Sucker Punch: Magazine Cover Deconstruction


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Sucker Punch: Magazine Cover Deconstruction

  1. 1. Magazine Cover Deconstruction By Laura Ireland
  2. 2. TitleThe masthead of the magazine SFX is partiallycovered by the female character on the coverobscuring the reader’s view of it. However, thisindicates that the magazine is well establishedwith its readers as you can still identify with it.The title fills around ¼ of the overall magazinecover and is situated with the top 3rd of themagazine, making it easily identifiable on amagazine rack within a shop. The bold fontused is easily recognisable to viewers as itscolouring is in strong contrast with the rest ofthe magazine’s icy colour scheme.
  3. 3. Key ImageThe front cover of a film magazine is primarily used to market currentfilms with interviews, exclusive pictures and articles, SFX has chosen apicture of the lead character of ‘Baby Doll’ from the film, ‘Sucker Punch.’She is centrally positioned on the magazine taking up a largepercentage of the overall cover around 3/4. She is shown to be wearinga rather provocative costume, revealing a substantial amount of flesh,attracting the ‘male gaze’. However, her character is holding a powerfulstance and looking directly down the camera which may beintimidating to some readers. This icy gaze of hers is reflected in theoverall cold colour scheme of the cover. This also makes the audiencefocus on her persona, raising questions as to who she is and making thereader of the magazine want to find out more about her. She is clearlydisplaying a handheld gun and samurai sword which makes her appearconfident and taking on a ‘don’t mess with me’ approach.
  4. 4. The Colour SchemeThe colour scheme of the magazine isblue, white and black. This not only helps toenhance the key image of the magazine, butalso these three colours are complimentary toone another, not complicating the backgroundof the magazine. The most prominent colour isblue, acting as a canvas for the contrastingwhite fonted storylines to be clearly displayedupon.
  5. 5. Header‘THE SFX AWARDS’ written across the very top of the magazinein bold capitalized writing is eye-catching and attracts readersto the magazine who want to find out the winner and results ofthe awards. It is positioned above the magazines title indicatingits importance as it is in the top ¼ of the magazine, making itclearly visible on a shop shelf.A strip of smaller images run along the top left hand side of themagazine cover clearly showing some of the contenders for theSFX awards. There are three images in total making them morepowerful through the use of the power of three. These imagesare all framed by blue boarders in conjunction with the rest ofthe magazines colour scheme. They are also manipulated toslightly over lay one another to make them more visuallyappealing to the eye and creating a layered effect.
  6. 6. Articles and featuresTo the left of the cover we see an exclusive interviewwith Nicolas Cage as he, “hitches a ride out of hell indrive angry.” With another feature mirroring this onthe right which states, “Hello Dave! The league ofgentlemen revisited.”Running along the bottom of the magazine is anexclamatory, “PLUS!,” followed by a list of otherupcoming film releases. The big, “PLUS!“ indicatesto the reader that there is lots more inside themagazine giving it volume.
  7. 7. Issue number, date and barcodeThe issue number and date are positioned to theright of top section of the magazine cover, justunderneath a bubble of text saying, The world’snumber one sci-fi magazine.” The use of thewords, “number one” establishes it to be the besttherefore attracting readers to it. These texts arewritten in a smaller font still white in colour so theyare visible however, not as much as the larger fonts.The barcode is situated on the bottom left hand ofthe cover; possibly the least important part of thecover.
  8. 8. TitleThe masthead of this magazine, ‘Total film’ is situated in the top¼ of the magazine cover with the ‘Total’ incorporated withinthe, ‘F’ of the film. This font is the boldest of the whole magazineonce again and the white colour is vividly contrasting from thereset of the magazines colour scheme. This helps to make it eye-catching and stand out amongst its competitors on shopshelving.Most of the title’s lettering is covered to some extenttherefore, establishing the magazines strong readership as itdoes not have to be fully displayed. The title also has aincorporated, red star bordered, bubble stating, “The world bestmovie reviews,” making it clearly visible on the cover.
  9. 9. Selling lineThe selling line of this magazine is, “A ModernGuide to Movies.” This gives the impressionthat this magazine is trying to present acontemporary styled magazine. This taglinealso implies that this magazine is the most upto date in reference to their competition withrival film magazines.Written in a white capitalised font, positionedjust above the magazines masthead, it clearlytells the reader that this is a film magazine.
  10. 10. Key ImageIn contrast to the previous magazine this one has all five majorcharacters positioned on the front with the main characterplaced centrally with the other girls following behind.They once again, like the previous magazine attract the malegaze with their revealing clothing however the dark leathers andmetallic zips escape any ideas of innocence.They are all looking directly at the camera with a challengingstance holding weaponry. These powerful stances may beintimidating to the viewer but also suggest that these girls ‘meanbusiness.’ The colouring of reds, oranges and yellows are all fierycolours in conjunction with the five character. This is in contrastto the previous magazine with just the one characters against anicy background.
  11. 11. Articles and FeaturesJust below the centre of the magazine is the title‘Total Film’ with the beginning part hidden partiallyfrom view by a bold yellow bubble stating, “youressential guide to this years movies.” The particularuse of the word “essential,” makes it seem vital thatthis magazine is needed by the reader. The use ofellipses indicates to the reader that there is morecontent inside of the magazine. The mention of thesucker punch title is less obvious on this magazinein contrast to the previous one. However, there is aquote from the film’s director, Zack Snyder whostates “It’s Alice in Wonderland… with machineguns.”
  12. 12. ...In the bottom third of the magazine, there is a film reelstyled set of photos with the individual film title writtenunderneath each one.This adds to the visually appealing aspect of the cover aswell as effectively showing the reader what else they canexpect to find inside the magazine. With white writingstating, “119 more …” of these films inside, numbering isused effectively to create the illusion that this magazineis full.Underneath this is a big plus sign in the vividorange/yellow colour followed by a further listing of thefilms in the magazines content.
  13. 13. Issue number, Date and BarcodeThe date and price is positioned in the middle of theletter ‘M’ in the title, written in a small white textmaking it easily visible and perfectly clear. However,this does not make it the most important aspect onthe magazine cover. The magazine’s web address isalso positioned amongst this helping to furtherreaffirm the magazines name.The bar code is placed in the bottom right handcorner of the magazine cover: indicating it to be theleast important feature on the magazine.