a steep tarmacked descent, the first part of which needs to local culture. be tackled with particular attention, signals the start of a long downhill. Finally the trails reach Spormaggiore, home to the brown bear visitor centre and the wildlife area dedicated to this “lord of the woods”. i i Azienda per il Turismo Dolomiti di Brenta ALTOPIANO DELLA Paganella Azienda per il Turismo Terme di Comano Dolomiti di Brenta Andalo - Lago di Molveno - Fai della Paganella - Cavedago - Spormaggiore Via Battisti, 38/d - 38070 Ponte Arche - Terme di Comano Piazza Dolomiti, 1 - 38010 Andalo Ph. +39 0465 702626 - Fax +39 0465 702281 Ph. +39 0461 585836 - Fax +39 0461 585570 - -
  12. 12. { { Val di Non VAL DI SOLE From Spormaggiore, the route follows a tarmacked road to The Country Trail picks up again from the Trento-Malè railway Sporminore, where it then briefly picks up the provincial road. station of Cis, at the Mostizzolo bridge. This marks the start of the A tough climb begins just outside Lover, taking riders along a charming Val di Sole cycle path, which climbs the entire valley, stunning stretch of the route that explores country roads. following the course of the River Noce, taking you through the Just above the little town of Campodenno, the trail hugs the sheer apple orchards and vineyards of Groppello. cliff face of San Pancrazio which, now made safe, offers a unique The cycle path provides an easy ride to Dimaro, where the route view of the lower Val di Non, the Rocchetta biotope and the nearby cuts through the town, passes through Carciato and then links Valle dell’Adige. up with the Expert Trail which, from the orographical right of Press on, following the course of the irrigation water main through Terzolas, climbs along minor roads. woods and apple orchards. Above Terres the trail drops down steeply The town of Carciato signals the start of another legendary stretch22 towards the Tresenga stream and then again through fruit orchards of the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike Trail, the Val Meledrio. Along the 23 to Tuenno, where the two trails once again go their separate ways. Meledrio stream, the rough forest track climbs steadily up the The Country Trail crosses the town of Tuenno and proceeds along a valley floor, with several foot-bridges across breath-taking gorges stretch of cycle path to Cles. Given the lack of other transport links, providing unique views over the raging torrent and its rapids. The you would do well to use the handy Val di Non tram, which in just route then leads you through a thick fir wood, pressing on to 10 minutes takes you to Ponte di Mostizzolo and the mouth of the Malga Centonia, Malga Mondifrà and the sweeping pastures of Val di Sole. Campo Carlo Magno, where our description of the route began. The Expert Trail takes the Cles road, which leads to Monte Peller: this is a challenging ascent in terms of terrain and gradient, rising from the 780m of Mechel to the 2.022 m of Rifugio Peller. i Azienda per il Turismo Valle di Non Via Roma, 21 - 38013 Fondo Ph. +39 0463 830133 - Fax +39 0463 830161 - i Azienda Turismo Val di Sole Via Marconi, 7 - 38027 Malè Ph. +39 0463 901280 - Fax +39 0463 901563 -
  13. 13. d Recommende ended routerecomm Val Rendena: Val di Borzago and San Valentinotrails Skirting the glaciers! The Val Rendena route explores two beautiful valleys, parts of the Adamello Group, torrents, streams and waterfalls that roar down over granite rocks. The climb is a tough one: from the valley floor, you head rapidly up, entering two valleys amid rough tracks, Extreme rider? farmsteads and verdant pastures, your gaze drawn to the snowy peak of Carè Alto. Other recommended trails For the most demanding riders, but above all for into the natural landscape and discover its most those who want to explore the area in search of all characteristic traits: skirting the glaciers, racing its treasures, views and stunning scenery, for those alongside raging torrents, across lush pastures, who want to drink in and savour every last drop of plateaus, apple orchards, past castles and fine the Dolomites, there are also other routes: routes palaces, mountain farms and the skyline of the that diverge from the main itinerary to delve deep Dolomites.24 25 d Recommende Route Length Elevation Rough Path Cycle path Paved gain track roads (km) (metres) (km) (carrying bike) (km) (km) (km) route Val Rendena 42 2.170 29 2.5 5 5.5 Giudicarie Centrali 39 1.700 11.3 0.7 (0.3) 27 Terme di Comano 55 2.500 23 6 (0.1) 26 Valli Giudicarie CENTRALI: Paganella Val di Non 46 26 2.100 770 26 6 4 16 20 val di Breguzzo Val di Sole 25 1.100 7 2 16 A tour of the alpine summer pastures! The route kicks off at Tione, following a fantastic stretch of rough, tree-shaded track from Zuclo-Bondo, passing by the famous Total km Recommended Routes 233 10.340 sanctuary of Madonna del Lares, then climbing up through the Total km Dolomiti Brenta Bike Trails 404 18.040 wild Val di Breguzzo, rich in flora and fauna. It’s a long, enjoyable + recommended routes ascent to the four alpine summer pastures along the route, which are still used for grazing and are ideal spots for taking a break and tasting some traditional mountain cheese. The route then descends, alternating woodland and open country stretches, touching Val Rendena before finally reaching Tione.
  14. 14. d d Recommende Recommende route route Terme di Comano: Val di Non: Lake Tovel Monte Casale, Lomaso AND Bleggio Following the trail of the bear! The famous red lake, in the heart of the Brenta Dolomites, is your Lush green ups and downs! destination on this route. Leaving from Tuenno, you follow the From Stenico, along the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike Tour, you downhill road through the mountains, heading into Val di Tovel. have thrilling views of the Bleggio and Lomaso area: sights After the entrance to the Adamello Brenta Park, the route turns that can’t fail to captivate any attentive rider! The Monte uphill, with woodland sections and the striking lunar landscape Casale route delivers all the thrills of a real “mini tour” with of the “Glare”, up to the shores of the little alpine lake with its great views, landscapes, rural villages and farmed fields, with natural basin and crystal waters reflecting the Dolomite peaks. enjoyable but gentle climbs and descents. This impressive natural environment is also the habitat of the solitary brown bear.26 Recommended Recommended route route 27 AltOpiano della Paganella: Val di Sole: monte Gazza AND Paganella Bolentina mountain farms The terrace overlooking the Dolomites! Farms and mountains! You diverge from the Dolomiti di Brenta Bike main route at The route starts from the valley floor, following the left bank of Lake Nembia: views over the Limarò gorge and of the lakes the river Noce before climbing up the slope, looking down over of Toblino, Cavedine and Garda reward your efforts after the the valley with superb views of the Dolomites (the Peller massif) tough uphill to Margon (according to a local sign, “where and Val Meledrio (an enchanting valley crossed by the Dolomiti di silence is a precious resource”) and up again to the alpine Brenta Bike trail). The farms of Mont di Bolentina testify to man’s pastures at Gazza. From here you cross grazing land and age-old presence on these precipitous yet thrilling slopes, stirring pastures to Monte Gazza and Paganella: a tableland you can a certain nostalgia for bygone ages, just reward for a gruelling cycle across with spectacular views of the Dolomites! and as yet little-known uphill.
  15. 15. IMPORTANT! Both routes open out along roads which, in some stretches, are rough and open to motorised traffic. Users assume all risks associated with riding these routes. Therefore, while recommending users exercise the greatest caution,28 we decline all civil and criminal liability in the event of accidents. 29 Remember, moreover, to give way to pedestrians, not to stray from paths and to limit damage to the terrain as much as possible. Cycling on pathways in the Park is prohibited, except on specifically marked stretches.
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