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  • 1. Copyright by Doka Copyright by Doka The Formwork Experts. 2013 Doka Corporate Presentation
  • 2. Copyright by Doka Contents 2 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Umdasch Group Executive Board Facts and figures Production Products References
  • 3. Copyright by Doka Doka headquarters, Amstetten 3 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Total area: 350,000 m²
  • 4. Copyright by Doka Doka is part of the Umdasch Group 4 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Doka Group Shopfitting Group
  • 5. Copyright by Doka Executive Board of Umdasch Group 5 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Josef Kurzmann Doka Group Dr. Andreas Ludwig Chairman Silvio Kirchmair Shopfitting Group
  • 6. Copyright by Doka Management of Doka Group 6 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 v.l.: Rainer Spitzer, Johann Strunz, Dir. Josef Kurzmann, Ludwig Pekarek, Jürgen ObiegliLudwig Pekarek, Rainer Spitzer, Josef Kurzmann, Gregor Gaisböck, Jürgen Obiegli, Johann Strunz (f. l.)
  • 7. Copyright by Doka Umdasch Group 7 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Consolidated revenues 2012 Umdasch Shopfitting Group 210 Mio. Euro (20 %) Doka Gruppe 849 Mio. Euro (80 %) Total: 1,059 Mio. Euro
  • 8. Copyright by Doka Doka Group 8 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Consolidated revenues 2007 – 2012 (million Euro) [+ 7 %] 759 838 [+ 21 %] [+ 10 %] 762 [- 17 %] 712 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 849 [+ 11,9 %] 923 [- 7 %]
  • 9. Copyright by Doka Umdasch Group 9 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Employee numbers 2012 (annual average) Umdasch Shopfitting Group 1,377 (18 %) Doka Group 5,909 (80 %) Total: 7,430 Central Support Functions 144 (2 %)
  • 10. Copyright by Doka Doka Group 10 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Employee numbers 2007 – 2012 (annual average) 5,277 5,874 5,478 5,238 5,437 5,909 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  • 11. Copyright by Doka Doka organisation world-wide 11 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Doka services customers’ needs with more than 160 sales and logistic centres in over 70 countries.
  • 12. Copyright by Doka Vision 12 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 By providing economical formwork systems and services for all sectors of the industry, we aim at offering construction companies the best customer benefit so as to inspire them and grow success jointly with them.
  • 13. Copyright by Doka Mission 13 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Partnership in business We want to be your best partner. Capability and dependability are what we use to build long-lasting business relationships. These are invariably solutions-oriented, and build on openness, reliability and “good-as-our-word” hands-on quality. Value-addition with capable specialists We keep pace with ever-more demanding customer requirements by constantly evolving our core competences and thus optimizing value-addition for our customers. Doka employees are capable and motivated specialists, partners the construction companies can consult at any time. Customer benefit The basis of our long-term, sustained corporate success is our ability to offer the highest possible customer benefit. With our innovative and quality-assured products and service offerings, we support construction companies worldwide in their endeavours to build faster, better, more cost-effectively and safely.
  • 14. Copyright by Doka Production 14 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Doka Metalworking Doka Woodworking
  • 15. Copyright by Doka Production output 15 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 annual Own production facilities (Austria, Slovakia) Formwork beams 10 million linear metres Formwork sheets 4 million m² Metal products 100,000 t Plastic components 3,000 t
  • 16. Copyright by Doka Formwork-beam production 16 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Doka’s production facilities have several moulding stations for the patented polyurethane end- reinforcement. This significantly prolongs the useful life of the beams.
  • 17. Copyright by Doka Formwork-sheet production 17 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Doka produces an extensive range of formwork sheets for many different areas of application. The use of choice timbers, and careful glue- bonding, together ensure the very highest quality.
  • 18. Copyright by Doka Framed-formwork production 18 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 The durability, dimensional accuracy and stability of the frames are key quality criteria that distinguish Doka framed formwork. Together with their high-quality form facing, they allow superb concrete results to be achieved.
  • 19. Copyright by Doka Floor prop production 19 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 The high load-bearing capacity of Doka floor props is ensured by using only top-quality materials in their manufacture. Doka’s state-of-the-art production lines ensure superlative workmanship and consistently high quality.
  • 20. Copyright by Doka Doka range 20 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013
  • 21. Copyright by Doka Product overview 21 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Wall Systems Climbing Systems Floor Systems Load-bearing Towers System Components Services Safety Systems
  • 22. Copyright by Doka Wall Systems 22 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Framed formwork Timber-beam formwork
  • 23. Copyright by Doka Wall Systems 23 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Column formwork Single-sided formwork
  • 24. Copyright by Doka Floor Systems 24 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Tableforms Timber-beam floor formwork
  • 25. Copyright by Doka Climbing Systems 25 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Automatic climbing formwork Crane-lifted climbing formwork
  • 26. Copyright by Doka Load-bearing Systems 26 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Shoring towers Tunnel formwork Bridge formwork
  • 27. Copyright by Doka Working & protection platforms Guardrail systems Safety Systems 27 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013
  • 28. Copyright by Doka Protection screens Access systems Safety Systems 28 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013
  • 29. Copyright by Doka System Components 29 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Formwork beams Formwork sheets
  • 30. Copyright by Doka System Components 30 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Floor props Form-ties & suspension cones
  • 31. Copyright by Doka Services 31 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Engineering Rental service Formwork instructor
  • 32. Copyright by Doka Services 32 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 “Ready-to-Use” service Reconditioning service Doka-Training
  • 33. Copyright by Doka Doka Forum 33 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 The Doka Forum's 2,500 m² of exhibition floor space showcases all Doka’s formwork systems and houses comprehensive training facilities for Doka customers.
  • 34. Copyright by Doka bauma 2013 34 Doka Corporate presentation 2013 Doka made an impressive showing at bauma 2013, where from April 15th to 21st, 110,000-plus trade visitors took time to study the exhibits in the 3,600 m² hall built specially for the exhibition.
  • 35. Copyright by Doka References 35 Doka Corporate presentation 2013 Construction companies worldwide rely on the expertise, reliability and “good-as-our-word” integrity of Doka.
  • 36. Copyright by Doka Weiterstadt's "Medienschiff" centre, Germany 36 Doka Corporate presentation 2013 The formwork for the challenging geometry of the "Medienschiff" multifunction centre in the city of Weiterstadt used a high proportion of standard systems combined with made-to-measure special formwork.
  • 37. Copyright by Doka Planet Planai, Austria 37 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 The swooping signature loop of the Planet Planai valley station building was propped with the new Staxo 40 load-bearing towers. Excellent ergonomics and speedy progress were characteristic of this build.
  • 38. Copyright by Doka Gotthard Base Tunnel, Switzerland 38 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Quickly and easily, the forming carriage adapts to the extreme taper in tunnel cross-section, so cycle times were kept extremely short. Forming up, stripping out, lifting, lowering and advancing were all fully hydraulic, pushbutton-control operations.
  • 39. Copyright by Doka Tisza bridge, Hungary 39 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Quickly the extra-wide superstructure of the Tisza bridge in Hungary was built in record time with the help of two specially sized Doka free cantilever travellers.
  • 40. Copyright by Doka Padre Adelino viaduct, Brazil 40 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 The MF240 crane-lift climbing formwork kept cycle times short on construction of the spectacular Padre Adelino viaduct in São Paulo, so progress of this build was convincingly rapid.
  • 41. Copyright by Doka Rosewood Hotel, United Arab Emirates 41 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Staxo 100 and Staxo 40 load- bearing towers provided the secure, economical propping for the floor slabs of the Rosewood Hotel in Abu Dhabi.
  • 42. Copyright by Doka Viaduct crossing the Wadi Adai, Oman 42 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 Doka developed its high-performance special solution for these solid hammerheads to utilise the advantages of supporting construction frames and Top 50 beam formwork.
  • 43. Copyright by Doka 5th Avenue, USA 43 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013 An automatic climbing Doka Xclimb 60 protection shield ensured optimum safety for construction of a 52-floor residential tower in the heart of New York.
  • 44. Copyright by Doka Thank you for your attention! For more information please visit our website: 44 Doka Corporate Presentation 2013