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Presentation provided by AEE Renewables during a presentation held at South Marston Village Hall on 21 Nov 2012 regarding the Sevor Farm Solar installation

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20120917 public consultation_doc-sev1_awi

  1. 1. Sevor solar PV farm Public Consultation Overview status : 21.11.2012© aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.1
  2. 2. We held the public consultation at the Village Hall on Wednesday 21st November and it was a very successful event for everyone. We estimate around 40-50 people attended throughout the day with 25 people commenting in the guest book. You can read a longer review on our website at: www.sevorfarmsolar.co.uk Here you can find information about the whole project and keep up to date with developments. © aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.2
  3. 3. Location / status dataLOCATION: South Marston, Swindon, WiltshireSTATUS: Public ConsultationROLE OF AEE: Project developer, project manager, co-investorPARTNER: EPC (construction) and investment partners to be determined Performance data AREA: 17.6ha (red line) COMPONENTS: Modules: JA Solar JAP6-72-290 28,880 x 290Wp polycrystalline units 1,956 x 991 x 45 mm (h x w x d) 520 string inverters (Siemens SINVERT PVM 20) Table pitch: 20 degrees Clear row distance: 4.7m INSTALLED CAPACITY: 9.26MWp IRRADIATION I YIELD (p.a.): circa 1106 kWh/qm I 850 kWh/kWp POWER GENERATION (plan): approx. 8.11m kWh/a ; CO2 reduction: ca. 10,000 t/a; supply: around 2400 standard UK households (OFGEM) © aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.3
  4. 4. © aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.4
  5. 5. o  From the initial plans we have progressed to this design. The key features of the proposal are:! o  Retention of the southern field as agricultural land for the next 25 years." o  Redesign of the footpaths to encourage the community to use the footpaths more frequently, including bikes and buggy’s." o  Flood mitigation works to reduce the chance of flooding for the village.!© aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.5
  6. 6. © aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.6
  7. 7. o  Supplying largest Industry in South Marston with clean energy during the week, and the National Grid at the weekend.""o  Honda to receive clean electricity during working hours and provide exports to the grid at the weekend."o  Besides 4.2m kWh green electricity p.a. already supplied with, annual production of approx. 4.8m kWh. The UK‘s largest project to supply local industry with green electricity.!© aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.7
  8. 8. o  The South Marston farm site from the air"o  Supplying largest Industry in South Marston with clean energy."o  Besides 4.2m kWh green electricity p.a. already supplied with, annual production of approx. 7m kWh and 10,000 t CO2 reduction"> "UK‘s largest project to supply local industry with green electricity.!© aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.8
  9. 9. o  Lessons learned!o  DECC changes to tariffs changed everything last year, post-planning approval"o  Intense time pressure coupled with excessive demands from county archaeologist forced design changes to foundations (these won’t be as visible after grass cover established by spring)"o  Time pressure also forced change to connection point – building and connecting a new substation to local grid could not have happened before tariff cut deadline. Honda provided that option with existing facility."o  Some residents understandably disappointed to lose opportunity to buy locally-produced green energy"o  New ROC funding scheme allows bigger projects with certainty beyond March 2013."o  Construction partner was chosen too quickly, too sloppy, too dismissive of residents’ needs and will not be used again"o  Delays in clearing snagging list, partly due to inhospitable weather conditions, meant spring planting season was missed for 2012. It will be in full bloom in summer 2013."© aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.9
  10. 10. Ecological & environmental benefits Social & educational benefits o  Ecological impact – Landowners on o  Provides an opportunity for learning to the local our previous projects have told us school. We can work with local schools to there is diversification of fauna and educate and inspire the younger generation about flora as the site thrives without the benefits of renewable energy and why it is fertiliser for the life of the project important to our future. o  We can provide the village hall with solar modules if the community are o  Site visits are available on request to local interested in being provided more schools and organisations to learn about solar renewable energy. This would mostly parks as a valuable, functioning member of the export electricity to the grid (low world’s energy portfolio daytime usage), thereby reducing costs for the community. o  We can provide useful information for schools to o  Active reduction of carbon footprint incorporate into the classroom, to help in o  PV systems are one of the quietest subjects such as mathematics and science. renewable technologies and visually unobtrusive energy plants. o  Solar farms can be built on a given premises without the need to carry out extensive ground restructuring, meaning the decommissioning phase is quicker and cheaper."© aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.10
  11. 11. Switching to Good Energy, the UK’s only supplier of 100% renewable energy, for Together     households or businesses near AEE solar farm we  do  this.   projects means…     ...make your contribution to avoid CO2 emissions (approx. 2 tons per year for a typical household) and slow down climate change.   …use local green electricity even without your own solar panels, you know where it comes from.   …do something good and pay less by benefitting from an immediate £50 credit per residential household or enterprise and, if the local AEE project gets planning consent and is built, an additional credit of £50 in each of the following three years. Affiliate Partnership. renewables plc.© aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.11
  12. 12. AEE Bath, Project Office AEE London AEE Leipzig AEE Renewables plc AEE Renewables plc Project Management UK Management, Technical Planning Sales, Project Construction and Management UK Operation AEE Dresden Technical Planning, Research & Development AEE Munich Management, Marketing, Sales AEE Istanbul AEE Ates Renewables Head office: Management, Sales, Business Development. Project office: Technical Planning, Project Management Turkey AEE Ann Arbor AEE Frankfurt AEE Malta AEE Renewables USA Head office AEE AG AEE Renewables Ltd. Business Development Finance, Legal Management, Project Management Business Development Int., Project Management Malta© aee renewables plc / september 2012 / p.12