Inca and maya civilizations


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Inca and maya civilizations

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Inca and maya civilizations

  1. 1. Early Civilizations By: Nicole Nerderman
  2. 2. Early Civilizations The two main civilizations that we are going to learn about is the Maya civilization and the Inca civilization.s These two civilizations have given us numerous things such as a calendar and a number system.s Let’s enter here to find out more!! :)
  3. 3. Maya Civilizations This civilization lived in the eastern third of Mesoamerica mainly the Yucatan Penninsula.s In this region, there was volcanic mountains, a limestone shelf, and rain forests.
  4. 4. Maya Writings The Mayas gave us a form of writing. This form is called hieroglyphics.s Hieroglyphics were either carved in stone and wood on Maya monuments.
  5. 5. Maya Writings The Maya’s could s Mayan English write in full Bix a belex? Hi, how sentences. They are you? could write stories. Maloob Im fine,OK.s Each picture has Yum Botic Thank you. their own meaning. Mixba Youres Priests and nobles welcome. Tux ka binex? Where were mainly the only are you going? people that knew the whole language.
  6. 6. Mayass The Mayas loved music and dance.s They had over 5,000 dances and this was a major part of their religious ceremonies.s The instruments were made out of wood, seashells, clay, and drums from turtle shells.
  7. 7. Maya Gamess There was one main popular game that everyone loved to play. This was called Pok-A-Tok.s The main purpose of the game was to move a rubber ball without the use of your hands.s The loser of the game was usually sacrificed.
  8. 8. Mayan Animalss These people had to search for food including rabbit, turkeys, tapirs, peccaries, and large rodents.s This is an example of an peccary.
  9. 9. Mayas Calendars The Mayas invented the calendar.s This calendar even added in an extra day for our leap years.s This is an example of one of the calendars.
  10. 10. Mayan Declines Some people believed that there was a shortage of food.s Some people believed that the priests were too demanding too much power.s When the Spanish explorers got there the Mayan civilization was already taken over by other civilizations.
  11. 11. The Internet Sitess Here are the links to the Internet sites that I used for the Mayan Civilization.s Http:// maya/culture/index/htmls
  12. 12. Inca Civilizations The Inca civilization was along a high mountain region on the western coast of South America.s This civilization was a society of Quechia people.s They were there from 1250 A.D. to 1532 A.D.
  13. 13. Inca Civilizations This is a map of where this civilization lived.s The area is mostly desert where they live in the Andean mountains and the Amazon rainforests.
  14. 14. Inca Accomplishmentss Incas wanted to keep in touch with everyone therefore, they built roads and suspension bridges.s They are known for their architecture fitting together.
  15. 15. Familiess Incas lived together in ayllus.s Ayllus were families living together and sharing land, animals, and crops.s People usually were born and died within the same ayllu.
  16. 16. Diets of the Incass They grew potatoes, squash, beans, peppers, peanuts, and cassava.s Some of the agricultural products that we have today are from this group of people.
  17. 17. The Empires The Incas were s In return, the Inca forced to believe in ruler would make the Sun God. sure that the peoples There was an were feed and empire that the clothed. people worked and s This way people paid taxes to. were not hungry ands The people grew no one was richer crops and built the than the other roads for the person. empire.
  18. 18. Cuzcos The Inca Empire was centered around the capital Cuzco.s Manco Capac founded this city by plunging a golden rod into the ground.s The city is called, “The Naval of the World.”
  19. 19. Machu Picchus This is one of the most famous cities. This is city, Machu Picchu.s This city was built on a high sadle and offers a wonderful view of the Urubamba view.s The Spanish conquistadors never
  20. 20. Internet Sitess Here are the Internet sites that I used:s htms http://www.appukids/com/serveets/ redirtl?site= goehring/incas /KSD/SB/Ancient/SB-Ancient-Civilizations. html
  21. 21. Internet Sitess Http://www.ucalgary.Ca/HIST/tutor/ eurvoya/inca.htmls Http:// inca/achive.htms conciserinde/21/02156000.htm?z=1&pg =28br=1#514