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Learn about yoga together with dolabuy
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Learn about yoga together with dolabuy

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Let's learn more about yoga together with www.dolabuy.com.

Let's learn more about yoga together with www.dolabuy.com.

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  • 1. Yoga introductionLearn about yoga together with www.dolabuy.com introduceDolabuy.com health yoga food to you.Dolabuy.com suggest: suggest:which kind of yoga suit shall we buy? http://www.dolabuy.com
  • 2. Yoga introductionThe yoga philosophy believes that the food can play the role ofphysiological and psychological. Some foods are beneficial butsome are harmful. irritating foodThis kind of food is called “degenerative food” in yoga, whileprovides heat and also stimulates the body and mind. This foodhas a irritating taste, and contains caffeine. Refined sugar, onion,garlic, pepper, and raw materials always have a strong flavor,such as sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, salty or condiments. If youconsume too much spicy food, it will stimulate the endocrineand nervous system, the brain excited runs counter to yoga calm. http://www.dolabuy.com
  • 3. Yoga introductionsuppress food……Yoga said those are “inert food”, such food disrupt the physicaland mental stability, and may make people irritable, easilyjealous, variable lazy and sluggish. This food has a certainextent to make us lose energy and poison our body system.Suppressed food including stale food, tasted rotten or overripefoods such as canned food and frozen food. http://www.dolabuy.com
  • 4. Yoga introductionYoga suits Go to yoga store buy it......In general, the pants with drawstring is the best yoga clothingcoat do not have special requirement, just be suitable to yourselfwill be fine. In addition, in a number of lingerie stores, we cansee the shadow of yoga clothing, such as Love Underwear,where you can see professional yoga clothes. Of course, we cango to a professional sports shops to buy some, and generally inthe gym may have a standard yoga clothes for you. http://www.dolabuy.com
  • 5. Yoga introductionYoga is a sport which relax your body and soul. It is more than a soul journey…… The end -dolabuy.com thank you! http://www.dolabuy.com