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Ebook - Bartender Schools

  1. 1. Ebook - Bartender SchoolsEveryone wants to learn how to bartend! And who wouldnt? Bartenders get to meet a lot ofgreat people and make fantastic connections, and make great money all while having a blast!There is a lot to learn to confidently step behind a bar, and most people can get a littleoverwhelmed by this. I remember what it was like when I started. I went to the bookstore andbought the bartending book and then tried to memorize the entire thing, thinking I needed toknow everything in those pages. It makes me laugh now because I only needed to knowabout 25% of what was in that book. A lot of it was either outdated or stuff I didnt need toknow (and never would).So, to keep you from information overload, Ive compiled a few of the biggest things you needto know before stepping behind a bar.Here it goes...1) The equipment used behind the bar. This includes: the three bay sink, the dishwasher(if your bar has one), all types of coolers.2) The tools you will be using behind the bar. You will need to be proficient at using eachone of these tools to get behind the bar. These include: a bottle opener, a wine key (this willtake some practice), the soda gun, a muddler, a bar spoon, and a margarita salter.3) The liquors and where they are kept. All bars are different as far as this goes, but allbars have at least one speed rack (also known as a well) where the basic, well liquors arekept including: vodka, gin, rum, tequila, whiskey, and bourbon (usually in this order). The topshelf liquor will generally be housed on the back bar wall on shelves. If you learn what liquors your particular bar has, youll be golden!4) The specific drink recipes that are the most popular in your establishment. Theresno need to go through a book and memorize them all. You need to know the most popular(which includes the basics).5) Whats expected of you. Its different at every place, so be sure you have a clearunderstanding of what the management of your bar expects of you. For example: are yousupposed to cut people off or ask them to leave when the situation warrants, or are yousupposed to call over a manager to do it. Trust me. Its better to know these things before aproblem arises.6) How to use the POS system. Dont let this intimidate you. You will have plenty of practiceon the POS during your training. Usually this will be a touch screen computer. Try to soak up
  2. 2. as much as you can during this time. When you start, you will get faster in time as you use itmore. Before you know it, youll be able to do it in your sleep (just remember this when youstart)!Cheers!Are you looking to find a bartending course on line? And cant seem to decide if you shouldtake a course on line or go to a bartending school? Bartending schools can be very costly.But now you can take a course on line and study at home and learn exactly what you wouldlearn going to a school and more .You can learn more because you dont have all the distractions that you would have going toa class with other people. You can study at home and do this at your convenience. A lot ofpeople order home study courses because they dont want to drive to class, they work andthe classes dont fit into there schedule. It is just so much easier to do things at home. Justdownload the Bartending Book and start studying! Now there is a book out that you can geton line that shows you how to start working in a real bar atmosphere.There are a few books out there, but you will find that they are not worth the money you needto select the right book. You need a book that is going to make you feel like you have workedin a bar your whole life! So when you start your first job you can walk right into the bar lookaround, and be confident of yourself and your surroundings. You will not just be walking intoa new job with out any knowledge of whats going on and what to expect next.The problem with bartending schools is that once you take the class and pay all that moneyyou dont need to know most of what they teach you. You dont need a diploma, you willnever be asked by an employer to see your diploma. Anyone can hand out a diploma. Whatsmost important is learning how to work in a real bar .Bartending school teaches you how beerand wine is made. No one cares. Your customers come into the bar and ask you for a beer ora draft , they just want a beer. They dont care how the beer was made. You really dont needto sit in class to learn how to bartend.If you are serious about wanting to become a bartender you should take the best bartendingcourse offered on line. A step by step course that will teach you how to start your first day onthe job and not fall apart because you are so stressed out and nervous. You will feel veryconfident after studying. And there is no better feeling than that. Knowing that what you havelearned is now going to make you the best and most prepared bartender to start your newjob.Once you have learned how to work in a real bar atmosphere, you now can start makingcash money each day. Once you start making cash money you will never go back to a 9-5office job. Bartending is a Fun job, filled with excitement. You wont find a more excitingcareer out there. There will always be a need for bartenders, you can work holiday parties,
  3. 3. private parties, friends parties, special events like weddings, and you can move anywhereand still find a job as a bartender. If you are ready to start learning how to bartend you needto get the best course out there and start today.Whether you currently bartend or work in a bar/restaurant or you have only dreamed aboutbecoming a bartender, starting your own business Bartending at wedding and private partiesis much easier than you can imagine.With minimal start-up capital, lucrative results, and a fun and exciting atmosphere, it is nowonder bartending for yourself is such a great option. Whether you are looking for asupplemental income on the side or a full-time career change, the exciting world of MobileBartending offers you endless possibilities.Below is a list of simplified steps to get you and your business started today:Learn How to Bartend:Forget the $500 Bartending School or the 10-pound book boasting 7,000 recipes, no morethan 50 drinks will be asked of you by your guests at special events. It is much easier thanyou think to learn how to bartend but it must be the first step you take before building yourbusiness.Define Your Services:Writing a small business plan will always help you gather ideas for marketing and thestructure of your services. You need to ask yourself what your services include and howmuch you are going to charge. Visualize yourself going through each step with a new client.How do you answer the phone, what type of questions will they have for you, can you answerthose questions? Do you provide a portable bar or bartending tools? What are your policiesand guarantees?Purchase Your Bartending Tools:Before you show up to your first event, your client will expect some of the following: MartiniShaker, Bottle Opener/Wine Key, Ice Scoop, Coolers, Bar Towels and more. You will want toconsider purchasing a portable bar as well as other optional equipment: garnish tray, saltrimmer, bar mat & speed pourers.Promote Yourself:You must get your name out there and let your friends and family know what services youoffer. Start by getting business cards made and then pass them out to friends and family.Once you get your first event, you are bound to find other guests who are in need of a
  4. 4. bartender so promote your services at your bar!Properly marketing your bartending services is the key ingredient to landing the best partiesand charging premium prices.Take it to the Web:Having your own virtual storefront with pictures and compelling copy is an extremely valuableasset to any business owner. You can have a simple 5 page website created for you throughElance.com for less than $200.00. Make sure to include your contact information, details onyour services, and pictures.Expand:The options for expanding your business to generate more income is endless. Can youadvertise in other areas, hire more bartenders, offer a full line of servers, DJs and rentedglassware?After landing your first Bartending Gig, you will quickly realize how fun and exciting the life ofan Independent Bartender is. You get paid to get people drunk and the best part is, you areyour own boss!When you are in bartender school trying to learn to bartend, they oftentimes dont deal withhow to deal with situations such as this one. Joe, Jim, and Amanda come into the bar almostdaily after work, they are regulars that everyone knows, they like the bar and this is definitelytheir main hangout. They sit in a corner of the bar, have their drinks and chat away. Theyhave several drinks, they begin to talk much more loudly and laugh a lot, they are obviouslystarting to get intoxicated.The bartender on duty is busy serving a ton of customers at the bar and generally justrunning around like crazy. Joe, the regular, tries to catch the bartenders attention for anotherround of drinks, but the bartender being really busy, fails to acknowledge them. Thebartender is trying to deal with the customers near her right now. Before you know it theregular starts shouting, "What does it take to get a drink in here?" The bartender knows thatthis is a regular and that they come in all of the time. The bartender starts to look flusteredand fumbles while trying to finish what she is doing. Eventually she gets to the regulars, theyorder their drinks, and dont say thank you when their drinks get there. The regulars clearlyare not pleased.
  5. 5. In a case like this regulars get upset because they dont feel like they are being served in atimely manner. When you learn to bartend a little better you realize that this is really no bigscene. There is no reason to fumble around and be nervous, the customer is just a littledisgruntled, its going to happen sometimes. The best way to solve this situation is tocompletely avoid it in the first place. The bartender could have avoided all of this by simplypaying attention to all of her surroundings. The bartender could have giving the regular aquick nod, or a quick remark, "Ill be right with you..."Once the bartender finally gets to the customer a quick apology would have completelyabsolved this situation. A remark such as, "Sorry, it just got so busy. What can I get you?"Most customers are reasonable and are fine with a response like this. Also, realize that thecustomers patience is usually lessened after they have had a few drinks. When you learn tobartend make sure you learn to constantly be looking around and keeping an eye on things.Bartending Course, Bartender, How Do You Start Bartending?