How wear pearl necklace

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  • 1. dolabuy.comHow wear pearl necklace? introduce three prefect wear ways to youMethods for clean and maintenance pearl necklace
  • 2. dolabuy.comThree ware ways for pearl necklace:A simple high collar vast, plus a pearl necklace will look elegant;casual cotton t-shirt, plus with a pearl waist chain will look veryspecial, there are 4 ways to wear the pearl necklaces.1, If you are going to join a wedding or more positive occasions?Do not worry about clothes, warl necklace; earnings. This willnever let you down in front of people.2, In addition to the pearl necklace, pearl waist chain is anotherpopular element, this can give us a special feeling.3, This season the small handbag is very popular, we can changethe bag chain into string of pearls, and this will becomeunique limited edition DIY version!
  • 3. dolabuy.comThese ways can help clean and maintenance thepearls necklaces: necklaces:1, Far away from the kitchenThe surface of the pearl has tiny holes, so it should notabsorb polluted substances in the air, perfume and othersubstances. Do not wear a beautiful pearl when cooking, toavoid steam and smoke.2, Keep away from waterDo not use water to clean pearl necklace. Water can enter intothe holes, and then it will result difficult to dry, after a long time,it will become into green color. If you have lots of sweat, justuse a soft towel and carefully wipe off, dry and save.
  • 4. dolabuy.com3, Need airPearl needs fresh air every few months, do notuse plastic bags to seal. Let them breathe. Pearl is easy to turnyellow.4, change the chain every 3 yearsIt is better changing the chain every 3years, of course, butalso depending on how many times you have worn.
  • 5. dolabuy.comBeautiful Pearl necklace:
  • 6. thank you for your time!