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The fast growth of consumer adoption of mobile and social channels has changed how we make decisions, brands need to develop cohesive digital strategies and then integrate with traditional channels ...

The fast growth of consumer adoption of mobile and social channels has changed how we make decisions, brands need to develop cohesive digital strategies and then integrate with traditional channels to deliver true personalisation.



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  • Digital – web, social and mobile in next 3-5 years will include personal TV Today I will focus on what and why of social and mobile and a little of the how
  • We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how WELL we do it. Erik Qualman May 2010 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFZ0z5Fm-Ng&feature=related 18. Mai 2011 | Title of Presentation
  • GenY – Internet generation – millennial – 21 -35- Gen Z – 1-20 – ubiquitous internet Gen A - 2010 onwards - babies
  • The average age of Linked in users is 44 facebook is 38 and the fastest growing segment on facebook is over 45s The average age of Facebook participants is 38.
  • 18 days - But these tools did speed up the process by helping to organize the revolutionaries, transmit their message to the world and galvanize international support. “ In the same way that pamphlets didn’t cause the American Revolution, social media didn’t cause the Egyptian revolution,” said Sascha Meinrath, director of the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Initiative. “Social media have become the pamphlets of the 21st century, a way that people who are frustrated with the status quo can organize themselves and coordinate protest, and in the case of Egypt, revolution.” Successful revolutions are born in the streets. What has shocked most observers of the Egyptian scene is the sheer speed with which the regime fell — 18 days. And that’s where modern communications technology has had the most potent impact.
  • 36% UK mobile users have a Smartphone - Strategy analytics - Oct 2010 Smartphone sales overtake PC in Jan 2011, forecasts were 2012. Morgan Stanley - nov 2010 UK stats: 36% - 11 million Brits that social network on the go. (16% say they access social networks daily. 41% don't currently social network from their phone but claimed they are interested in doing so. 31% of UK mobile phone owners download apps to their handset 29% watch social video on their phone 26% download games. 36% of handset owners said the content and apps supported by the phone were 'important' when it came to choosing a phone, while 45 percent claim 'design' is also important when selecting a handset.
  • Sales from mobile in 2010 over $1bn PayPal mobile transactions 2010 $500m
  • Mobile is not just mobile handsets – also tablets Globally mobile payments are forecasted to quadruple from$170bn in 2010 to $630bn in 2014 – juniper research
  • Source: Google March 2011 Also quote that 60% of all time spent on mobile internet is on social networking sites
  • Analyse: Enterprise Search, Modeling & Segmentation, Human Analysis, CPM, Multichannel Campaign, Predictive Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Paper, Data/MDM, ECM/CRM/SCM, WCM, Web Analytics, Market info, Social Networks Capture Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, R&D, Manufacturing, Service Delivery, Operations Apply Insight DM & Catalogue Contact Centre Corporate Website In-Store Email Smartphone Social Media Transactional Sys Collaborative Apps Business Apps

Adobe Digitalevent V2.0final Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Elaine Doherty Our behaviour as well as how we make decisions has changed
  • 2. Digital is changing everything Leisure Travel Shopping Social Love Work
  • 3. Social Social media revolution
  • 4. What is social media?
      • Social media uses Internet and web-based technologies to transform broadcast media monologues into social media dialogues
      • Wikipedia
      • Blank:
  • 5. Drivers Maslow - needs Generational Mobile Web 2.0 People power Cloud
  • 6. It’s not just Gen Y……………………….
      • Largest growing segments
      • on facebook over 45’s
  • 7. Did social media cause the revolution? Did the social web cause the revolution? Revolution 2.0 Wael Ghonim, Egypt.
  • 8. Fisk-a-teers Fisk-a-teers community, significantly reduced Fiskars’ advertising expenses, generates 13 new product ideas a month, and increased sales 300% — all for a 360 year-old brand Ford Ford came the Explorer on Facebook. There were clues left around various social media profiles and the big reveal was live streamed on Facebook as well as being picked up by pretty much every single blog around. Dominos Dominos launched a campaign last year that showed their willingness to reward their most loyal fans. Their ‘superfans’ application gave those biggest supporters on their page special promotional codes for offers. It showed they wanted to reward their most loyal customers through a social application Some real examples........
      • 90% friends, 70% consumer posted recommendation
        • (Nielsen July 2009: 25K consumers 50 countries)
    Fiskars Ford Dominos
  • 9. Customer engagement Can social media deliver benefits?
      • The most engaged brands on social media experienced revenue growth in 2009 of 18%, whilst the least engaged brands experienced losses of 6% over the same period.
      • Business Week top 100 brands – June 2010
    1 2 3 4 5 6 1 Trust build trust through education and engagement 2 Build brand Understand true brand perception Deliver upon brand 3 Customer Service Engage directly with upset customers 4 Revenue Promote and sell products ad services directly or through advocates 5 Campaigns Launch Monitor traditional 6 Innovation Engage customers in product and service development
  • 10. How and where to engage? Public social networks Facebook Twitter Branded & Social CRM Specific networks/forums Martin’s money matters Mums.net
  • 11. Mobile Revolution
  • 12. of all tweets are mobile 40% all Tweets are Mobile Source: Twitter March 2011
  • 13. 23% of all the time accessing the web is done through mobile Source: Google March 2011
  • 14. On On sale is made every second on mobile Source: EBay April 2011
  • 15. Mobile – the opportunity M commerce Purchasing: 51% consumers made mobile purchase within last 3 months Location 34% of mobile shoppers clicked an ad in response to location specific message Coupons Users in the UK are searching for coupons +800% YoY Sources: Mobile commerce daily: 34% - February 51% March 2011 and 800% Google March 2011
  • 16. M commerce - real examples Tesco 1/3rd UK shoppers engaged in m-commerce Xmas 2010 Paddy Power 19% all bets through mobile House of Fraser 600% growth in mobile sales since June 2010
  • 17. 50% of mobile internet users start with a search +400% YoY growth Source: Google March 2011
  • 18. 125 Years of Angry Birds is played... … .every single day Source: Rovio Feb 2011
  • 19. Digital impact upon customer buying process
  • 20. Customer buying process No. Customer Buying Process Social media
  • 21. Mass marketing is not a successful long term strategy Web, mobile and social are channels not part of campaigns Cohesive multichannel and digital strategies are required Analytics, campaign management and profiling key to deliver consumers a consistent online and offline
  • 22. Strategy Framework Design People, process, technology roadmaps Tactics Current state, detailed objectives, Policy, measurement and monitoring tools, blueprint, governance model Strategy Set clear direction and scope 1, 3 & 5 years: to meet growth targets. Needs of customers & fulfil stakeholder expectations Vision Simply articulate how the digital strategy will support the organisation achieving overall business growth objectives Team Marketing & IT, exec sponsor, stakeholders, user group and straw man budget
  • 23. Personalisation and Insight
  • 24. Multichannel integration - Personalisation E - In store Mobile Other Retail (catalogue) Services (campaign, SEO, Profiling, advertising) Call Centre E - Direct Marketing (mailing, TV) Social Media Engagement Channels Channels Web E-Commerce In Store Web and E Commerce Engagement Channels
  • 25. Channel integration challenges
        • Marketers grappling with technology
        • and It grappling with customer engagement and marketing
        • Fast moving and competitive arena
        • Changing technologies and versions
        • Siloed systems and lack of real – time data as well as corporate structure
        • Consumers ‘controlling’
        • the brand
        • Multiple new channels
    2 3 4 1 7 6
        • High volumes of information and data to capture, store, manage and analyse this real time, enabling consumer personalisation and dynamic business performance to remain competitive and drive profitable business growth
    5 Some key challenges
  • 26. Analyse Capture Apply Insight Capture data from all channels plus: Partners, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, R&D, Manufacturing, Service Delivery, Operations, CRM Capture data Deliver personal experience across channels: DM & Catalogue, Contact Centre, Website, In-Store, Mobile Social Media. Transactional Sys Collaborative & business Apps Apply insight Combination of machine and human: Sentiment SEO, Web analytics, Behavioural profiling etc. Analyse Customer data to insight
  • 27. Increased revenues drives traffic; delivers targeted personalised campaigns & offers; drives loyalty & repeat spend Decrease costs maximise marketing effectiveness; reduce cost of supporting customer complaints/enquiries; reduce cost of customer acquisition & retention Product and service innovation highlights new products, markets & campaigns; gives you faster access to key customer data; turn feedback & complaints into actionable insight Are there benefits?
    • Multichannel customer experience
    • creates loyalty & a more interactive relationship to create “engaged” customers; differentiates brand
    Brand values creates an optimal & consistent customer experience; manages negative publicity and ……..‘real’ brand values
  • 28. Elaine Doherty Digital strategy consultant +44 7884 476936 [email_address] http://uk.linkedin.com/in/elainedoherty dohertye Me! Insert your own picture Thank You