Dolly’s webpage cheat sheet


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Dolly’s webpage cheat sheet

  1. 1. Dolly’s Webpage Cheat Sheet: Adding “links” to your webpageBackground Knowledge: 1. Your webpage is laid out as one, two, or three columns depending on how you’ve set it up initially 2. To add anything to your page, you must sign-in and click “Edit This Page” at the top of the screen FIRST 3. You add text (large amts. or small amts.) to the column(s) by adding “boxes” 4. Initially, it doesn’t matter which column you add boxes to because after you’ve added the box, you can move it around easily by dragging the box right, left, up, or down 5. Think & Remember: Adding boxes to your column(s) is synonymous with adding text to them, and thus, adding it to your page. 6. Think & Remember: Adding text to your columns is synonymous with adding pictures or links or anything else to them, and thus, adding it to your page – it all gets added by adding boxes to the column(s) first 7. Once you add a box to any column, you can move it or change what’s in it. Just get started by adding a box anywhere.To add the CCBOE home page link to your webpage: 1. Sign-in 2. Click “Edit This Page” at the top of the screen 3. Click “Add Box” 4. Several Options will pop-up; Select “New Content” 5. On the available drop-down menu, select “Link” 6. On “Where do you want it to go” screen, scroll down to the bottom and click “OK” – You’re just putting it anywhere; we’ll move it later 7. Enter the title of the Link that you are adding – Ex. “CCSS Home Page” or “District Page” or “Columbia Cty. Home” – YOU decide the title of the link that YOU want to give it and that will be what appears on your page 8. Scroll down to “Link URL Box” 9. Type in the web address of the CCSS Home Page in the blank space that is provided – (Note: You would do the SAME thing if you were adding ANY OTHER LINK to your page, but you would type that link address in the blank space provided and you would “title” it whatever it was i.e. Nettrekker, then scroll down and enter 10. Click “Done” 11. Click “Ok” 12. Once you are back on your page, you will see the new box with the title of the new link. When you hover over the title, the “hand” should appear and if it does, then you know that you have a “live” link. 13. You may have to click on “Edit This Page” again to move the box/link if you don’t like where you put it initially. 14. To move the new box/link after clicking on “Edit This Page”, simply allow your mouse to slide across the box you just created until an “iron cross” looking icon appears at the top of the box. Click and drag the iron cross icon right, left, up, or down and release and you will see the new box moving around your page. Keep dragging till you get it where you want it, and then click “Done” in the upper right hand corner of the screen and Voila!, you’ve added the link/text/box, etc. to your page.To add the HMS Media Center link to your webpage: 1. Follow Steps 1-8 above. Step 9 is the only different step in the above process. 2. Step 9: Instead of typing in the address of the link that you are adding in the “Link URL Box”, click on the gray “link To” button located there. At that point, the entire EDLine menu for the county will pop-up. You COULD click on anything that you see there and that county address would be linked to your page. But, we are looking for the HMS Media Center, so start scrolling down until you see our schools, then HMS, then scroll down until you see HMS Media Center and double-click on it. The HMS Media Center link will automatically be loaded in the previous screen’s address bar. 3. Follow steps 10-14 above.