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Microsoft office 2000

  1. 1. IDP Cambodia_________________________________________ * The Australia Awards* Th e Au ** Th e Au : 2012-02-15 : 2 :2012-04-302 0 1 2 - 0 4 1 2 - 0 4 : 2012-02-15 : 2 :2012-02-15 2 0 1 2 - 0 :: 2 2 - 0 2 * monday - friday * (( )) o // o // o ** ox × G G The Application Process- Online application (preferred format): to apply online please do so at Hardcopy application, for those having difficulties accessing Internet facilities,are downloadable from IDP website at or can becollected from the three Australian Centre for Education (ACE) campuses (SiemReap, Phnom Penh). Completed hardcopy applications are to be submitted at theAustralian Embassy in Phnom Penh.Eligibility Criteria for the Australia Awards- Cambodian citizen and resident- Not be current serving military personnel- Non-resident of Australia or New Zealand- Not married to/or defacto of, or engaged to, Australian or New Zealand citizenor resident- Not hold or have held an Australian Government-funded scholarship in thepreceding 12 months at time of application
  2. 2. - not have obtained an academic qualification outside their home country in the24 months preceding the application closing date, calculated from the date ofarrival back in the home country- not be applying for another long-term AusAID scholarship unless they havereturned to their home country and resided there for twice the length of the totaltime that they were in Australia (for example, a previous AusAID Scholar whohas been on AusAID scholarship/s in Australia for two years will not be eligibleto apply for another AusAID scholarship until they have been home for fouryears)- Not already be studying at an Australian institution at the time of application- Possess a Bachelors degree considered equivalent to an Australian Bachelorsdegree- Masters level applicants must possess advanced English skills (IELTS resultsof 5.5 with no band below 4.5 subject to testing which can be undertaken afterapplications have been submitted)- PhD applicants must possess IELTS of 6.5 with no band below 6.0 at the timeof application- PhD applicants must provide an Unconditional Letter of Offer from theintended university of study OR provide documentation demonstratingcommunication with a potential supervisor and have received that supervisor’sin- principal agreement to the research proposal and their capacity to supervisethe applicantFor ADS Public sector category applicants:- Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) officials, at time of application, haveat least two years full-time experience with, and be a current full-time employee- Not a RGC official, but at time of application, have at least five years full-timeexperience with, and be currently employed on a full-time basis by, agovernment authority, agency or institution established by Royal Decree orSubdecree. Employment tenure may be on a term-contract basis- If selected, must commit to return to work for the relevant Ministry/Agency fora minimum period of two years on completion of studiesFor ADS Open category applicants:- At time of application, have three years full-time work experience* in arelevant field- If selected, commit to return to work in a position that utilises skills for aminimum period of two years on completion of studies(NOTE) Applicants must provide evidence of employment duration. If anapplicant has been employed at more than one workplace during the relevantexperience period, evidence from each employer during that period is required.Any significant “gaps” in employment must be explained or the application mayface the possibility of being ruled ineligible. Some applicants may be required tosit an IELTS test following interview in order to demonstrate Englishproficiency.
  3. 3. Scholarship ConditionsApplicants who are offered an award will be asked to sign a statement declaringthat they will comply with the conditions of the scholarship. The conditionsensure that AusAID, the awardee’s workplace and the student gain themaximum benefit from the scholarship.- Awardees must commence the scholarship in the year for which it is awarded.The awards cannot be deferred- Awardees must be enrolled on a full-time basis and make satisfactoryacademic progress- All visa conditions and university regulations must be satisfied- Awardees must leave Australia, preferably returning to Cambodia, for aminimum of two years at the completion of their scholarship in Australia- The award does not provide funds to support accompanying dependants/familymembers- Awardees are not permitted to hold any other Australian Government-sponsored scholarship for the duration of the award- Awardees must fully cooperate with AusAID’s monitoring and evaluation ofthe Australia Awards, including participation in activities such as surveys andtracer studies both whilst on award and after return to CambodiaAwardees who do not honour these conditions will be required to leaveAustralia, and may be required to repay the value of the scholarship. u s t r a l i a , u s t r a l i * Australia AwardsThe Australia Awards aim to promote knowledge, education links and enduringties between Australia, Cambodia and the global community.Development awards have been an important component of the AustralianGovernment’s overseas aid program since the Colombo Plan in the 1950s,supporting its aim to help Cambodia to reduce poverty and achievesustainable development.The overarching goals of Australias development awards are:- to develop capacity and leadership skills so that individuals can contribute todevelopment in Cambodia- to build people-to-people linkages at the individual, institutional and countrylevels.The Australia Awards will be offering 50 Australian Development Scholarships(ADS) and further scholarshipswill be awarded for Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) in the 2012selection round. Master or
  4. 4. PhD qualifications are now offered under both awards. 20 scholarships areallocated for officials of the Royal Government of Cambodia (Public Sectorcategory).Australian Development Scholarships (ADS)ADS are a highly valued form of development cooperation between Australiaand partner countries with which Australia has a bilateral agreement.Master or PhD qualifications are now offered under ADS. These long-termawards provide support for people to obtain tertiary qualifications atparticipating Australian institutions in specific areas that will address the jointlyagreed key priority areas for development.ADS are administered by the Australian Agency for International Development(AusAID). ADS provideopportunities to people from many developing countries to study in Australia.The purpose of the scholarships is for people to gain knowledge and skills thatwill contribute to the long-term development of their country. The scholarshipsare available to those employed in government and non-government sectors.The ADS were introduced to Cambodia in 1994 under an agreement with theCouncil for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) as part of Australia’s diversebilateral development-cooperation program.Australian Leadership Awards (ALA)ALA are no longer stand-alone scholarships but are now being administered assupplementary awards to the ADS. The ALA are aimed at enhancing leadershipand building partnerships and links with developing countries to address priorityareas for development.Up to 200 ALA are available globally on an annual basis for high achievers whointend to undertakepostgraduate studies and who demonstrate the best potential to influencedevelopment outcomes in their homecountry.Scholarship applicants may indicate their interest in being considered for anALA on the Scholarship Application form. Selection panels may also identifyand recommend candidates for the ALA, generally from the pool of ADSapplicants. A high level interdepartmental selection panel in Canberra makesthe final decision and there is no specific allocation for each country or region.In addition to receiving the ADS entitlements, the selected ALA scholars willundertake a Leadership forDevelopment Program while they are in Australia. The purpose of this Programis to enhance the ability and confidence of participating scholars to lead actionon development reform in their own country. ALA Scholars are provided withfurther opportunities and activities, beyond their postgraduate studies, toenhance their
  5. 5. leadership knowledge and extend their networks through a national Leadershipfor Development Conference and other tailored activities.ALA applicants must have an IELTS of 6.5 with no band less than 6.0 at time ofapplication submission and will be required to commence their study program atthe beginning of 2013.Fields of StudyThe Australia Awards are only open to study programs related to the AusAIDpriority areas of:- Agricultural and Rural Development- Health- Infrastructure- Law and Justice- Mining (the extracting of natural resources, such as minerals, oil, petroleum, orgas)Selection CriteriaEligible applicants are measured against the following selection criteria:1. Demonstrated employment and contribution in at least one of the followingAusAID priority areas:- Agriculture and Rural Development- Health- Infrastructure- Law and Justice- Mining (the extracting of natural resources, such as minerals, oil, petroleum, orgas)(Consideration will also be given to applicants with relevant experience in thecross-cutting priority areas of: Public Financial Management, Gender Equality,Aid Effectiveness, Social Policy, Disability and Child Protection)2. Alignment of employment and anticipated study with the specific focus of theAustralia Cambodia Country Program Strategy3. Demonstrated academic merit during previous university studies4. Relevance of academic background to proposed study in Australia5. Relevance of work background to proposed study in Australia6. Demonstrated awareness of issues related to the development of Cambodia7. Stated personal commitment and potential contribution to development inCambodiaNote: Applicants who are employed by the RGC or associated agencies mayapply for either Public or Open category. The Open category is open to allCambodians.Short-listed candidates will be interviewed with questions related to theSelection Criteria above. The interviews probe each candidate in depth todetermine the final list of awardees. A candidate’s English may be tested again
  6. 6. to confirm eligibility. For public sector category awardees, final selection mustbe approved by the relevant RGC Ministry/Agency.Level and Length of StudyThe Australia Awards enable candidates to undertake study at Masters(coursework only) or Doctorate (PhD)level in Australia with the exception of those Masters courses that require thecompletion of a Graduate Diploma as part of the Masters degree. Length ofstudy is dependent on the chosen study path. However it is generally up to 2years for Masters degrees and up to 4 years for Doctorate degrees.Candidates may be required to successfully complete pre-departure English forAcademic Purposes training for 6-12 months in Phnom Penh before studying inAustralia. Those awardees who do not reach the required level of English at theend of their pre-departure training, as assessed by IELTS testing and pre-departure training requirements, will not be permitted to take up the scholarshipin Australia. n Au s t r a l n Au For further detailed information pleasecontact IDP Education:# 657, Kampuchea Krom Boulevard, Teuk Laak I, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.Tel: (855) 23 881 017 / 23 881 018Fax: (855) 23 881 020Email: /è q / • ± A Î Œ z / • p x / • t x / • { x / • Ð • ç N/A5 / A• ± none_idpcambodia@no-replay.comn o n e _ i d p o n e _ o n e _ .Copyright © 2009 - 2012 by National Employment Agency .. .. .. | . Co p y r i g || Co p |
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