South Marston Parish Council                              Draft Minutes of the meeting held on 19th June 2012 Present:   M...
Allotment Update                                    thInspection date re-scheduled for 14 June. Feedback to be given at Ju...
MATTERS OUTSTANDING REGISTER         Issue          Comments                                                              ...
   Correspondence item 5: CM proposed £14 contribution. Seconded by BT. Motion carried.               Correspondence ite...
81/12   PLANNING        Application Number: S/12/0712HECO        Proposal: Change of use of land to garden area & erection...
There are currently four different options (cases). Only 2 options looked by consultant are likely to be viable.        Fo...
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Draft minutes-19-06-12


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Draft minutes-19-06-12

  1. 1. South Marston Parish Council Draft Minutes of the meeting held on 19th June 2012 Present: Mr S Young (Chairman) Mr B Thunder Mrs J Little Mr K Millard Mr C McEwen Mrs S Brown Mrs G Cheal (Clerk)NB: All Councillor names will be shown as initials73/12 APOLOGIES Received from MP and Mr Colin Lovell, Ward Councillor.74/12 OPEN 10 MINUTES The Chairman, SY thanked all those involved in jubilee celebrations. Vote of thanks was given to members of the Parish Council and the South Marston Parish Council Expansion Working Party for all preparation and th involvement in the village expansion event on 12 June. Mr Adye Goodenough attended the meeting as an observer and to enquire about the ownership of the brook on the far side of Acorn Bridge. Investigations are currently underway regarding the diversion of the brook. BT commented that it may be owned by Roves Farm. Mandy Donald, local resident was in attendance for agenda item 81/12, Planning, Application Number: S/12/0440HECO. Mandy is the applicant. Jenny McEwen, Chair of SMRA (South Marston Recreation Association) was in attendance to discuss jubilee mugs left over from village celebrations. Members noted the amount of effort put into organising and selling the mugs. Donald Page particularly did a lot of work. Money from mugs could possibly to go SMRA to offset bunting. BT proposed to donate the entire proceeds from the mugs for SMRA to dispose of as they will. This was seconded by SB. Motion carried. Julie Hatherall, local resident was in attendance to discuss agenda item 84/12 regarding the Youth Club. Ward Councillors John Haines and Russell Holland were in attendance.75/12 DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST - Members are requested at the start of the meeting to declare any known interests in any matter to be considered, and are reminded that any such interest should be declared at the start of the item or during any discussion of the matter concerned CM declared an interest in agenda item 74/12. SB declared an interest in 78/12, correspondence item 8. TH76/12 TO APPROVE AND SIGN THE MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY 15 MAY 2012 AND FORMALLY CLOSE ACTION POINTS th Minutes of the meeting held on 15 May 2012 were approved and signed. The following outstanding action was noted: SY to draft letter to Hannah Jones. ACTION: SY to write to Hannah Jones.77/12 CLERKS REPORT Parish Council Vacancies An election has been called to fill two vacant seats. Clerk has placed an Election Notice from Stephen Taylor, SBC on th notice boards. Completed nomination forms are to be returned to SBC by 15 June 2012. If any election is contested the poll will take place on Thursday, 12th July 2012. (See correspondence for further details). Update at June meeting: Hannah Jones had been nominated as councillor. Additional vacancy could now be advertised in T&T, noticeboards and website. 1
  2. 2. Allotment Update thInspection date re-scheduled for 14 June. Feedback to be given at June Parish Council meeting.One tenant has given written notice for their allotment plot. Plot to be re-allocated to first on waiting list for an oldplot. Outstanding allotment rent has been received – but only half. See letter from tenant in correspondence.Planning Responses ReceivedApplication Number: S/LBC/12/0349/SASMProposal: Repair and improve existing outbuilding.Site Address: Marston Farm, Shrivenham Road, South Marston, SN3 4RSSCHEDULE TO CONSENTApplication Number: S/12/0634Proposal: Prior approval application for parapet works to Stanton railway bridge associated with main lineelectrification.Site Address: Stanton Railway Bridge, Gablecross, Swindon, WiltshirePRIOR APPROVAL GIVENApplication Number: S/LDP/12/0552/EDSNProposal: Certificate of lawfulness for the proposed erection of a 1.8m high secure entry system.Site Address: South Marston CofE Primary School, Old Vicarage Lane, South Marston, SN3 4SHCERTIFICATE OF LAWFUL DEVELOPMENTApplication Number: S/12/0415/RMProposal: Erection of a permanent security compound.Site Address: Unit A4, Marston Gate, Stirling Road, South Marston Park, SwindonGRANT PLANNING PERMISSIONApplication Number: S/12/0536/HECOProposal: Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 1 no. dwelling, detached garage and associated works.Site Address: Priors Farley Farmhouse, Rowborough Lane, South Marston, SN3 4SXREFUSAL OF PLANNING PERMISSIONCopies of SBC Planning responses will be available at the June Parish Council meeting, for your information.Comments were submitted via email to SBC for revised plans for Nissin UK (application number S/12/0524/RM) on st31 May 2012. Clerk raised concerns about the lack of information provided and about light spillage from 8m highlighting.Clerk submitted comments to SBC for application number: S/12/0536/HECO (Priors Farley Farmhouse). Members streviewed plans on 21 May and had no objections.Footpath 17AEE Renewables have tidied up the footpath and have emailed picture evidence to the Clerk with a copy to BrianMcGlone. Clerk has forwarded information to Annie Ellis, SBC Rights of Way Officer.ACTION: SY to have a look at footpath 17.Audit UpdateFinance files have been emailed to the internal auditor. All receipts have been posted via Special Delivery.Annual Return to be signed at the June Parish Council meeting.Notice of the Exercise Electors’ Rights has been placed on notice boards.VAT update thVAT claim to be submitted before June Parish Council meeting. Clerk has queried an expense claim dated 16 March2011. Cheque number 1586 for £147.23. Amount claimed does not match invoice. BT to revise claim to show correctVAT and total.Letter to Richard BellClerk has not written letter to Richard Bell as actioned at the May PC meeting regarding transport options (Clerk hasspoken with Colin McEwen) and the draft Eastern Villages SPD as a transport update was given to the Parish Council thVillage Expansion Working Party at a meeting on 28 May and response letter has been received to draft EasternVillages SPD letter sent. 2
  3. 3. MATTERS OUTSTANDING REGISTER Issue Comments STATUS HGV’s through PC Jackson has set up a database to log complaints. Villagers encouraged to send On-going village photographs of HGVs to PC Jackson. Adverts have been placed in the T&T. Super-fast Will go to tender April 2012. Contract to be awarded in July with first roll out this On-going Broadband for year. the village Speed-Watch SBC are currently looking at data previously collected in order to see if we On-going qualify. Police Community Support has noted our interest. June 2012: Jill Quadri has asked SBC Officer to make contact with the Parish Council. Criteria are that speed strips are put down and results have to show at least 15% of vehicles are travelling over 36mph. This has been set by national guidelines. No Cold Calling June 2012: Jill Quadri is awaiting response from Police who currently have heavy On-going Zone workload. Jill to provide an update.78/12 CORRESPONDENCE received to 13th June No. Received From Reference Action Required 1 Sam Howell, SBC Draft Eastern Villages SPD (EVSPD) – response to Noted letter sent 2 *The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust Bobby Van News and request for financial support See below 3 Audit Commission Consultation on appointment of external auditor Noted for 2012/13 and future 4 Oxfordshire County Council Publication of Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste July agenda item Plan 5 WALC Swindon Area Committee Annual Financial Contribution 2012/13 - £14 See below 6 Aon Insurance Confirmation of renewal instructions Noted 7 Mary Case Allotment plot resignation Noted 8 NALC Campaign to Protect Rural Free help on developing a Neighbourhood Plan Noted England 9 Mr Hands Allotment rent and related matters See below 10 Wiltshire Association of Local May newsletter See below Councils 11 Julie Hatherall, Youth Club summary of accounts See item 84/12 12 Janet Beattie, SBC One Swindon Partnership Conference Noted th 13 Hallam Land Management Confirmation of attendance at 12 June Village Noted Expansion Event 14 Paul Sunners, Chiseldon Parish Neighbourhood Plan See below Council 15 Stephen Taylor, SBC Notice of Election Noted 16 Rachel Case Jubilee Mugs – request on behalf of Toddler Group Noted 17 Sue Pope Road speed Noted 18 Plasma Processing UK Ltd Further information requested relating to planning Clerk to arrange visit application S/12/0415 19 Pam Gough, SBC Portrait Bench – Highworth Road Noted – spitfires Letters Sent Richard Bell, SBC Neighbourhood Planning Front Runners (Vanguard) Funding  Correspondence item 2: CM proposed £50. Seconded by BT. Motion carried. 3
  4. 4.  Correspondence item 5: CM proposed £14 contribution. Seconded by BT. Motion carried.  Correspondence item 9: Clerk to write to Mr Hands.  Correspondence item 10: Clerk to send playground information to SMRA.  Correspondence item 14: CM to attend and make contact with Chiseldon Parish Council. th Russell Holland informed members that SBC are adopting a Code of Conduct on 20 June 2012. Russell to forward further information to Parish Council.79/12 FINANCE: STATEMENT & CHEQUES FOR APPROVAL AND SIGNATURE th Finance Statement and Cheques for Approval and Signature – 19 June 2012 1. Bank Accounts RBS High interest Account as at 1 June 2012 21821.35 RBS Business Account as at 30 May 2012 1071.96 United Trust Bank Account as at 2 April 2012 41357.64 Total: 64250.95 NB Includes £25 from allotment rent. CM proposed an additional £20 for flowers purchased by Rita Smith on behalf of the Parish Council for the jubilee flower display in the Church. This was seconded by BT. Motion carried. The total contribution from the Parish Council for flowers was just under £50. 2. Cheques for Approval and Signature Cheque Payment Amount VAT Number 1682 *Aon – 2012-13 Parish Council insurance renewal 1637.73 1683 Mrs G Cheal (Clerk) – Salary for May 2012 356.76 1684 Mrs G Cheal (Clerk) – expenses for May and June 2012 182.85 1685 The Proof Fairy – Flyer for June Village Meeting 17.50 1686 Rita Smith – flowers purchased for Church Ref. Jubilee 49.20 1687 Stratton Garden Contractors – May grass cutting 314.00 1688 Cancelled Cheque 1689 Stratton St Margaret Parish Council – May dog waste collection 120.00 20.00 1690 Barry Thunder – Expenses for June village meeting 22.00 1691 Colporteur – printing for flyer ref. June village meeting 87.50 1692 Jenny McEwen – Expenses for June village meeting 121.98 1693 Mercure Hotel – room hire, conference facilities and banqueting food 367.90 61.32 for June village meeting 1694 Accounts & Audit Services Ltd – Internal Audit Fee 243.60 40.60 1695 SMRA – Ref. Highworth Silver Band for July village fete 150.00 TOTAL 3671.02 121.92 th *Cheque 1682 signed at the Annual Parish Meeting on 29 May. SB informed members of an issue with the accounts spread sheet. This may result in some of the year-end figures for 2011-12 being incorrect. SB will correct spread sheet. SB/Clerk to provide members with accurate information when spread sheet has been corrected. th JL agreed to check through invoice received from Mercure Hotel regarding 12 June event.80/12 APPROVAL OF ANNUAL RETURN Clerk read comments arising from the internal audit. A copy of the report will be provided to members for the July Parish Council meeting. The Annual Return was approved and signed. 4
  5. 5. 81/12 PLANNING Application Number: S/12/0712HECO Proposal: Change of use of land to garden area & erection of a two storey side & rear extension at Southview, Highworth Road, South Marston, SN3 4SE Members reviewed plans. No adverse comments. Application Number: S/12/0440HECO Proposal: Erection of a single storey rear extension & detached garage & conversion of existing garage into habitable accommodation at 18 Church Ground, South Marston, SN3 4FL Members noted that this was an amendment to a previous application. No Adverse Comments. Pre-application Enquiry for: Application Number: S/PRE/12/0678 Proposal: Erection of fence and gates at SDC Ltd, Hunts Rise, South Marston Industrial Estate Members noted the pre-application enquiry, although no hard copy plans were received. No comments.82/12 REVIEW CLERK’S CONTRACT AND PAY Clerk provided members with a copy of latest hourly rates and pay scales for Clerks. Clerk is currently on the part-time hourly rate spinal column point 18 (£8.919p per hour). Members agreed that Clerk has acquired sufficient skills to increase a spinal column point. CM proposed for Clerk to increase to spinal column point 19 (£9.253p per hour). This was seconded by BT. Motion carried. Clerk to put in overtime when it is earned.83/12 SMRA COMMITTED EXPENDITURE SY commented that this is an on-going action as part of the plan to produce a proper budget for SMRA.84/12 DISCUSS HOW THE PARISH COUNCIL CAN HELP THE YOUTH CLUB Julie Hatherall asked if the Parish Council could help with the running costs of the Youth Club. Currently, the Youth Club have to raise funds. They run a tuck shop and have tombola at Christmas. They have had a cake sale and held a sponsored silence. A one to one support worker is required for one child who attends. Julie provided a copy of the latest accounts for the Youth Club. SB noted that the Youth Club run on relatively small turnover. Biggest outgoing is insurance and cost of equipment. The Parish Council have invested in the Youth Club before. BT commented that it is important the Parish Council maintain something for the youth of the village, especially with the village expansion. Julie asked if the Parish Council could help with room rent or insurance costs. The Parish Council would consider giving a grant for fixed costs (insurance and affiliations) and a one off injection of money for equipment. KM proposed £250 for fixed costs (insurance and affiliations) and £250 for equipment costs and other supplies, with an expectation that the original £250 would be an annual grant. This was seconded by SB. CM proposed an amendment and suggested committing to both figures, together with paying for hall rental on an on-going basis so the Youth Club know that they have on-going yearly support. All in favour, motion carried. TH85/12 FEEDBACK FROM JUNE 12 VILLAGE EVENT th A Parish Council Expansion Working Party meeting is scheduled for 20 June to review feedback, forms and questionnaires. Members noted that the event was a great success, with 24 helpers from various organisations, including SBC, the Environment Agency and developers (8 in total). Minimum of 153 attended the event. There was a constant stream of people. Currently no precise figure for the cost of the event; although it is in the region of £1100 (this figure does not include feedback to the village). Need confirmation of Peter Sandover fee (this will be approximately £500). Adye Goodenough commented that he thought it was extremely useful from a canal point of view.86/12 VILLAGE EXPANSION UPDATE An update on the school report was given. 5
  6. 6. There are currently four different options (cases). Only 2 options looked by consultant are likely to be viable. Format of information provided has not been helpful. Option hasn’t been completed that the Parish Council put forward on the expanded school. The Expansion Working Party need to go through the information and agree a set of questions to then go back to consultants with. SY to look at this from a spread sheet point of view. ACTION: Discuss this at forthcoming Expansion Working Party meeting. CM has been in correspondence with Sam Howell, SBC regarding the eastern villages SPD. There will be a meeting with Carol Bristow, SBC regarding discussions with Wanborough and Bishopstone. There are concerns on latest transport report, to include difficulty getting out of the village on to the Gablecross roundabout. CM has not heard any arrangements on how traffic management is going to be dealt with. CM would like to see traffic figures from SBC. The issue of A420 and access on to A419 is key. SB is concerned that the transport modelling was worked on average peaks. CM to try to find out further information. Members agreed that continued engagement with SBC and pressure is required.87/12 REPORTS FROM WORKING PARTIES AND REPRESENTATIVES FROM OUTSIDE BODIES Conservation report from BT: Conservation site works are going well. £900 was donated from F&E Harris Trust. Bridges have now been erected on site. This was a significant achievement. Bridges to be named. BT to let the Parish Council know who to thank so that the Parish Council can send letters. Conservation to have th an exhibition stand at the fete on July 7 . Allotment update from BT: Vacancy on plot 5 (alongside road towards Highworth). Vacant plot is full sized, on the old site. BT asked if the Parish Council should let the whole plot or split into two, as the two ½ plots would be a reasonable size. This would also increase allotment income. Members resolved to split plot into two ½ plots. The current sign at the entrance for the old allotment site for no dogs and no children should be encompassed for whole site. BT informed members that some grass cutting needs to be carried out. BT suggested for areas to be designated that the Parish Council could arrange to have cut on an annual basis. An element of internal maintenance needs to take place now new plots are on site. ACTION: BT to write a proposal to the Parish Council regarding the above for the July Parish Council meeting. CM informed members that the Church is looking at wild flower areas on the glebe and church yard. SB could not attend the recent Swindon Area Committee meeting.88/12 MATTERS BROUGHT FORWARD BY OR WITH CONSENT OF THE CHAIRMAN SB informed members that on the black road, going down to South Marston Farm (which borders Oxleaze Wood) there was a sunken medieval bank full of flowers until 4 or 5 years ago. SBC have been cutting the area as it is about to flower. There have been pleas from residents to SBC not to cut area. Concern that the ancient hedge and flowers will disappear if continuously cut. ACTION: Parish Council to write to ask if it is necessary for area to be cut back. Could they time cutting more appropriately? Write again next spring. Meeting closed at 22:04. 6