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Tower and Tap parish magazine for South Marston, Wiltshire

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130515 tower and tap october 2013 pdf

  1. 1. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk TOWER & TAPTOWER & TAPTOWER & TAPTOWER & TAP October 2013 SOUTH MARSTON’S COMMUNITY NEWSLETTER South Marston Summer Fete 2013 WOW! What a great contrast this year’s Fete was to last year’s! The fine weather brought hundreds along to the village’s recrea on field on Saturday 13th of July to soak up the sun and enjoy a tradi onal summer fete. There were a host of stalls run by local organisa ons, businesses and residents, offering everything from cakes to pot plants. Children enjoyed ac vi es including the coconut shy and a bouncy castle. There was also live music from local bands including the Highworth Silver Band, and our very own team of Morris Dancers! The Fete is solely organised as a way to raise funds to maintain the recrea onal field and all monies raised are given to the SMRA, this year we raised a staggering £1154.00. It also is a means for our local organisa ons such as the Gardening Club, Friendly Club, SMRA, Youth Club, School and Church to raise funds for their clubs so between them all the overall total made from the day was an amazing £2158.00. So a big thank you to everyone who came out and supported your local community! We would like also to thank our sponsors who kindly donate their money and services in order for us to be able to organise the Fete, they are; ● Yuassa Ba eries ● Mitchy Motors ● Young European ● The Works ● ● Swindon Town Football Club ● Hills ● Incep"on ● Conway and Laker ● Huge thanks to you all who volunteered your help before the day, pu:ng up the marquees, helping on the day and then with the clearing up a<erwards, whether big or small your help was invaluable so thank you for making the fete a great success and enjoyed by so many. The lucky winning programme winners were:- 1st prize - 82 2nd prize - 158 3rd prize - 575 To claim your prize please contact Rachel Case on 832719 or email smra@sky.com
  2. 2. 2 http://southmarston.org.uk
  3. 3. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 3 Dear Friends, Harvest 2013 I remember my grandmother always used to say 'if you don't know what to pray just say thank you.' Giving thanks recognises that our achievements are not fully our own, that there may be many others that play a part in everything we have, and how easy it is to forget the part of others in our lives? It's so easy to feel sa sfied with life when we look at all the things we have around us. Thanksgiving as a spiritual prac ce reminds us that all our gi<s are communal as well individual. Our crea vity and freedom, our ability to choose the good have their origins in forces larger than ourselves; God, this earth, and people who have guided, protected, inspired, and nurtured us. It's very difficult these days to give thanks for something we take for granted - the food on our plates. Yet at this me of Harvest it’s tradi onal to do this. But we have abundance, food in our cupboards and freezers, the 'just in case' and the 'treats'. The ability to have the food we want when we want it regardless of how far it has to travel and how many livelihoods have been affected producing it and ge:ng to our supermarkets shelves. So this may be a wonderful me of year to reflect on our good fortunes, if giving thanks is about communal gi<s as well as individual ones, could we buy less air freighted food to save our world from more pollu on? Could we buy a fair traded product instead of a big brand to support the livelihood of those who may be producing food at a personal cost to themselves? Could you give thanks for the wonderful foods we have before us? All this makes us more aware of all the good things around us There was a lady in my previous church; she died last year aged 90. She said every me she walked down the road she gave thanks for all she saw and everything she had in her life. She had heart disease and arthri s, yet she said she never ran out of things to be thankful for. Her simple prac ce of giving thanks shaped how she lived her life, faced ageing, and related to others. Thank you can be said over and over again not just to God for the gi<s of this day, but to everyone whose life affects yours. Such gra tude opens us to new blessings, but more importantly opens our hands to bless others, through a kind word as well as our me and gi<s. Helen Baber Curate
  4. 4. 4 http://southmarston.org.uk Church News Craft Company. We meet again at Dryden House, Mary Cooper’s home, on Wednesday 9th October at 2pm. If you love crafting, then come and join us for inspiration and encouragement as well as good company! For more details, please contact Mary on 823530. The Rosemary Service Sunday 3rd November at 6.15pm at St. Margaret’s Church, Stratton A time to remember and give thanks by lighting a candle for those who have died. Celebrating Harvest 11am Sunday, 6th October at South Marston Church11am Sunday, 6th October at South Marston Church11am Sunday, 6th October at South Marston Church11am Sunday, 6th October at South Marston Church A Service for all agesA Service for all agesA Service for all agesA Service for all ages A warm and happy welcome awaits you. There is a Stratton Team Ministry Lunch at St. Margaret’s Centre, Stratton following the service - if you would like to come please obtain a ticket from Vicky. Saturday Scene for young familiesSaturday Scene for young familiesSaturday Scene for young familiesSaturday Scene for young families Is onIs onIs onIs on 12th October in the Village Hall12th October in the Village Hall12th October in the Village Hall12th October in the Village Hall 4pm to 5.15pm4pm to 5.15pm4pm to 5.15pm4pm to 5.15pm Contact Donald Page on 825693 From the Registers: Wedding 14th September Daniel Parry and Amy Robins Weddings and Baptisms If you would like to book either a wedding or a baptism at South Marston Church you need to contact Rev. Vicky Fleming as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Bookings are already being taken for 2014/15 and the baptism diary is very full for this year.
  5. 5. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 5 The Meeting Point Coffee morning with table top sales (All the tables have been taken this month - please book early for November December is fully booked ) Its our 5th birthday and the drinks are on us! Come and celebrate with us Saturday 12th October from 9.30 –12 noon in the Village Hall South Marston Church Serving the Community We look forward to seeing you When you are thinking about Christmas gifts, don’t forget that South Marston Church Tea towels are for sale £3.50 or 2 for £6 - contact Vicky Fleming . Mobile Library - Routes & Times Arrives Departs Place Area 12.55 13.05 South Marston Bungalows Right side of road near bus stop 13.10 13.20 South Marston Carriers Arms Outside Carriers Arms Public House The mobile library has full access for disabled people. Dates: October 4th and 18th; November 1st, 15th and 29th
  6. 6. 6 http://southmarston.org.uk 6th October 11.00am South Marston Family Service Harvest 13th October 9.30am South Marston Holy Communion 20th October 11.00am Coleview Team Service 27th October 8.00am South Marston Holy Communion 3rd November 11.00am South Marston Family Service 10th November 10.00am South Marston Remembrance Service 17th November 10.00am St Margaret’s Team Service 24th November 8.00am South Marston Holy Communion Church Services for South Marston South Marston Church is part of the StraIon Team Ministry. The office is located at St. Margaret’s Centre, Kenwin Close, StraIon St. Margaret. It is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8.30am to 12 noon. Email: stmargaretsoffice@ scali.co.uk or Tel: 826505 If you would like to talk to a priest or book a Christening or Wedding please contact Rev Vicky Fleming on 827021 between 6 and 7pm any evening except Fridays or Sundays Members of the team: Priest in Charge Rev. Vicky Fleming 827021 Asst. Priest Rev. George Fleming 827021 Lay Minister Mr Dan Read 763016
  7. 7. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 7 South Marston Enterprise (SME) Group The SME group is for people in the village who own or run businesses, or have a general interest in business. We have a topic for each meeting followed by a social chat over wine and nibbles. We had a great time at our first meeting after the summer break. The topic was 'Gadgets and IT and how we use them’. We talked about our favourite Apps, gadgets, Ipads, Iphones, laptops and TVs. We discussed how technology inno- vations sometimes seemed to merge only to split again. It was interesting to see how society (well, our South Marston bubble of socie- ty!) is changing in the way we access data, information, entertainment or do our work. This was followed by a general discussion about topics for future meetings and sharing useful information. The next meeting is on Thursday, 3rd October If you would like to join the SME Group please contact Hazel Andrews on 01793 827507 or by e-mail at Hazel@acuhome.co.uk Send your contribu ons for our next issue to towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk by the 19th October 2013
  8. 8. 8 http://southmarston.org.uk South Marston Allotments The last week of August proved to be a busy one with the last few new allotments being taken up by tenants. This means that the Parish Council now rents out 51 allotments in the village. Beside tenants from the village, we also enjoy the company of Allotmenteers from Blunsdon, Highworth, StraIon, Old Town and Peatmoor. All are aIracted to this peaceful corner of our village in order to indulge in digging and weeding and the literal ‘fruits’ of their labour! If you would like to become an allotment tenant, please email the Parish Clerk, Amanda Burchell, on 07804 225571 or clerksmpc@southmarston.org.uk. We only have a small wai ng list at this me. CAN YOU SPARE A FEW HOURS?CAN YOU SPARE A FEW HOURS?CAN YOU SPARE A FEW HOURS?CAN YOU SPARE A FEW HOURS? We are going to clear up the rubbish/composting area on Friday, September 27th from 9.30 am We will be using machinery to move the heavy waste but need some hands-on help for some of the tasks. Contact Barry on 826697 if you can help (barry.thunder@southmarston.org.uk)
  9. 9. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 9 The F & E Harris Memorial Trust Annual Outing This year’s outing is on Friday, 29th November to ‘A Victorian Festival of Christmas’ held at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for senior citizens resident in South Marston. You will also have free entry to the historic attractions in the dockyard (for example, the Mary Rose Museum). The coach will leave near the school at 9.00am. Arrival back at South Marston will be approximately 6.00pm The closing date for reservations is 7th November 21013 Please do not miss this date To reserve your place, please contact Mary Cooper on 823530 Christmas Hampers The F & E Harris Memorial Trust invites South Marston Village residents who have reached the age of 60 years for ladies and 65 years of age for gentlemen by the 25th December 2013 to register with the Trust to receive a Christmas Hamper if they do not currently receive one. The closing date for registration for this year is 28th October 2013 Contact Mary Cooper (823530) or Terry Sansum (823684) for registration or queries Christmas Hampers - new qualification criteria From 1st April 2016, the following changes will apply: To qualify for a Christmas Hamper the recipient is required to have been in permanent residency in South Marston for a period of 3 years prior to submission of registration. All new applicants must be 65 years of age on 24th December 2016 to be eligible to register. All new and existing applicants must be 66 years of age or over on the 1st January 2019 to be eligible to register.
  10. 10. 10 http://southmarston.org.uk South Marston Parish Council Update September 2013 Detailed below are some of the ac vi es in which the Parish Council par cipated during the month. For more details, please visit www.southmarston.org.uk and click on the ‘Parish Council’ area or contact the Parish Clerk on 07804 225571 or clerksmpc@southmarston.org.uk • Mee"ng with AEE Renewables to discuss the installa"on of the new solar farm at Sevor Farm, Nigh"ngale Lane, South Marston There will be significant road works carried out over the next few weeks in the village due to the cabling for the new solar farm. The Parish Council are working with AEE Renewables and Honda to establish the best cabling routes to try to keep the disrup"on to a minimum. Updates will be posted on the South Marston website. • Yew Tree Development: Consulta"on with Swindon Borough Council and the Developers • Progressing a 20mph zone for the centre of the village Following feedback from the Village Consulta"on Event on the 23rd July 2013 • Mee"ng with the Bodleian Storage Facility To progress the plan"ng scheme which was detailed in their original planning applica"on • Presenta"on by RPS Group (representa"ves of Gleesons Developments) To discuss the Hub Business Park Development, south of the A420 • A endance of the Swindon Area Commi ee Regarding the Parish Precept; rural broadband; local plan examina"on; review of the Parish Charter • Allotments and Conserva"on site An oak post, carved by Adam King, has been installed at the St Julian’s Woodland and is a quiet place to remember Malcolm Phillips, a village resident and commi6ed Parish Councillor, who sadly died last year. The erec"on of the post was organised by Barry Thunder, one of Malcolm’s friends and colleagues on the Parish Council. The carving on the post is of a green woodpecker, and will be surrounded by English blue bells and wild daffodils. Malcolm’s wife, Sue, and his family will be plan"ng some trees to act as a backdrop to the post.
  11. 11. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 11 Parish Council Meetings Next Meeting—15th October 2013 Members of the public are welcome to aIend Parish Council mee ngs which are held at 7.30pm in the Village Hall. There is an “Open 10 Minutes” sec on at the start of the mee ng where you are invited to ask ques ons or discuss an agenda item. It would be helpful if you could inform the Chairman at the start of the mee ng of any items that you wish to raise or discuss. All agendas are published on the village website and on the village no ce boards, prior to the mee ngs. To keep informed of all the latest Parish Council news, including minutes of Parish Council meetings, please visit www.southmarston.org.uk and click on the ‘Parish Council’ section Parish Councillor Vacancies South Marston Parish Council currently has two vacancies If you would like to know more about becoming a Parish Councillor and would be interested in joining the team, please contact the Parish Clerk via email: clerksmpc@southmarston.org.uk or call 07804 225571for more information
  12. 12. 12 http://southmarston.org.uk Gardening Club R_]_nt Ev_nts On Monday 2nd September many of us learned of an ancient wood living amid the many houses in the Sevenfields area of Swindon. Marilyn Beale talked on how the wood and surrounding fields were saved from development because of their history. She talked of the many surprising species the fields, hedgerows and wood contained. Futur_ Ev_nts Our next mee ng will be on Monday 7th October at 7:30pm with a talk by Iris Smith en tled, "Herbs and their uses." For further informa"on about the Gardening Club, please contact Mike on 827807 or Arthur on 832663 Exhibition at Lydiard Park until November Prisoner of War Hospital Camp at Lydiard Park It may be popular for picnics and walks, but Lydiard Park had an en rely different use more than 60 years ago. The Swindon Borough Council-owned stately home and park was requisi oned by the military during the Second World War and in the late 1940s it housed a German Prisoner of War hospital camp. A new display, which opened in July at Lydiard House, tells the stories of the staff, doctors, guards and prisoners in 160 Camp, through photographs, maps, diaries – even pain ngs by one of the inmates. Alongside the display, there is a fun quiz trail for children to decode secret messages. The picture shows the doctors at the Prisoner of War Hospital Camp that treated up to 200 German prisoners of war at any me.
  13. 13. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 13 Contact Ryan Turner 07568 065924
  14. 14. 14 http://southmarston.org.uk October 2013 Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun 30 1 2 3 4 5 6 Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Youth Club (8-11) 18:30-20:00 Village Hall 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 Friendly Club 14:00-16:00 Village Hall Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Craft Company Dryden House 2.00pm SMRA Meeting 19:30 -21:30 Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Wheelie Bins Mixed Plastics Green Waste Meeting Point 10:00-12:30 Village Hall Saturday Scene Village Hall 4pm - 5.15pm 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Parish Council Meeting 19:30 Village Hall Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Tower & Tap Advertising Cut Off Date Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Youth Club (8-11) 18:30-20:00 Village Hall Tower & Tap Contributions Cut Off Date 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Youth Club (12-18) 18:30-20:30 Village Hall Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Wheelie Bins Mixed Plastics Green Waste 28 29 30 31 Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms
  15. 15. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 15 November 2013 Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun 1 2 3 Quiz Night at Carriers Arms 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Wheelie Bins Mixed Plastics Green Waste Youth Club (8-11) 18:30-20:00 Village Hall 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Youth Club (12-18) 18:30-20:30 Village Hall Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Tower & Tap Contributions Cut Off Date 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Tower & Tap Advertising Cut Off Date Parish Council Meeting 19:30 Village Hall Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms Wheelie Bins Mixed Plastics Green Waste Youth Club (8-11) 18:30-20:00 Village Hall 25 26 27 28 29 30 Youth Club (12-18) 18:30-20:30 Village Hall Tots ‘n’ Toddlers 9:00-11:00 Village Hall Quiz Night at Carriers Arms
  16. 16. 16 http://southmarston.org.uk The Friendly Club R_]_nt Ev_ntsR_]_nt Ev_ntsR_]_nt Ev_ntsR_]_nt Ev_nts Tuesday 10th September – In the Village Hall: A very interes ng and informa ve talk was given by Lewis Lawton on The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. The talk went through the basic history of the Incas and the specula on of what the site was created for and how the site was found. We were also guided through the trekking route from Cusco to Machu Picchu. Futur_ Ev_ntsFutur_ Ev_ntsFutur_ Ev_ntsFutur_ Ev_nts Tuesday 8th October- In the Village Hall at 2.00pm: A talk will be given by Val Threlfall on The Secrets of the Honeymoon Suitcase. Tuesday 8th October - Harvest Lunch: Our Harvest Lunch will be held at the Blunsdon House Hotel at 12 noon. Relocation of Village Post Box As the Royal Mail received a request from the owners of the old village shop and post office, the village post box has been relocated. It is now located at the junc"on of Highworth Road and Greenfields (opposite the Carriers Arms). It has already been noted that the post box appears to be a liIle loose in its founda ons - this has been reported to the Royal Mail who are scheduling some remedial work to be carried out.
  17. 17. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 17 The Educational Fund currently has a limited amount of money available to assist with the education or training of young people. Application forms are available from Highworth Council Offices or the Lions’ Charity Shop in Newburgh Place, Highworth. RELIEF OF NEED FUND Supporting South Marston residents The Highworth United Charities Do you want to learn but can’t afford the fees? Do you need assistance? The Relief of Need Fund currently has a limited amount of money available to assist residents who are in genuine need. Application forms are available from Highworth Council Offices or the Lions’ Shop in Newburgh Place. Please note that documentary proof of need will be required before applications can be considered. EDUCATIONAL FUND Supporting Young People living in South Marston SMRA South Marston Recreation Association SEPTEMBER 100 CLUB WINNERS £30 Robina Taylor (no 9) £10 Mar n Taylor (no 91) £10 Rosemary New (no 15) £10 Jean Franklin* (no 14) £10 Jodie Woolhouse (no 84) *Mrs Franklin’s winnings will be presented to her family
  18. 18. 18 http://southmarston.org.uk What’s happening at South Marston Hotel & Spa…. The Festive Season As the nights are now drawing in we hope you will find time to visit the hotel for a warm welcome. You’re most likely aware that we’re taking bookings for the up and coming festive season. Party nights, a traditional Christmas Day lunch and our New Year Eve Party are all open for bookings so why not come along and join in the festivities with us! To get a brochure please call Kellie in events on 01793 833700 press option 2 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Bath Ales You asked for it, we got it, so for all you real ale drinkers out there we now have Bath Ales on tap in the main bar - you see, we do listen! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Halloween Family Disco I am sure your children or grandchildren will be looking to celebrate Halloween this year, doing trick or treat throughout the village. Afterwards why not come along and join in our Halloween Family Disco here at the hotel on Thursday 31st October 2013 from 6.30pm-10.30pm. Tickets are available from our leisure reception and will be charged at £5.00 per adult and £3.00 per child. Tickets will be on sale from the 1st October 2013 and the price includes a Halloween Cocktail for everyone. Our Chef is preparing pulled pork sandwich rolls served with apple sauce, gravy and stuffing, there will also be games with spooky prizes throughout the evening which is hosted by our resident Monster Masher DJ. Why not spend a few pennies treating the kids, or yourself to a selection of spooky themed pick and mix from our Halloween Sweetie Cart. Candy floss and toffee apples will also be available for the children to buy. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
  19. 19. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 19 Vacancies Finally, I am looking for an experienced someone to join the team to do some painting and decorating projects around the hotel over the next few months on a casual/temporary basis. This may suit a retired or semiretired individual who is looking for something to keep them busy. I’m also looking for experienced bar and waiting staff for the Christmas Party Season, Anyone interested, please contact Steve Goulding on 01793 833700 for an application form The Mercure South Marston Hotel and Spa, Old Vicarage Lane, South Marston, SN3 4SH www.southmarstonhotel.com October 2013 • Saturday 5th - Taunton Town (FA Trophy), 3:00pm • Wednesday 16th - North Leigh (Red Insure Cup - Southern League), 7:45pm • Saturday 26th - Tiverton Town, 3:00pm November 2013 • Saturday 2nd - Yate Town, 3:00pm • Saturday 16th - Cinderford Town, 3:00pm Swindon Supermarine Fixtures The Webbs Wood Stadium, Supermarine Road, South Marston, Swindon, SN3 4SY W: swindonsupermarinefc.com E: supermarinefc@aol.com T: 01793 828778
  20. 20. 20 http://southmarston.org.uk
  21. 21. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 21 Neighbourhood Watch Update There have been three car break-ins at beauty spots in the last week: Lechlade Riverside Park, Nigh ngale Woods and Stanton Fitzwarren Park. There have also been reports of people trying car doors in South Marston village and a plumbers work van was broken into on the 5th September in Greenfields. ⇒ Please do not leave any valuables on display in your vehicle ⇒ Remove satellite naviga on systems and their holders and clean the imprint of it from the window ⇒ Leave the glove box open to show there is nothing in it ⇒ Don’t leave small change in view Please be vigilant in these areas - call 101 if you feel anyone is ac ng suspiciously. Details of their car and index number are always helpful! Buy with Confidence Trading Standards Approved In response to concerns about 'rogue traders' which are o<en highlighted in the media, a partnership of Local Authority Trading Standards Services have taken a ground-breaking step by pu:ng together the Buy With Confidence Scheme. Swindon Borough Council have recently joined the scheme which provides consumers with a list of local businesses which have given their commitment to trading fairly. Every business listed has undergone a series of detailed checks before being approved as a member of the scheme. In order to become a Buy with Confidence member, a business must first apply or be recommended to join the scheme and must then pass a set of tailored background checks. Membership of the scheme is not given lightly - amongst other checks, each applicant will have their complaints history reviewed and will receive a visit from Trading Standards. Good references are required from previous customers and applicants must agree to abide by the scheme’s code of conduct, which requires them to follow the leIer and spirit of the law. Only if all the scheme requirements are met will a business be granted membership and their conduct will con nue to be monitored therea<er. ‘Buy with Confidence’ cannot promise that members’ work will be perfect every me, but you can expect any problems to be dealt with fairly by the business and you can turn to Trading Standards for advice in the event of an unresolved issue. If you are a business who would like to join the scheme or a consumer who is looking for a ve ed and approved member visit www.buywithconfidence.gov.uk
  22. 22. 22 http://southmarston.org.uk South Marston School News Our village school recently has begun a new year - here is some info on the changes CLASS 1 Class 1 have a new teacher this year – Miss Miller. She says she loves the staff she is working with, the children she is teaching and the new space Class 1 have. What used to be the ICT suite and pre-school is now Class 1’s area. Pre- school have Class 1’s old area. CLASS 2 Class 2 have a new teacher as well - Miss Jarvis. She said she loves the woodland walks and her enthusias c and friendly class. Class 2 also has a new outside area. This has changed Class 2 forever! CLASS 3 Class 3’s new teacher, called Mr Saunders, loves the friendly and welcoming class he works in, how well everyone has seIled in and how keen everyone is to learn. Mr Saunders runs Tiger Kung Fu. This club filled up very quickly, so many people didn’t get in. Mr Saunders says he is extremely pleased with this achievement. CLASS 4 Class 4’s teachers, Mrs Hendry and Mrs Doughty, have not changed classes, but their topic has! It’s ‘Chocolate’, the perfect topic for any pupil! Class 4’s topic involves tas ng, tes ng, researching and wri ng. Class 4 are very excited about the new laptops the school purchased over summer, meaning we have one per pupil in lessons, which is brilliant. Quote from Mr Maddison…. I am looking forward to leading South Marston School into a new school year. School has been really busy over the holidays; we now have a newly refurbished founda on stage and a complete upgrade of our computer equipment. I know both children and staff will benefit hugely from this. We welcome Miss Miller, who is our head of our Founda on stage, as well as teaching in Class 1 and also Mr Saunders who is teaching years 3/4. I know we have an exci ng year ahead of us and I look forward to ge:ng to know our new Recep on and pre-school children who have just joined us. Report by Rhiannon Donald and Ka"e Mann (Class 4)
  23. 23. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 23 SOUTH MARSTON VILLAGE HALL HIRE CHARGES All enquiries and to make a booking please contact Rachel Case http://southmarston.org.uk/village-hall-bookings/ or email: smra@sky.com tel: 01793 832719 / 07545 923021 Refundable deposit also applies for all one off bookings Please see website for further details. Terms and Conditions apply. Local Village Organisation £5.00 per hour Non-Local Organisation £8.00 per hour Parish Council £8.50 per hour REGULAR HIRE COST ONE-OFF BOOKINGS e.g. Childrens Party, Family Party, Christenings etc COST Morning Session 08:30 – 13:30 £20.00 £25.00 Afternoon Session 13:30 – 18:30 £25.00 £30.00 Evening Session 18:30 – 23:30 £30.00 £35.00 Swindon Older Peoples Forum Next Open Meeting and 2013 AGM on TUESDAY 22 OCTOBER (2.45pm – 5.00pm) Broadgreen Centre, Salisbury Street, Swindon SN1 2AN There will be a number stalls providing advice and information, plus updates on developments within Swindon and the South West To register interest, or for more information e-mail: dave.abrown@btinternet.com or Tel:01793 612037
  24. 24. 24 http://southmarston.org.uk HOME TUTORING Fully qualified primary teacher offering home tutoring at competitive prices Maths from KS1 to GCSE (£25 - £30 / hour) Literacy KS1 and KS2 (£25 / hour) Full CRB certificate Kirsty Feline BSc (Mathematics) PGCE Tel: 07855 099086 kirstyfeline@hotmail.com
  25. 25. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 25 All prices exclude VAT (where applicable) and are valid for 30 days from issue of this schedule Invoices will be issued electronically and are payable prior to publication The South Marston Tower & Tap is a popular publica on, published monthly with a double issue in Dec/Jan and Jul/Aug. It is distributed by hand to 375 homes in South Marston with a poten al readership in excess of 700. It is also published on our website increasing its reach beyond householders. Note: the dimensions above are based on B5 size pages. (164mmx 235mm) Your advertisement should be sent to towerandtapadvertising@southmarston.org.uk in an electronic format ie .jpeg or .png or .pdf Please send any logos or picture files in a separate file. Failure to send your files by 12th of the Month will delay publication Please send all advertisements to towerandtapadvertising@southmarston.org.uk By the 12th of the month before the publication you require Black and White Colour (for back page or inside cover) For a one off ad: £27.50 full page £16.50 half page £8.80 quarter page. For one year (10 issues) £82.50 full page £49.50 half page £27.50 quarter page For a one off ad £35.00 full page £20.00 half page £10.00 quarter page For one year (10 Issues) £100.00 full page £65.00 half page £35.00 quarter page Tower & Tap Advertising Rates 2013
  26. 26. 26 http://southmarston.org.uk Parish Council Chair Stuart Young T 828775 Parish Council Vice Chair Sylvia Brown T 823535 Clerk to the Parish Council Amanda Burchell T 07804 225571 SMRA Chair Angie Newton T 832034 SMRA Secretary Julie Hatherall T 07857 310624 Village Hall Bookings Rachel Case T 832719 Football Field Bookings Chris Maull T 824505 Tots & Toddlers Ryan Turner T 07568 065924 Youth Club Julie & Steve T 07923 441296 Gardening Club Mike New T 827807 Friendly Club Brian McGlone T 826243 Spitfires Football Club Bev Maull T 824505 South Marston School Luke Madison T 823379 Pre–School Pre-School Staff T 07847 590601 Saplings Children’s Centre (All Sorts) T 829996 Ward Councillors Russell Holland T 07999 566623 John Haines T 07901 534640 Colin Lovell T 321634 Member of Parliament Justin Tomlinson T 522123 Priest in Charge Vicky Fleming T 827021 Church Wardens Richard Sansum T 831473 Tina Hiscocks T 832884 Website Donald Jones T 823035 Tower and Tap Amanda Burchell T 07804 225571 Useful Contacts
  27. 27. towerandtap@southmarston.org.uk 27
  28. 28. 28 http://southmarston.org.uk