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Gobi Desert
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  • 1. Gobi Desert By: Zach Savage
  • 2. Environmental Conditions
    • The Gobi is a cold desert
    • It’s 910-1,520 meters above sea level
    • On average there is 7.5 inches of rain
    • Temperature changes up to 58 °F, within 24 hours.
    • Much of the Gobi is covered with bare rock.
  • 3. Temperature Silvantse (part in China) Ulaanbaatar (part of Mongolia) Year Average 27 °F 37 °F January Average -15.7 °F 2 °F July average 63.5 °F 66 °F Extremes 100 °F and -45 °F 93 °F and -52 °F
  • 4. Humans in the Gobi
    • Humans can live in Gobi until out of resources
    • Humans can endure it, but use shelter and clothes to escape extreme cold
    • Rural lifestyles
    • Live of animals and crop
  • 5. Adaptation #1
    • Humans have adapted to cold winter.
    • During these times they have learned to keep warm
    • They keep warm by fires, clothing, and there homes
  • 6.
    • Humans adapted to living off the land
    • Food comes from animals and plants
    • Animals such as gazelles and polecats
    • Plants such as drought-adapted shrubs and needle grass and bridle grass.
    Adaptation #2
  • 7. Adaptation #3
    • Humans have adapted to the low amount of rain
    • Humans have learned to conserve there water
    • Humans have also learned to trade with others for water
  • 8. Proper Clothing
    • Summers- Regular shorts and shirt
    • Winter- Large jackets, fires, shelters, and furs of animals
    • No special equipment required to survive
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  • 10. The End