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Fitness for health related

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  1. 1. Fitness:•Health related•Skill related
  2. 2. Physical fitness results from regular physical activity.Being physically fit means you have the energy and ability to perform everyday task and responsibilities.Health related fitness is the ability of the heart, lungs, muscles and joints to work well together.Skill related fitness is the ability to perform well in sports and physical activities.
  3. 3. Health related fitness includes five components.• Muscular strength• Muscular endurance• Flexibility• Cardiovascular endurance• Body composition
  4. 4. Muscular strength is the amount of force muscles can exert against resistance.Muscular strength:• Prevents fatigue• Helps with standing, sitting and walking• Helps prevent injury or sore muscles• Improves performance in sports
  5. 5. Some activities can help develop muscle strength. • Weight training • Pull-ups • Sit-ups • Push-ups • Sports specific activities such as kicking a soccer ball or throwing a baseball
  6. 6. Muscular endurance is the ability to use the muscles for a long period of time.Muscular endurance:• Is required to perform repeated tasks for a long period of time without becoming tired.• Is necessary to do many daily tasks as well as participate in sports.• Helps to maintain correct posture.• Keeps muscles from becoming tired when hiking, working or playing.
  7. 7. Activities that improve muscular endurance include: • Riding a bike for a mile or more • Holding something heavy for long periods of time • Running, swimming or rollerblading for long period of time • Repeating an exercise or activity for long periods of time
  8. 8. Flexibility is the ability to move the joints through the full range of motion.Flexibility:• Keeps the body from getting stiff during the day• Helps to prevent injuries• Prevents the muscles from shortening due to inactivity• Is important in many sports, games or activities.
  9. 9. Flexibility can be improved by: • Stretching 20 minutes each day • Yoga • Dance, ballet • Pilates or another fitness program • Gymnastics
  10. 10. Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart and lungs to provide the body with enough oxygen during extended periods of physical activity.Gaining or improving cardiovascular endurance when frequency, intensity or amount of time spent in exercise is increased.Cardiovascular endurance is also affected by heredity and the condition of the body.
  11. 11. Cardiovascular endurance is improved by: • Running a mile or more • Swimming for long periods of time • Riding a bike for extended time periods • Aerobic exercises, dance routines, etc. • Walking at a pace that increases the heart rate
  12. 12. Body composition is the ratio of body fat to lean body tissue. The percent of body fat and lean tissue changes as a person improves his/her physical fitness. As physical fitness improves the percentage of fat tissue decreases and lean tissue or muscle increases. When a person is healthy and physically fit, his/her body composition has a higher level of lean body tissue.
  13. 13. Body composition is improved by:• Aerobic exercises• A healthy diet and enough exerciseA healthy percentage of body fat is around 16%-19% for males and 22%-25% for females.
  14. 14. Skill related fitness includes skills that can be used in physical activities, sports and games including: • Agility • Balance • Coordination • Reaction time • Speed • Power
  15. 15. Agility is:• The ability to move quickly and easily• To change directions quickly when moving• Used in games and sports as well as daily activities
  16. 16. Balance is:• The ability to keep from falling when standing or moving• Needed for walking, running, jumping and other locomotor and nonlocomotor movements
  17. 17. Coordination is:• Using the body parts and senses when you move• The body and sense work together successfully to allow a person to successfully perform the activities they are doing• Hand-eye coordination is one specific type of coordination used when hitting a ball, catching something or even typing.
  18. 18. Reaction time is: • The amount of time it takes to move after a person hears, sees, feels or touches a stimulus • The less time it takes a person to react, the better the reaction time • Reaction time is used in sports, games and races, but it is also used in driving a car or using other motorized machines.
  19. 19. Speed is measured by how fast a person moves.• Moving quickly is important in sports and games• Speed is also important in many daily activities such as typing on a computer, dialing the phones, etc.
  20. 20. Power is the combination of two skills. • Power is the combination of strength and speed. • Many activities are performed better when a person has developed the ability to use their strength and speed (or power) together. • For example: throwing a baseball from the third to first for an out requires power.
  21. 21. Determining your fitness level is very important! How do you determine your fitness level?Test!!!! More Testing!!!!! Continual assessment or continual TESTING!
  22. 22. Fitness tests include the following!Muscle strength and endurance can Cardiovascular endurance be tested by: can be tested by:• Standing broad jump • The one mile run/walk• Curl-ups • A step test• Push-ups • Swimming for distances• Pull-ups • Performing an activity for• Trunk lift a long period of time• Shuttle run
  23. 23. Fitness tests also include!Flexibility can be tested Body composition can be by: tested using:• The V-Sit reach • Body fat calibers• Sit and Reach test • Body Mass Index• Other tests used by (BMI) scale physical therapists and athletic trainers
  24. 24. Please get out your journal sheet!• Respond to the open response question on the next slide.• Place the completed journal entry (answer to the open response question) in your journal or notebook.
  25. 25. Sam wants to have total fitness, but he’s not sure what that means.• Identify and explain 3 components of health related fitness. Use specific details.• Identify and explain 3 components of skill related fitness. Use specific details.• Identify 4 activities that would improve either health or skill related fitness.