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Floppy\ S Party
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Floppy\ S Party


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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  • 1. Written and Illustrated By Alyssa
  • 2.
    • This book was published by The Math Book
    • Company. In Mr. Hodgson’s classroom.
    • This book is dedicated to my real rabbit,
    • Bun-bun, who is in heaven.
  • 3. Floppy is excited about her party. All of her very best friends are coming. She has all of the food prepared.
  • 4. She walks into the kitchen to check and see if all of the food is alright. Oh no! Some mice have stolen some of the food!
  • 5. If she made 24 cookies, and she has 12 left, How many did the mice steal? When she has 24 cookies again, how many cookies will Floppy and each guest get?
  • 6. 24 cookies minus 12 cookies equals 12 cookies. She needs to make 12 more cookies. If there are 24 cookies and 8 bunnies eating, 24 divided by 8 equals 3 cookies each. The bunnies will each get 3 cookies.
  • 7. Uh oh! The mice drank some of the hot cocoa! If Floppy made 8 glasses, and there are 3 left, How many glasses are left? How many glasses will each bunny get to drink?
  • 8.
    • 8 glasses of cocoa minus 3 glasses of cocoa equals 5 glasses of
    • cocoa. Floppy needs to make 5 more glasses of hot cocoa.
    • Then each bunny gets 1 glass of cocoa, because if there are 8
    • Glasses of cocoa, and 8 bunnies, then each bunny will get 1 glass.
  • 9. The cupcakes are all gone! She is very sad. Floppy made 16 cupcakes before. That means that she needs 16 now .
  • 10. She makes 16 more cupcakes. Now she figures out how many cupcakes each guest will get. 16 Cupcakes divided by 8 bunnies equals 2 cupcakes each.
  • 11. All of her friends have arrived. Bunny Bob, Tomas, and Eliza love the cookies. Greg and Suzy delight over the hot cocoa. Beth and Janet have frosting on their noses from the cupcakes. Floppy smiles. It is a great party!!!!!!!!!!!!