You can survive breast cancer

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Dr. Dalal Akoury at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Center offer the public important tips to protect them from breast cancer. Through lifestyle changes including Healthy food, Exercise, Stress release, …

Dr. Dalal Akoury at AWAREmed Health and Wellness Center offer the public important tips to protect them from breast cancer. Through lifestyle changes including Healthy food, Exercise, Stress release, and Spirituality you can beat Breast Cancer. To your Health

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  • 2. AWAREmedHealth andWellnessResource CenterYOU Can Survive Breast Cancer
  • 3. (843)213-1480About Us:At AWAREmed in MyrtleBeach, SC we assist womenwith the perfect diet andexercise routine, that helpsprevent Breast Cancer soyou can enjoy a long andhealthy life.
  • 4. Surviving Breast Cancer More women are surviving breast cancer than ever before. With the knowledge we have today we are able to make decisions to prevent breast cancer through awareness, early detection, nutrition and exercise.
  • 5. (843)213-1480 Did You Know? Breast Cancer begins in the ducts of the breast and can spread to the surrounding tissue. If the cancer is left undetected, it will spread to other areas of the body and will be more difficult to treat. In 2011, there has been over 11,000 cases of spreading breast cancer in women under the age of 40 and over 1,000 deaths for the same age group. Breast cancer increases with age with most new cases and deaths occurring in women over 40 years old. Men can also get breast cancer.
  • 6. (843)213-1480 Are You at Risk? Gender: Woman are more at risk for breast cancer. Women are 100 times more at risk than men because of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone that causes the abnormal cell growth. Race: African American women are more susceptible to getting breast cancer than those who are not. Age: Women approaching 40 years of age are at risk for breast cancer. I our of 8 spreading breast cancers are found in women under the age of 45. Genetics: Breast cancer can be hereditary. 5 to 10 breast cancer cases are found to be related to genetics.
  • 7. (843)213-1480 Other Risk Factors Using oral contraceptives increase breast cancer for women slightly over those who have never used them. The use of post menopausal hormone therapy can increase the risk of getting breast cancer. Smoking, drinking alcohol, undue stress, poor diet and obesity all contribute to the increased risk of getting breast cancer.
  • 8. (843)213-1480 Signs and Symptomso The most common sign is a lump or mass in the breasts. They are usually painless, hard and have irregular edges, but they can be soft as well.o Other signs are swelling on part or all of the breast, skin thickening or irritation, nipple pain, redness or unusual nipple discharge.o The lymph nodes under the arm could have a lump or swelling there if the cancer has spread.o Always have any mass or lump checked out by your health professional.
  • 9. (843)213-1480 How Do I Examine Myselfo Women beginning in their 20s should begin doing regular breast self exams.o Lie down on you back and use the three middle fingers to feel for any lumps on your opposite breast.o Press firmly and use a small circular motion to feel the breast tissue.o Notify your doctor if you feel anything out of the ordinary.
  • 10. www.awaremedonline.coTake Prevention Measures! Get Regular screenings as this is the most important thing you can do to catch the cancer at an early stage. Get your annual mammogram once you reach the age of 40. Reduce your body weight if you are overweight or obese. Less calories in and more calories burned will mean more weigh lost. Increase your physical activity to at least 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week, even if it is just walking.
  • 11. The Best Food and Supplements Organic Vegetables; Broccoli, cauliflower, turnip greens, tomato, carrots Dark colored fruits; blueberries, raspberries and cherries Vitamin D foods; skim milk, fat free yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs and a little sunlight Foods rich in Omega-3; salmon, tuna, swordfish, crab, sardines. Add nuts; walnuts, pecans and almonds to your diet.
  • 12. (843)213-1480 Supplementso Black Cohosh – Helps reduce estrogen levelso Curcumin – Helps cells reproduce a healthy wayo Dim – Helps kill cancer cells and reduce spreadingo Sulforaphane – Helps stops the growth of cancero Fish Oil – Helps prevent the onset of breast cancero Melatonin – Helps stop the spread of cancer cellso Resveratrol – Helps stops estrogen secretiono Vitamin D – Helps stop production of cancer cellso Vitamin E – Kills free radicals that cause cancer
  • 13. (843)213-1480 Get Moving !o Reduce your risk of breast cancer by exercisingo Walking, jogging or hiking for 30 minutes a day.o Do moderate swimming on a regular basis.o Cycling outdoors or doing spinning sessions.o Experiment with yoga classes.o Try zumba or kickboxing classes.
  • 14. (843)213-1480 Remove Xenoestrogenso Women reaching menopause are estrogen dominant and are more likely to get breast cancer.o Xenoestrogens are chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body and therefore, create more estrogen.o They are in pesticides and plastics.o Cut back on processed foods – some common food preservatives are xenoestrogen.o Switch to organic meats – some of the hormones used to make store bought chicken and beef are xenoestrogens.
  • 15. www.awaremed.comHere at theAWAREmed Healthand WellnessResource Center, welike to “turn your lighton to disease”,creating awarenessinside and out!
  • 16. www.awaremedonline.comMake the choice your body deserves andcontact AWAREmed Dr. Dalal Akouryto find out all that we 4710 Oleander Dr. have to offer! Myrtle Beach SC, 29577 (843)213-1480
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