Healthy Living Essentials


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Healthy Living Essentials

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  • Version 1.0 Last updated on: 27-Jun-2005 20 slides * 5 minutes each = 100 Minutes + 15 min Q & A + 5 min Break = 2 hours
  • If you say “no idea” for at least one question, you need this session.
  • Everybody knows… : )
  • 1. I can’t listen with my left ear. Just learnt to live with it.
  • In college days I used to heavily depended on sprouts, lime juice, seasonal fruits and Bellam.
  • Suggest good books for participants. It is not possible to cover whole topic here.
  • People used to take alcohol, cigarettes. Avoiding lunch / dinner / break fast / snacks
  • Before going out of this room, keep this tablets with you to strengthen your goals.
  • Healthy Living Essentials

    1. 1. Duration: 2 Hours Author: Manavata Team© 2005
    2. 2. Spending too much money on food…Feeling tired after eating…Getting frequent health problems …Not interested to getup from the bed… You need this session !
    3. 3. Why we need health?It is better not to discuss on this question. Everybody knows.
    4. 4. Session ObjectiveWhat For  To promote good health.  This session will give information and pointers to explore related to healthWhat Not  This is not health training program.  This is not authorized program by government or by any other third party.
    5. 5. Health is made up of1. Physical Health3. Mental Health5. Spiritual Health7. Social Health - World Health Organization (WHO)
    6. 6. Physical Health Problems By birth (Genes, blood, …) Food intake Environmental effects Water / Air / Sunlight Exercise
    7. 7. Physical Health - Tips By Birth – Be Brave, Think positive, work hard to overcome the illness. Make sure that we are taking pure water, good air. We must expose and play / exercise under good sunlight on daily basis.
    8. 8. Physical Health - FactsSun LightFresh AirWaterExerciseFood (Fresh / Nutritious)TimeHygiene
    9. 9. Food - SourceFood is the source of life.Form of food is importantBreakfastLunchDinnerSnacks
    10. 10. Food - HygieneCooking environment should be hygienic. Avoid food on street vendor carts. Avoid cut fruit salads. Many times, hotels used to preserve this in unhygienic fridge. Avoid directly drinking from cans. Those are not clean. Use straw or pour into glass. Avoid straws that are with dust or not food grade quality. Big list will come…observe and feel it.
    11. 11. Food - Preserving Avoid preserving the cooked food in copper, aluminum and plastic vessels. Avoid food with preservatives and colors. Avoid food with artificial colors and flavors. Don’t Dee fridge food for long time. Avoid repetitive re-heating the same food in fridge. Eat Fresh
    12. 12. Food - Cooking Use cleaned utensils. Use clean water. Avoid deep fries, prolonged boiling Avoid too much masala, salt and khara Use fresh vegetables then packed / pre cooked vegetables. Use iodized salt (max 5 grams per day)
    13. 13. Food - Serving Serve and eat the food in food grade plates. Many caterers used to pack the rice in very thin plastic papers. It is not good. Avoid eating on pavements and roads. Those are dusty and un hygienic places.
    14. 14. Food - Eating Be calm and thankful to GOD for giving us our daily bread. Chew properly. Avoid water before, after and during eating. Drink after few minutes. Avoid too many items in food. Eat satvik aahar (Fresh & Nutritious) Eating on floor is better than table. Avoid watching TV during eating.
    15. 15. Food - Economics What we are spending and what we are getting is important. Sprouts – rich of proteins, seasonal fruits – good of vitamins and digestion, lime juice – rich in vitamin C. Gives relief from mental and physical tiredness. Jaggery (Bellam) – rich in iron Costly food doesn’t mean that it is good or rich in values
    16. 16. Food - PyramidEverybody should know what is required for kids, working people and aged parents.
    17. 17. Food - Nutrition We should know what is calories. How many calories we need on daily basis? What are the sources for various vitamins, minerals and others. Read Nutrition related books.
    18. 18. Immunity Is weather change causing sickness? Are you feeling sickness frequently? Is it taking long time to cure illness?If ‘Yes’ for any of the above you need to improve your immunity
    19. 19. Food ChartLevel Classification Source Grains Vegetables Fruits 1 Basic Elements 2 Storage Floor + Raw Refrigerated Refrigerated 2P Extraction Oil Sugar Salt 3 Process Cut Slice Steam / Boil 3P + Biscuit, Cake, Chat, Chocolate, Fried / Baked Food 4P Storage Frozen Food, Refrigeration, Additives / Preservatives
    20. 20. Save Natural – Save yourself Believe Nature Love Nature Follow Nature Save Nature Be Natural
    21. 21. Qualities Tamasic Rajasic SatvicFood: Fatty, salty, stored, Extreme tastes, spicy, Nutritious, Natural,spoiled, not healthy Non-vegetarian Fresh, vegetarian, simple Best time: Night Day Early MorningQualities/life style: Anger, greed, lust, Peaceful, Cheerful,Oversleeping, over Materialistic, Over acting, Healthy, Happy,eating, indiscipline, violence, pain full to Harmonious, Helpful toburden to others others othersResults: Illness, laziness, Illness like BP etc, anger, Good health, Happinessdeceased, depression sadness
    22. 22. True Pleasure“That pleasure which comes after acertain discipline, is really satvicpleasure, long lasting pleasure.That pleasure which is pleasurableto begin with but ends in misery, isno pleasure at all.”
    23. 23. Food - Wastage Don’t eat too much, because it is going to waste. – Share with poor on road when it is good. – Stop cooking excessive. This will save little in grocery bills.
    24. 24. Exercise Exercise should be given to body and mind on continuous basis. 30 minutes of walk per day is good enough. Take professional help while doing exercise with objects. (lifting weights, ..) Yoga is one ancient exercise for physical and mental health. Lean under proper guidance.
    25. 25. Mental HealthMany people have mental illness. But it is not recognized and treated.Most common disease is depressionTake proper Counseling for mental illness. (One common problem is suicidal tendency)
    26. 26. Stress ManagementReasons for stress:1. Negative thinking2. Lack of rest to mind3. Improper food4. Work pressure5. Lack of discipline / un-organizedHow to get rid of stress:1. Practice Breathing techniques and meditation on daily basis2. Stop finding faults on others & stick to truth (Trikarana Suddhi)3. Plan your tasks well in advance & follow
    27. 27. Health - EmotionsEmotions will play great role on health.Control your emotions.Cry when you feel. It will ease the whole system.Share your problem with friends / parents.Don’t get effected your eating habits with your emotions.Avoid negative feelings and people.Substitute each negative thought with positive thought.
    28. 28. Spiritual Health Stick to any one practice whatever you believe. Spiritual believes will control emotions / fears in life. Think moderately and practice with meaning. Try to know the meaning of what you are chanting and doing. Don’t hurt others feelings.
    29. 29. Human Behavioral Architecture Human Behavioral Architecture 6th Sense Spiritual / supernatural / supreme inputs Jnanam Budhi/ Atma Wis e Personality Driving force Soul / Atman Knowled Impressi ge Base Budhi / ons / Mind / Manassu r ce fo Cache g in Senses iv t dr anr no Ig The five organs of sensation - The five organs of action - Jnanedriya (eye,ear,skin,tongue, Karmendriya (mouth, hands, nose) legs, anus, genitals) Hearing touch smell Sight taste OutputsInputs
    30. 30. Health - Remedies Use only prescribed medicines under supervision. Don’t entertain unauthorized persons in medical practices. Try more of Naturopathy / Homeopathy / Ayurveda
    31. 31. Tips Fasting will show good impact on health. Observing Silence – Fasting – Prayers – This combination is very good for body and soul. Body needs water. Drink plenty.
    32. 32. Source of informationCheck your source of water cleanliness and other parametersRead books on Food – NutritionCheck on internet and libraries
    33. 33. TabletsNature, time and patience are the three great physicians.H. G. BohnTo get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth.-- Richard BakerMoney is the most envied, but the least enjoyed. Health is the most enjoyed, but the least envied.-- Charles Caleb ColtonNothing is more fatal to health than an over care of it.-- Benjamin Franklin
    34. 34. TabletsTo lengthen thy Life, lessen thy meals.-- Benjamin FranklinOne who eats plain food is healthy.-- Japanese ProverbWhat we want is muscles of iron and nerves of steel.-- Swami Vivekananda"The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourself strong."-- Swami Vivekananda
    35. 35. Questions?
    36. 36. Thank you