The desert


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The desert

  1. 1. Deserts
  2. 2. Where are Deserts?Deserts can be found on every continent of the world. The largestsand desert is the Sahara Desert in Africa. The Mojave Desert is inNorth America, in the United States.
  3. 3. Question:On what continents can you find deserts?
  4. 4. What are Deserts?Deserts are areas that have very little rain. Deserts are made from sand,rocks and mountains. The temperature is very hot. There are very fewlakes or water of any kind in the desert.
  5. 5. Question:Can you describe what this desert lookslike?
  6. 6. The Weather In The DesertThe temperature in the desert is very hot. It does not rainvery much. Because there is so little rain there are veryfew plants that can grow there.
  7. 7. Desert Days And NightsDuring the day, the temperature in the desert can reach 120 degrees, muchhotter than any summer day in New York. At night the temperature can get verycold.
  8. 8. Animals That Live In The Desert Desert Squirrel Scorpion Gray Fox Snakes Camel Desert HareAnimals that live in the desert must adapt to the hot temperature and littlewater. Some of them come out only at night when it is cooler. The color of theirfur or skin blends in with the color of the sand. This is called camoflage.
  9. 9. Question:Which animals live in the desert?
  10. 10. Plants In The Desert Prickly Pear Cactus Saguaro CactusLike animals, plants also have to adapt to the hot temperature andlittle water. Desert plants have very long roots so they can reach waterdeep underground. Some plants, like cactus, have thick leaves which holdwater for a long time.
  11. 11. Clothing For The DesertPeople who live or travel in the desert must wear special clothing.They must keep their skin covered all the times to protect themselvesfrom sunburn. They must cover their heads with a hat or scarf to protectthemselves from the sun. Their clothing is very light because it is so hot.
  12. 12. Question:What would you wear in the desert?
  13. 13. Some Desert Signs
  14. 14. Question:Would you like to visit the desert?Why?