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1403 tower & tap april 2014 full

  1. 1. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk TOWER & TAPTOWER & TAPTOWER & TAPTOWER & TAP April 2014 SOUTH MARSTON’S COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER INSIDE… Meeting Point Date… Gardening Club… South Marston Parish Council contact details… Swindon Supermarine Fixtures… Citizens Advice Volunteering Opportunities… Bags2School collection… Neighbourhood Watch Update… Friendly Club Holiday 2014 details HAPPYHAPPYHAPPYHAPPY EASTEREASTEREASTEREASTER
  2. 2. 2 http://southmarston.org.uk
  3. 3. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 3 Dear Friends, The sun is shining and the violets, primroses and daffodils are dancing in the garden - such a sharp contrast to the wet and grey days we endured when I was last wri ng! Such contrasts are felt and experienced as we prepare to celebrate Easter. The weeks leading up to the cross saw huge contras ng emo ons with great highs and desperate lows. Some of us know the story so well it can lose its impact on us. So for the rest of Lent and right up to Easter Sunday on 20th April, let us focus on the cost of Jesus’ sacrifice, the bewilderment of his disciples and then their tremendous joy. On Palm Sunday we share in the jubilant celebra ons of the crowds welcoming Jesus on the way to Jerusalem and in all our churches we will each receive a palm cross. On Maundy Thursday members of our churches will gather in St. Margaret’s Centre to share in a ‘Christ in the Passover’ meal when we will be remembering, alongside our Jewish friends, God’s faithfulness and the great escape from the oppressive Egyp ans. We will seek to enter into this fes val as Christ and his disciples did. We will remember how Jesus washed the disciples feet exposing his servant heart, the sharing of a meal and then his command that we should remember his sacrifice through the sharing of bread and wine. This is a par cularly moving me together and is followed on Good Friday with services that remember that ul mate sacrifice and the completeness of his love for us. Then, on Easter Sunday, exuberant celebra ons li3 our hearts as we acknowledge that our Saviour has risen, is alive and that we can know him and he walks with us, blessing us each and every moment of every day. The whole team wishes you every blessing this Easter. Vicky Fleming Priest in Charge
  4. 4. 4 http://southmarston.org.uk Church News Mobile Library - Routes & Times Arrives Departs Place Area 12.55 13.05 South Marston Bungalows Right side of road near bus stop 13.10 13.20 South Marston Carriers Arms Outside Carriers Arms Public House The mobile library has full access for disabled people. April Date: 4th April 2014 ‘Craft Company’, we are meeting again at Dryden House on Wednesday 9th April at 2pm. More details form Mary or Vicky Fleming Saturday SceneSaturday SceneSaturday SceneSaturday Scene meets on 12th April in the Church 4meets on 12th April in the Church 4meets on 12th April in the Church 4meets on 12th April in the Church 4----5.15pm.5.15pm.5.15pm.5.15pm. An exciting church event for young families. Stories, songs, crafts, games and food. Contact Donald Page on 825693 Annual Parochial Church Mee ng and Selec on of Wardens This will be held in church at 12 noon on 6th April 2014, followed by a ‘bring & share’ lunch in the Vicarage. Thank you all who served and worked so hard during the last year. From the registers: Baptisms 16th February Natalia Smith 9th March Ronnie William John Rath
  5. 5. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 5 The Meeting Point Coffee morning with table top sales Something to sell? Please book a table £2.50 for people who live in the village £5 for those outside 12th April from 10am –12.30pm In the Village Hall Refreshments provided by South Marston Church Those who come often remark about the enjoyment of sitting down with a neighbour they haven’t seen for a while with a cake in one hand and a coffee in the other. We look forward to seeing you
  6. 6. 6 http://southmarston.org.uk 6th April 11.00am South Marston Family Service 13th April 9.30am South Marston Morning Worship 20th April 9.30am South Marston Holy Communion 27th April 8.00am South Marston Holy Communion 27th April 10.00am St Margaret’s Team Service 4th May 11.00am South Marston Family Service 11th May 9.30am South Marston Holy Communion 18th May 10.00am Stanton Fitzwarren Team Service 25th May 8.00am South Marston Holy Communion Church Services for South Marston South Marston Church is part of the StraBon Team Ministry. The office is located at St. Margaret’s Centre, Kenwin Close, StraBon St. Margaret. It is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8.30am to 12 noon. Email: stmargaretsoffice@ scali.co.uk or Tel: 826505 If you would like to talk to a priest or book a Christening or Wedding please contact Rev Vicky Fleming on 827021 between 6 and 7pm Members of the team: Priest in Charge Rev. Vicky Fleming 827021 Asst. Priest Rev. George Fleming 827021 Curate Rev. Helen Baber 821412 (The Vicarage, South Marston) Lay Minister Mr Dan Read 763016
  7. 7. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 7 Swindon Supermarine Fixtures April 2014 The Webbs Wood Stadium, Supermarine Road, South Marston, Swindon, SN3 4SY W: swindonsupermarinefc.com E: supermarinefc@aol.com T: 01793 828778 Gardening Club ● Wed 2nd H Godalming Town 3:00pm ● Sat 5th H Taunton Town 7:45pm ● Sat 12th A Cinderford Town 3:00pm ● Sat 19th A Shortwood United 7:45pm ● Mon 21st H Bridgwater Town 3:00pm ● Sat 26th A Cirencester Town 7:45pm R_]_nt Ev_ntsR_]_nt Ev_ntsR_]_nt Ev_ntsR_]_nt Ev_nts On Monday 3rd March we held our A.G.M. With the help of some new members we are hopeful to keep going as a club for at least another year. With our speakers booked, we look forward to another year of interes ng talks. For example: Monday 7th April Bruce Porter on 'Growing Vegetables' Monday 12th May Ray Rummins on 'Wiltshire Villages’ Saturday 16th August Annual Flower and Produce Show Monday 1st September Peter and Di Boor on 'Fuchsias' Monday 6th October Iris Smith on 'Victorian Christmas' Monday 1st December Peter Noble on 'Bri sh Antarc c Adventure' Futur_ Ev_ntsFutur_ Ev_ntsFutur_ Ev_ntsFutur_ Ev_nts Our next mee ng will be on Monday 7th April at 7:30pm, with a talk by Bruce Porter en tled 'Growing Vegetables' For further information contact Mike on 827807 or Arthur on 832663
  8. 8. 8 http://southmarston.org.uk
  9. 9. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 9 New and Exciting volunteering opportunity with Wiltshire Citizens Advice As part of a new service offered by Ci zens Advice, the Wiltshire Bureaux are seeking volunteers to be part of a team to provide basic financial educa on to community groups and one to one money mentoring. The project, funded by Big LoBery, aims to empower people to make beBer budge ng, borrowing, saving and banking decisions. We will be working with local chari es and agencies in the community to reach out to those needing support and up to date knowledge of money maBers. If you are looking for the opportunity to learn new skills and develop exis ng ones, this project offers roles as a: Money Ma(ers Trainer or a Money Mentor Volunteers will receive free training with all expenses paid, as well as the opportunity to be part of a friendly team and work closely with your local community. All sorts of people volunteer for Wiltshire Ci zens Advice, and find it challenging, rewarding, varied and you never stop learning. We are looking for a minimum commitment of a half day per fortnight. Wherever you are in Wiltshire from Corsham to Ramsbury, Malmesbury to Tidworth, if you would like to be a part of this team then please contact: Anne Blackwell, Financial Capability Volunteer Coordinator Wiltshire Ci zens Advice Kestrel House, Mill Street Trowbridge, BA14 8BE Tel. 01225 781946 E mail anneblackwell@cabwiltshire.org.uk
  10. 10. 10 http://southmarston.org.uk The F & E Harris Memorial Trust New Community Transport Scheme The Trust will be funding a community door-to-door transport scheme. It is designed to help people aged 55 and over who live in South Marston to get out and about and who do not have their own transport. The scheme started opera on on the 1st January 2014. It will be free of charge to users. The scheme will be run by the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) based in Liden on behalf of the Trust. Those who require the use of the scheme will need to register their details with RVS before booking a service requirement. Drivers opera ng with RVS are volunteers and will stay with the client, help if required, or be available during total journey me. The contact telephone number to register personal details for the scheme is 01793 465552. The scheme will typically cover transport needs for trips such as aBending health appointments, shopping trips and visits to family and friends. A more comprehensive lis ng of acceptable uses and condi ons produced by the Trust is available when registering with RVS. The Trust is looking for volunteer drivers to work with the volunteer drivers employed by RVS. Training, opera ng method and contract details will be supplied by RVS. Contact Brian McGlone (01793 826243) if you are interested in volunteering or contact RVS directly. The Highworth United Charities RELIEF OF NEED FUND Supporting South Marston residents The Relief of Need Fund currently has a limited amount of money available to assist residents who are in genuine need. Applica on forms are available from Highworth Council Offices or the Lions’ Shop in Newburgh Place. Please note that documentary proof of need will be required before applica ons can be considered. EDUCATIONAL FUND Supporting Young People living in South Marston The Trustees currently have a limited amount of money available to assist with the educa on or training of young people who can demonstrate financial need. Applica on forms are available from Highworth Council Offices or the Lions’ Charity Shop in Newburgh Place, Highworth. Early application is advised.
  11. 11. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 11 South Marston Parent Teacher Association Do you have any unwanted textile items inDo you have any unwanted textile items inDo you have any unwanted textile items inDo you have any unwanted textile items in cupboards and drawers?cupboards and drawers?cupboards and drawers?cupboards and drawers? The South Marston Parent Teacher Association (SMPTA) is fundraising for the South Marston CofE school through Bags2School Bag2School collects good quality second hand adult’s and children's clothing, sheets, blankets, curtains, soft toys, shoes, belts and handbags All items collected are for RE-USE In the past we have raised hundreds of £s through Bags2School which, combined with our other fundraising, has supported the school with improving outdoor space and equipment and much more. You can fill any bag you have or official Bags2school bags can be collected from the school or via Jodie Woolhouse. When filled, please leave at the school inside the school gate on Friday 9th May before 9am We thank you in advance for your support! Friday, 9th May at South Marston CofE School At 9.00am
  12. 12. 12 http://southmarston.org.uk South Marston Parish Council Update March 2014 Detailed below are some of the ac vi es in which the Parish Council par cipated during the month. For more details, please visit www.southmarston.org.uk and click on the ‘Parish Council’ area. • Prepared South Marston Parish Council’s submission for the Examina on in Public of the SBC Local Plan 2026. • Formulated a response to the outline planning applica on for employment development, new landscaping and junc on to A420 located at Eastern Villages South, land at and to the south of the A420, (adjacent to Lock Co/age), Swindon (Planning Applica on S/OUT/14/0253). • Formulated a response to the Vale of the White Horse District Council Public Consulta on on their Local Plan 2031 Housing Delivery Update Next Meeting - 15th April 2014 Members of the public are welcome to aBend Parish Council mee ngs which are held at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. There is an “Open 10 Minutes” sec on at the start of the mee ng where you are invited to ask ques ons or discuss an agenda item. It would be helpful if you could inform the Chairman at the start of the mee ng of any items that you wish to raise or discuss. All agendas are published on the village website and on the village no ce boards, prior to the mee ngs. Contact South Marston Parish Council: 01793 686150 or by email at clerksmpc@southmarston.org.uk
  13. 13. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 13 South Marston Neighbourhood Watch Update You may have no ced fly- pping has become a recurrent problem either side of the railway bridge at the far end of Old Vicarage Lane in our village. Fly- pping is the responsibility of Swindon Borough Council, not the police, even though our local officers will support us in dealing with this as much as they can. Unfortunately, money is short and whilst SBC come and clear up the rubbish, they would be more willing to put resources into solving this problem if more people reported it. We as council tax payers are funding the removal of the rubbish and it would be far beBer if this money could be channelled into other more important services. South Marston Neighbourhood Watch is working with Swindon Borough Council to try and find a solu on to this problem. Therefore if you see rubbish dumped in the village (or anywhere else for that maBer) please report it to SBC in one of the following ways:- 1. Use the online repor ng facility, by visi ng the council's website at www.swindon.gov.uk and insert ‘Report Fly- pping’ into the search engine and then follow the link. This is very easy and quick. 2. By telephoning the StreetSmart Team at the Swindon Borough Contact Centre on 01793 445501. 3. In person by visi ng the Swindon Direct One-Stop-Shop at Wat Tyler House, Swindon. The entrance is located in Beckhampton Street. Please keep an eye out, par cularly at the end of Old Vicarage Lane just before where it meets the A420 and report any fly- pping as soon as possible. Thank you South Marston Neighbourhood Watch
  14. 14. 14 http://southmarston.org.uk April 2014 Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun 31 1 2 3 4 5 6 12.55 & 13.10 Mobile Library 12.00 Annual Parochial Meeting 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 19.30 Gardening Club Friendly Club Village Hall 2.00pm Craft Company Dryden House 2.00pm SMRA Meeting 19.30-21.30 Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Wheelie Bins Mixed Plastics Green Waste Recycling Meeting Point 10:00-12:30 Village Hall Saturday Scene 4pm-5.15pm 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Friendly Club Outing to Lon- don Parish Council Meeting 19:30 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms GOOD FRIDAY 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 EASTER MONDAY Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Wheelie Bins Mixed Plastics Green Waste Recycling Youth Club (8-11) 18:30-20:00 Village Hall 28 29 30 Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall
  15. 15. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 15 May 2014 Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun 1 2 3 4 Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Youth Club (8-11) 18:30-20:00 Village Hall 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 BANK HOLIDAY Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms 7.30pm Fellow- ship Meal, Village Hall Wheelie Bins Mixed Plastics Green Waste Recycling Youth Club (8-11) 18:30-20:00 Village Hall Meeting Point 10:00-12:30 Village Hall Saturday Scene Village Hall 4pm - 5.15pm 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 7.30pm Gardening Club Youth Club (12-18) 18:30-20:30 Village Hall Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall SMRA Meeting 19.30-21.30 Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Youth Club (8-11) 18:30-20:00 Village Hall 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 Youth Club (12-18) 18:30-20:30 Village Hall Parish Council Meeting 19:30 Village Hall Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Wheelie Bins Mixed Plastics Green Waste Recycling Youth Club (8-11) 18:30-20:00 Village Hall 26 27 28 29 30 31 BANK HOLIDAY Quiz Night at Carriers Arms
  16. 16. 16 http://southmarston.org.uk The Friendly Club SMRA South Marston Recreation Association March £30 Lisa Haine (118) £10 Jill Comley ( 49) £10 Andrew Newton (111) £10 Dorothy Liddiard ( 43) £10 Sylvia Brown ( 21) R_]_nt Ev_ntsR_]_nt Ev_ntsR_]_nt Ev_ntsR_]_nt Ev_nts Tuesday, 11th March 2014 - in the Village Hall at 2.00pm Futur_ Ev_ntsFutur_ Ev_ntsFutur_ Ev_ntsFutur_ Ev_nts Tuesday, 8th April 2014 - in the Village Hall at 2.00pm 100 CLUB WINNERS A talk and slide show was given by Alan Nix on “Evacua on in 1940” He told us of his evacua on experience to Wales and the good and bad points of many other children evacuated to other areas. Examples of how disrup on to family life was discussed. We will be entertained by Geoff Roffe and John Williams who will present a programme tled Magical Wit based on Tommy Cooper. Tuesday 15th April – Ou ng to London Drop off points in London will be Kensington and Marble Arch. The coach will leave South Marston at 9.00 pm and return at 7.00 pm.
  17. 17. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 17 The Friendly Club Holiday 2014 Warners Holme Lacy Hotel, Hereford 5 Days 29th September 2014 Monday to Friday5 Days 29th September 2014 Monday to Friday5 Days 29th September 2014 Monday to Friday5 Days 29th September 2014 Monday to Friday A Georgian manor house set in 20 acres of parkland with evening entertainment Travel with Barnes Coaches to Hereford, on the way stopping at the historic town of Ledbury for lunch before arriving at the hotel. The first day trip will be a tour through the Welsh countryside to the scenic Elan Valley Dams following the Black and White Trail of medieval villages on the return to the hotel. The second day trip will allow you to spend the morning at Hereford City dominated by the Cathedral with museums, galleries and river walks. In the a3ernoon we will travel towards Leominster and visit the magnificent medieval Hampton Court Castle to include a 45 minute guided tour of the Castle and discover the glorious gardens and 1,000 yew maze. (Those who would prefer to spend me in Leominster can do so). There will be a free day to enjoy the hotel and grounds and ac vi es at your leisure. On the return journey home we will visit Symonds Yat on the River Wye for a river cruise and lunch before returning to Swindon. Cost for dinner, bed and breakfast for 4 nights - £350 per person (price based on 30 people) Those interested contact Sheila on 828545 with a deposit of £30 per person
  18. 18. 18 http://southmarston.org.uk Senior Citizens Lunch Every Thursday from 12.00-2.00pm We have changed the format of the lunch for all our senior ci zens which will take place from the beginning of April. Lunch will now be served in the leisure café and hopefully when the weather improves we will have some sea ng set up outside the café too. We will be offering a new light lunch which will be as follows: Chef’s Homemade Soup of the Day Round of Sandwiches with a choice of fillings Pot of Tea/Coffee All this will be available at the great price of £4.95 per person It is recommended you reserve your table by calling 01793 833700 and press op on 3 All refreshments, food and drink during the day will be served in the leisure café from 1st April 2014 with the main bar opening from 5.00pm each evening. (This excludes weekends) Race Night – Friday 25th April 2014 8.00pm Try your luck in our race night which includes admission and race card and a pulled pork bap. This is strictly for over 18’s only and ckets are available at the hotel in advance and are priced at £9.95 per person. Bookings also being taken for Easter Sunday Lunch for 20th April 2014 Sunday Carvery price from £8.95 per person Booking is essen al now by calling 01793 833700 press op on 3 Ladies Night – Saturday 24th May 2014 Tickets on sale now at £15.00 per person Call the hotel for more details of this event What’s happening at Mecure South Marston Hotel?
  19. 19. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 19
  20. 20. 20 http://southmarston.org.uk Letters…... What's Going On with The Local Plan? In March Mr Fox, the appointed Inspector, held a Pre-Hearing Mee ng to explain the procedures going forward. Mr Fox will be examining issues rela ng to the soundness of the plan in a series of hearing sessions. Those who wrote to Mr Fox with soundness queries were in good company. 8441 representa ons were raised from 801 respondents. Mr Fox considered this to be an unusually high number. He will take them all into account in the up-coming hearings where they relate to soundness. The hearings will be held within the Hawksworth Hall Room of STEAM - Museum of the Great Western Railway. Those which directly affect South Marston are as follows but are subject to altera on. Any updated schedule will be available on the Council's web site. 7th May 09.30-13.00: Distribu on of Housing Development (Issue 5) 9th May 09.30-13.00: New Communi es: Eastern Villages, including Rowborough and South Marston Village Expansion (Issue 11E) 9th May 14.00-17.30: Rural SeBlements: South Marston Village (Issue 12A) 15th May 09.30-17.30: Flood Risk (Issue 16) 20th May 09.30-17.30: Infrastructure Delivery (including hospitals and schools) Transport (Issues 17 and 18) Those wishing to par cipate in the discussion at a hearing session will already have booked a place. However, everyone is welcome to aBend the sessions as an observer. Sylvia Brown is represen ng SMPC at the above sessions where the discussion will concentrate on South Marston as put forward in the Local Plan. It’s fair to say that the Local Plan is a strategic document and the examina on will be concentra ng on the principle and level of development within South Marston rather than the specific details. The Inspector’s report will certainly be focussing on the soundness brief rather the specific details of 'what’s going where' etc in the village. The same principle would apply to any Site Visit but ul mately how detailed discussions get are a maBer for the Inspector to manage as he deems appropriate. SMPC supports the dra3 Plan policies and in discussions will be keen to explain and defend their stance. It is crucial that Mr Fox is aware of everyone's views but no further representa ons can be made at this point as the deadline was 1st April. No representa ons can be made a3er the briefings. His conclusions will form a report to be published in the summer. The Local Plan will then either go forward to the next stage, or not, or require some minor or significant amendments. Last week I aBended SMRA's Annual General Mee ng. Living next door to the Rec I see the me and the energy dedicated to its upkeep. Children from the village and beyond love the swings, etc and the footballers get to play on ground that is properly prepared. SMRA's accounts show that the Rec generates income in excess of its outgoings with the balance subsidising the village hall. The Groundsmen are out there at all hours and in all weathers ensuring the Rec is a safe place to play. Aren't volunteers wonderful! Anne Featherstone, Stonecro&, South Marston
  21. 21. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 21
  22. 22. 22 http://southmarston.org.uk For Sale or Wanted…. 5 Bar gate and 5 bar pass gate with fittings - £75 ono Contact: Mandy on 07796 207336 Job lots of handbags, cushion covers and lampshades - from £10 Ideal for market stall or car boot. Contact: Neil on 686516 To advertise here, email towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk £2.50 per advert
  23. 23. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 23 SOUTH MARSTON VILLAGE HALL HIRE CHARGES All enquiries and to make a booking please contact Rachel Case http://southmarston.org.uk/village-hall-bookings/ or email: smra@sky.com tel: 01793 627975 / 07545 923021 Refundable deposit also applies for all one off bookings Please see website for further details. Terms and Conditions apply. Local Village Organisation £5.00 per hour Non-Local Organisation £8.00 per hour Parish Council £8.50 per hour REGULAR HIRE COST ONE-OFF BOOKINGS e.g. Children's Party, Family Party, Christenings etc COST Village Resident Non-Resident Morning Session 08:30 – 13:30 £20.00 £25.00 Afternoon Session 13:30 – 18:30 £25.00 £30.00 Evening Session 18:30 – 23:30 £30.00 £35.00 Send your contribu ons for our next issue to towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk by Friday, 20th April 2014
  24. 24. 24 http://southmarston.org.uk HOME TUTORING Fully qualified primary teacher offering home tutoring at competitive prices Maths from KS1 to GCSE (£25 - £30 / hour) Literacy KS1 and KS2 (£25 / hour) Full CRB certificate Kirsty Feline BSc (Mathematics) PGCE Tel: 07855 099086 kirstyfeline@hotmail.com
  25. 25. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 25 All prices exclude VAT (where applicable) and are valid for 30 days from issue of this schedule Invoices will be issued electronically and are payable prior to publication The South Marston Tower & Tap is a popular publica on, published monthly with a double issue in Dec/Jan and Jul/Aug. It is distributed by hand to 375 homes in South Marston with a poten al readership in excess of 700. It is also published on our website increasing its reach beyond householders. Note: the dimensions above are based on B5 size pages. (164mmx 235mm) Your advertisement should be sent to towerandtapadvertising@southmarston.org.uk in an electronic format ie .jpeg or .png or .pdf Please send any logos or picture files in a separate file. Failure to send your files by 12th of the Month will delay publication Please send all advertisements to towerandtapadvertising@southmarston.org.uk By the 12th of the month before the publication you require Black and White Colour (for back page or inside cover) For a one off ad: £27.50 full page £16.50 half page £8.80 quarter page. For one year (10 issues) £82.50 full page £49.50 half page £27.50 quarter page For a one off ad £35.00 full page £20.00 half page £10.00 quarter page For one year (10 Issues) £100.00 full page £65.00 half page £35.00 quarter page Tower & Tap Advertising Rates 2014
  26. 26. 26 http://southmarston.org.uk Parish Council Chair Stuart Young T 828775 Parish Council Vice Chair Sylvia Brown T 823535 Clerk to the Parish Council Amanda Burchell T 01793 686150 SMRA Chair Angie Newton T 832034 SMRA Secretary Julie Hatherall T 07857 310624 Village Hall Bookings Rachel Case T 627975 Football Field Bookings Chris Maull T 824505 Tots & Toddlers Ryan Turner T 07568 065924 Youth Club Julie & Steve T 07923 441296 Gardening Club Mike New T 827807 Friendly Club Brian McGlone T 826243 Spitfires Football Club Bev Maull T 824505 South Marston School Luke Madison T 823379 Pre–School Pre-School Staff T 07847 590601 Saplings Children’s Centre (All Sorts) T 829996 Ward Councillors Russell Holland T 07999 566623 John Haines T 07901 534640 Colin Lovell T 321634 Member of Parliament Justin Tomlinson T 522123 Priest in Charge Vicky Fleming T 827021 Church Wardens Richard Sansum T 831473 Tina Hiscocks T 832884 Website Donald Jones T 823035 Tower and Tap Amanda Burchell T 01793 686150 Useful Contacts
  27. 27. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 27
  28. 28. 28 http://southmarston.org.uk