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Clip is a mobile services platform for the real-time creation and distribution of location-specific content. Please contact for more information.

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Clip mobileloyalty 2012_attachable

  1. 1. Clip MobileMobile Coupon and Loyalty Platform mobile Copyright 2011, Clip Mobile Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. What is Clip?Mobile Couponing for Canadian Consumers Clip is Canada’s largest location based coupon network. Since launching in January 2010, Clip has been downloaded over 25,000 times and served hundreds of thousands of coupon impressions to mobile users across Canada. We work with over 175 merchants at over 800 locations across Canada. . Our technology platform is comprised of native mobile apps on all three major platforms and a web-based How does it work? Coupon Management System for merchants to create, manage and Have some leftover stock you want to clear out or a few extra spaces analyze promotional and loyalty for your lunch seating or yoga class? campaigns in real time. Log-on to the Clip CMS and instantly Our rock star team of technologists create and publish an o er or promotion that will be available to are pioneering mobile experiences for consumers in your area. a new generation of consumers and industry leading tools for business owners. Copyright 2011, Clip Mobile Inc. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Our Partners175 merchants and over 800 locationsacross Canada.A core part of our product strategy is building a networkof local content by integrating with partners with existingrelationships with retailers and business owners.As we roll out mobile loyalty features to our platform, webelieve the opportunity is ripe to organize the industryaround uni ed and integrated technical standards. Copyright 2011, Clip Mobile Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. How Clip WorksArchitecture and Process Diagram GPS 1Consumer app calculates a consumer’slocationusing built-in device GPS. Clip servers accept 3 incoming requests for location based coupons . Targeted database is queried and results are returned via the API. Consumers . Consumer app 2 reaches out to its proprietary coupon API with a request for geographically relevant coupons. Copyright 2011, Clip Mobile Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Where is Clip Going?An NFC enabled mobile loyalty wallet.Coupons are only a part of the loyaltyequation. The average Canadianconsumer additionally has 6 loyaltycards in her wallet. We’re takingthose mobile, making them more mobilerelevant, and making them impossibleto lose.A self-serve platformmeans greater engagement.Unprecedented rate of mobile .adoption and engagement is creatinga “tipping point” in the local digitalmarketing space and mobilization of How does it work?loyalty assets. Merchants create a mobile equiva- lent of today’s loyalty programs.By o ering a self managed merchant Consumers tap NFC enabledservices portal, we are opening up the phones on terminals across our merchant network to participate.loyalty game to retailers big and small. Copyright 2011, Clip Mobile Inc. All rights reserved.