Curly The Blob

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  • 1. Curly The Blob Plants a Flower By Paige
  • 2. For all of those little blobs in the world that are trying to plant a flower. Written and Illustrated by Paige Published by Paige incorporated in Southampton, Massachusetts in 2008 .
  • 3. This is Curly the blob. Curly wants to sell her house so she needs to work on the current curb appeal.
  • 4. The next day Curly went outside to plant her flower seed. She covered it in soil and watered it.
  • 5. Curly checked on her flower bright in early the next morning. She saw that her flower was an inch long.
  • 6. A few days later she came back and saw her flower was two inches taller than last time. 1+2=3inches
  • 7. A week after that Curly went to check on her flower. It had quadrupled in size and had a beautiful pink flower on top. 3x4= 12inches
  • 8. Two days after that Curly went outside. She was devastated to see her flower had died and was half the size. 12÷2=6inches Or 12x1/2=6inches
  • 9. But, that didn’t stop Curly from Planting flowers!!
  • 10. The End
  • 11. Now that you’ve learned a little about equations you can play a fun game on it by clicking Curly. If you are ready for multiplication check out math playground by clicking Curly’s flower. Click on Curly’s gardens’ sign to go to learn about basic division.
  • 12. Have you ever wondered what happens when a little blob tries to plant a flower? In this story Curly shows you exactly that. You will learn about making equations with Curly. I math!