Ray Business Technologies Process Methodology


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Ray Business Technologies (“RAYBIZTECH”)
IT process methodology is modeled after Open
Unified Process (Open UP
), an iterative and requirements
driven agile methodology for project
deliveries. Key checks and balances are done at each milestone to ensure that requirements
are properly implemented with high quality. The model comprises of iterations delivering
increments in functionality to deliver the solution.

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Ray Business Technologies Process Methodology

  1. 1. Process Methodology RAY BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED CONFIDENTIALITY This document contains Ray Business Technologies proprietary and confidential information and is provided to the recipient to assist them to understand the services offered in detail. This document (including any part thereof) is not to be shared or used without prior written consent from an authorized Ray Business Technologies representative.
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 3 2 Delivery Process – 4D Delivery 3 2.1 Discover & Define 4 2.2 Develop 4 2.3 Deploy 5 3 Team Structure 6 4 Change Management 9 5 Typical Project Deliverables 10 6 About Us 11 7 Proven Delivery Process 12 8 Differentiators 12 9 Locations 13 9.1 India 13 9.2 United States of America 13 9.3 United Kingdom 13 Copyright 2010, Ray Business Technologies Private Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this document or its attachments may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of Ray Business Technologies Private Ltd.
  3. 3. Process Methodology 1 Introduction Ray Business Technologies (“RAYBIZTECH”) IT process methodology is modeled after Open Unified Process (Open UP), an iterative and requirements-driven agile methodology for project deliveries. Key checks and balances are done at each milestone to ensure that requirements are properly implemented with high quality. The model comprises of iterations delivering increments in functionality to deliver the solution. 2 Delivery Process – 4D Delivery The picture below describes our proven 4D delivery process that is comprised of four distinct phases: discover, define, develop, deploy. Key aspects of the process are: Project progresses in a rolling wave and elaborated progressively as more details are gathered The development activities continue in each iteration Work products evolve as the iteration is completed In the Discover phase, we conduct business analysis, system studies, and readiness assessments to understand the business challenges and key drivers that need a technology solution to be defined. In the Define phase, we outline the project scope, requirements and effort to commence development. In the Develop phase, the actual solution is developed using technology of client’s choice while using our proven process model to deliver a quality solution. In the Deploy phase, the solution is deployed at the client environment and it undergoes user acceptance testing. Post-production support is provided to the clients as the solution goes live. DISCOVER Develop Business Case Define Project Scope Develop Cost and Schedule Estimates Define Risks and Mitigation Plan Tailor Development Process DEFINE Specify detailed requirements Define technical architecture Define test strategy Staff project team PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL DEVELOP Build solution Develop support documentation Test solution Unit test Integration test System test DEPLOY Deploy solution Conduct user acceptance test Stabilization support Business acceptance 3
  4. 4. Process Methodology Discover & Define During the Discover and Define phases, the project case is built and project requirements are elaborated in detail. RAYBIZTECH offers consulting support to clients for enterprise analysis to build a business case for the project, requirements management to define the requirements clearly and solution assessment to choose the right technology and solution stack to build a scalable and robust technical solution. Develop In the Develop phase, the technology solution is built to suit the client requirement. Our model is built on top of Open Unified Process which itself is modeled on Rational Unified Process and Agile Development Methodology. Each Develop phase of the project is divided into iterations, which has clearly defined milestones and deliverables. At the project plan will comprise of the iterations and work increments that lead to the project delivery. As the project scope is elaborated, the focus moves from stakeholders who define the project requirements to team that are building the solution. Iteration of the project delivers a tested and working build offering an increment in solution functionality. Iterations focus the team on delivering incremental value to stakeholders in a predictable manner. The iteration plan defines what should be delivered within the iteration, and the result is a demo-able or shippable build. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 4
  5. 5. Process Methodology Deploy To assist our clients with faster time-to-market we provide flexible deployment options and provide post-production support and ongoing maintenance support. We analyze the client environment, performance and load requirements to do sizing and discuss the deployment options with client to choose the right deployment solution. We provide user training and user manuals for effective user acceptance testing. Our team works with client and fixes any issues during the user acceptance testing. Once approved, the solution is deployed on the target environment and post-production support commences ensure smooth operations. The flexible and agile deployment methodology offers the following benefits: Reproducibility: the ability to integrate source, third party components, data, and deployment externals of a software system in order to guarantee operational stability. Consistency: the mission to provide a stable framework for development, deployment, audit and accountability for software components. Agility: the ongoing research into what are the repercussions of modern software engineering practices on the productivity in the software cycle, i.e. continuous integration and push on green initiatives. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 5
  6. 6. Process Methodology 3 Team Structure Typical project team from the client and RAYBIZTECH comprises of an executive sponsor, project manager and architect/technical lead from client and an account manager, delivery manager and architect from RAYBIZTECH to ensure smooth communication and delivery. ROLE Executive Sponsor Project Manager Architect/Technical Lead PROJECT RESPONSIBILITIES Responsible for approving the contract and providing the necessary resources for successful project delivery. Provides the business requirements and is the single point of contact for all business clarifications. Will sign off on the business requirements document. Provides any technical clarifications required. Will sign off on the technical artifacts such as architecture and design documents, test strategy etc. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 6
  7. 7. Process Methodology RAYBIZTECH will provide the project team for project delivery and table below describes the typical roles and responsibilities for each role. ROLE Delivery Manager PROJECT RESPONSIBILITIES Responsible for overall project delivery and customer satisfaction. Resource provisioning for the project Management Reviews Key Escalation point for the project Project Manager Overall responsibility for the development of the solution that meets the specified requirements while ensuring delivery on time and with quality. Project plan preparation and execution Team composition and responsibility distribution Manage client communication regarding project status and escalation Define effort and schedule estimation Manage configuration control Identify training needs Feasibility study in association with business owners Creating project deliverables Risk management and mitigation plan Ensure development process is followed Architect/Project Lead Responsible for the development of software to meet software requirements and support project manager in project delivery. Point of contact for all technical aspects of the project Preparation and review of Program Specifications. Preparation of Design Document when required. Define code standards and code frameworks Perform Code reviews Ensure testing / reviews at the identified phases. Identification of reusable code/modules. Communicate and co-ordinate with other team members and PM Ensure testing / reviews at the identified phases. Ensuring daily, weekly and project backups Developers Prepare the Program Specification Write source code Follow documenting and coding standards Communicate and co-ordinate with other team members. Complete the job as per the Plan and take regular Back up of Code / Data / Documents Unit Test and Debug the modules before integrating with other modules Test Lead/Senior Tester Prepares Test Strategy Prepares Test plan Reviews test scenarios and test cases Test Engineers Prepare test scenarios and test cases PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 7
  8. 8. Process Methodology Execute test cases Report bugs in the application Verify if the bugs are fixed Work with development team to get the reported bugs are fixed Usability Engineer Create application prototype or wireframes Conduct end user interviews to gather feedback Design application interfaces that are easy to use PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 8
  9. 9. Process Methodology 4 Change Management Our change management process is specially defined to address any changes to the solution scope. During the project inception phase, a change control board (CCB) will be formed comprising of stakeholders from the client and RAYBIZTECH. The board will evaluate any change request raised for its impact on the schedule and cost of the project. Below is a typical flow of events in the event of a change request: Either the client or the delivery team raises a change request based on need. CCB will evaluate the change request for its impact on the schedule and cost of the project. If the impact is acceptable o CCB accepts the change request and communicates the decision to all PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 9
  10. 10. Process Methodology stakeholders. o Project Manager re-estimates the effort and updates the schedule o Updated schedule is shared with all stakeholders o All relevant artifacts such as design document, test plan etc. are updated to accommodate the change If the impact is not acceptable, CCB records why the change request was not acceptable, updates the change request, and communicates the same to all stakeholders. 5 Typical Project Deliverables The table below lists typical deliverables produced during the project execution. DELIVERABLE DESCRIPTION COMMENT 1. User Interface Prototype This document shows the look and feel of each web page in the application Review and approved By client 2. User Requirements Document (URD) Project description is clearly specified. Milestones and Deliverables to the client are specified in this document. All the Requirements are addressed here 3. Software Requirements Specification (SRS) Describes the complete description of the functions to be performed by the software product. All the software specifications to be addressed here and approval from the client 4. Project Plan Structured framework for thinking about how the project will be conducted, and for considering the project risks. Approval from Senior Management 5. High Level Design Document (HLD) The design document used for highlevel design is a "living document" in that it gradually evolves to include low-level design details. Approval from Senior Management And from PEG Head 6. Completely tested application hosted at third party hosting server 7. Test Results 8. Technical Documentation All the Action Items found in QA Audit phase and Testing to be closed This document is the list bugs reported by testing team during testing phase. Clearly stated Provides a brief (half page) overview of the system / product that was developed. Includes a description of how it works with other systems. All the technical items to be clearly documented PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL Tests Summary reports and Defect reports. 10
  11. 11. Process Methodology 9. User Manual Computer System Requirements (Platform, Minimum Hard Drive Space, Recommended Hard Drive Space, Minimum RAM, Recommended RAM) 10. Source code Product manual to be clearly documented Source code should be well commented and follow all Coding Standards 6 About Us Ray Business Technologies Private Limited (“RAYBIZTECH”) is leading global IT Solutions Company delivering robust, scalable and cost-effective solutions. We offer value-based IT Services, Quality Assurance Services, Remote Infrastructure Management Services, and Mobile Solutions and specialize in catering to the needs of sales and marketing functions in the following key practice areas: Enterprise Portals and Content Management, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Usability Consulting. Our top technology alliances enable us to serve our clients efficiently and guarantees superior customer experience and best ROI. Our world-class global delivery engine has been delivering high performance solutions to Fortune 500 Clients. We are ISO 9001-2000 Certified and currently pursuing CMMi-3 Certification. We are headquartered in Hyderabad, India and having offices in US, UK and Dubai. PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 11
  12. 12. Process Methodology 7 Proven Delivery Process As companies get increasing global, a flexible and global delivery model is imperative for successful project implementations. All stakeholders need to collaborate effectively and there is need for accurate and up-to-date information to manage the challenges of project tracking, workforce allocation, ability to model new business processes for global rollout. A delivery manages grapples with complexity of contracts, budgets, resource pools, projects and service agreements to deliver a project successfully on time while not going above budget. RAYBIZTECH global delivery model enables you to leverage global expertise while allocating resources optimally while getting transparency and complete visibility into the project. 8 Differentiators Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize the ROI Nimble, customer focused, value-based and performance-driven engagement models Thought leadership, innovative solutions and global presence Proven technology, domain and process expertise for integrated offerings Process innovations to drive business process Optimization PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 12
  13. 13. Process Methodology 9 Locations Ray Business Technologies Private Limited www.raybiztech.com sales@raybiztech.com India Hyderabad Q1, 9th Floor Cyber Towers, Hitec City, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500081 Tel: +91 40 2311 8011 x:201/202 United States of America Los Angeles 19720 Ventura Blvd., Suite A Woodland Hills, CA 91364 Tel: (786) 600-1743 United Kingdom 5 Lisbon Way Coventry, CV3 2AQ Tel: +44 2476 443 871 PROPRIETARY AND CONFIDENTIAL 13