Larenzo The Pig Anna


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Larenzo The Pig Anna

  1. 1. Rakin' in the Bacon Author & illustrator : Anna
  2. 2. Dedication <ul><li>I dedicate this book to Madison for letting me use Mr.Turtle in my book. We did Mr.Turtle and Buttercup stories in 2 nd grade. This story reminds me of them. </li></ul><ul><li>Double M A publishing, 2008 in Switzerland Mt. in Switzerland. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Once upon a time there was a pig named Lorenzo. Lorenzo owns a deli in Wiggles Town. Lorenzo loves working at his deli but since his friend Newton moved to China he needs to work the cash register. NEWTON COME BAAACKKKK!!!!
  4. 4. Lorenzo has a problem though; he doesn’t know how to work with money. One day Lorenzo finally gave up. “I need to hire someone that can work the cash register,” screamed Lorenzo. So that very night Lorenzo made flyers for a new job opening at the deli. The next day three people showed up at the deli. The first interview was with Alice. “Hi Alice, have you had any experience with cash registers lately?” asked Lorenzo. Alice didn’t answer. “Ummm… hello?” asked Lorenzo oddly. Again Alice didn’t’ answer. “Ummm… ok, I’ll get back to you. NEXT!” shouted Lorenzo. NEXT
  5. 5. The next interview was with Stew. “Hi have you… ummm what’s on your head?” asked Lorenzo. “I have a pet rat and I need to keep him somewhere;” replied Stew. “Well then. NEXT!” The last interview was with nobody because Stew and his rat scared her away. NEXT
  6. 6. I’ll never find anybody this I my as well just learn how to use the cash register. The next day Lorenzo didn’t open the deli and went for a walk around town. He walked to the park and sat on the fountain. A small turtle with wings came up to Lorenzo. “I have been watching you and I see that you need to learn how to use a cash register.” said the turtle. “Yeah I do need help, do you think you can help me?” asked Lorenzo.
  7. 7. The turtle agreed and the set off into town. “The first thing you need to know is what each piece of money is worth.” explained the turtle. “Let’s go to the bank and look at some money.” The clerk at the bank gave them some money and they started observing. “A quarter is equal to $.25, a nickel is equal to $.5, a dime is equal to $.10 and a penny is equal to $.1. “ Oh, wow that will come in handy at the deli, but I still need to know how to add, subtract and multiply money. “Ok let’s go to the gift store.”
  8. 8. The two new friends went to the gift store and look at the clocks. They look at clocks that were $5, $10 and $15. “Ok, Lorenzo what if we bought one of each clock. How much money would we spend.” “We would spend 10 + 5 + 15 = 30, so we would spend $30.” “That is correct you know how to add money!” The two friends bought some items and Lorenzo learned how to multiply, and subtract money! “I’m glad I learned about money because now I can go back to the deli.”
  9. 9. The very next day Lorenzo went back to the deli and started the day working the cash register. Only a few minutes later a wacky customer with wild pink hair came and ordered 3 hams 2 slabs of bacon and some ribs. The ham was $5 each so he needed to find out what 5 x 3 is, the bacon is 3.50 a slab so he needed to find out what 3.50 + 3.50 is and each rib is $0.25 and he got 5 ribs. Lorenzo knew it was going to be tough but he figured it out and the wacky customer left. “Know I can teach others math to other and maybe they will be store owners too!” I am really hungry and I want some bacon! 5 x 3 = 15 3.50 + 3.50 = 7.00 .25 x 5 = 1.25
  10. 10. THE END Lorenzo wants to show you some games that are wicked fun so click : not here not here Right here!