Dolabuy introduce you 2012 popular wig style


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Dolabuy introduced five most popular wig styles in this report,you may become more and more fashion according this.This also contents directions for choosing right wigs for yourself.

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Dolabuy introduce you 2012 popular wig style

  1. 1. & wigsDolabuy introduce you 2012 popular wig styleChoose right wigs, creating perfect appearanceBrief introduction of dolabuy Fashion Wig
  2. 2. & wigsDolabuy introduce you 2012 popular wig styleFive popular style wigs:1, Medium full bang straight wig.This style wig comes from student hair style, it seems as we havebacked to beautiful study time. Soft and straight hair is very natureand fresh. This is a style of wig which can reduce your age, and keepyoung.
  3. 3. & wigs2, Long full bang weave wigRomantic and beautiful princess weave wig loved by girls, this stylewig is natural but not exaggerated.
  4. 4. & wigs3, Bobo style wigsBobo style wig make you very sweet and cute. It is the most perfect,the full bang also decorated your face shape, added scores for you.
  5. 5. & wigs4, Fresh short wigsIt is very natural, make you fresh and looks nice. This style wighighly recommended by dolabuy.
  6. 6. & wigs5, Side bong long wigYou must lost yourself at the first time you see this style wig. It isfresh and nature. The side bang highlights your eleganttemperament.
  7. 7. & wigsChoose right wigs, creating perfect appearance Are you worry about unitary boring he? But you dont want pay more time to settle your hair, is it right? Thus, why dont you choose some wigs in different styles. But if you didntchoose right rigs, the result will be opposite. Let dolabuy tell youhow to choose wigs and creating your perfect image.1, Wigs can be divided, short, long, curly straight and other styles.For the vary heard shape, now most wigs designed in free size andcan extend. Wig also can protect your hair from perm. Lets log and choose several different style wigs. There are longweave wigs, bob style wigs, brown straight wigs and others. Justchoose what you like.2, Choose wig according to your face shape. Long face is suitablefor long wig, short wis fits to round face and people of round face isbetter to choose long curly wig. Of course, if you dare to try, everykinds of wigs are OK.