Teaching objectives and aims
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  • 1. TeachingObjectives & Aims Dolly Ramos G
  • 2. Teaching Objectives & Aims The main aims of this first word are to explain the nature of, and the relationship between, aims and learning outcomes, and to help you to develop, or clarify, appropriate aims and learning outcomes for your teaching program.Dolly Ramos Gallego
  • 3. For classroom proyect the terms will beAim Objective• A BROAD IDEA OF WHAT • what a student should be YOU WANT YOUR SS TO DO able to do at end of the AT THE END OF THE class PRACTICUM• competences that a teacher wants his students to achieve• (at the end of a whole process)
  • 6. DEFINITIONS Aim Objective LearningCan be defined as a Teaching Learning is general objective. They are used to objective regarded as a provide a broad describes change in outline of exactly what a behavior, and disciplinary and interdisciplinary student should thus it can be competences that be able to do. measured a teacher wants his after the Ss to achieve. ( after the a teaching(at the end of a class) whole process)
  • 7. To help you write aims, here are some examples.• .
  • 8. Other Course Objectives
  • 9. …by the end of the regular school year.
  • 10. Some Useful Words For Writing AimsThe aim of this training module is to…• to raise awareness of…• to develop skills necessary for…• to help participants towards…• to lead to an appreciation of…• to encourage commitment to…• to develop interest in…• to improve efficiency in…• to enhance skill in…
  • 11. RUMBA Test:• - Relevant: functional goals and achievement• - Understandable: legible and avoid jargon• - Measurable: includes frequency and duration, how long it occurred or how many times• - Behavioral: measurable occurrences• - Achievable: reasonable
  • 12. Example• The aim of this….gain an awareness of the importance of properly defined teaching objectives.• The aim of this … is to foster an appreciation of the benefits of aims and develop skills in writing them.
  • 13. Bloom’s Taxonomy• (Bloom, 1956), learning can occur on very different affective, psychomotor, and cognitive levels.• It is therefore necessaryto relate the teachingobjectives to theselevels, which aredescribed in “Blooms taxonomy”.
  • 14. Pssych P yc h omot omotA ectiveAfffective Cognitive Cognitive orr o Aims and objectives should encompass the whole student experience and the progression of demand within the subject, and could usefully recognize the three areas or domains of objectives (Bloom 1956 ). The Taxonomy of Educational Objectives
  • 15. Useful Verbs
  • 16. Guess which one is it• Write a letter to ... advising on changes needed at...• Write a list of any pieces of information you can remember.• Construct a model to demonstrate how it will work.• Write and perform a play based on the story. Retell the story in your words• Write a commercial to sell a new product.• Create a new product. Give it a name and plan a marketing campaign. SEE ANSWERS ON THE NEXT SLIDE
  • 17. Answer to the objectives I. Evaluation II. Knowledge III. Application IV. Comprehension V. Analysis VI. Synthesis
  • 18. References• http://www.unesco.org/webworld/training/mym ediatrainer/Program/Section5/02_AimsObjective s.html• http://www.brookes.ac.uk/services/ocsld/firstwo rds/fw32.html• http://www.leeds.ac.uk/tlmt/dream/webshops/ mainpage.htm• http://w3.unisa.edu.au/gradquals/staff/program /aims.asp• http://www.writing.ku.edu/~writing/instructors/ guides/documents/Writing_Goals.pdf