Soal ulangan akhir semester ii grade viii


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Soal ulangan akhir semester ii grade viii

  1. 1. SEKOLAH INDONESIA BANGKOK C/O INDONESIAN EMBASSY 600-602 PETCHBURI ROAD BANGKOK 10400, THAILAND TELP. (+662) 2523135 – 40 EXT. 143, 167, 182 E-mail Website: sib-bangkok@hotmail.orgName : ____________ FINAL TERM II TEST Score : ________ Subject : English Class/school level : VIII/JHS Day/date : Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 Time : 08.00-10.00GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Pray before you do the test. 2. Read the instruction for each number carefully. 3. Do the test from the easiest one. 4. Do not leave any single question unanswered. 5. Use a pen to answer the questions. 6. Make sure that your handwriting is readable. 7. Reread your answer before you submit your answer sheet. 8. Part I is a multiple choice test. Just cross the right answer on the alphabet of the options. In case you want to change the answer, just double cross the previous answer horizontally. Example: Previous answer: a. c. b. d. Desired answer: a. c. b. d. 9. Part II is an essay test. You must answer the questions completely according to each instruction. 10. Cheating is crime.
  2. 2. I. Read all the instructions for each question, and choose the most correct answer to it by crossing A, B, C, or D on the question sheet. Observe the picture, then choose the most correct option on number 1 and 2. 1. What do you think A wants to say to B? A B A. Huh, I am sweating. B. You look very beautiful today. C. These suitcases are very light. D. Will you bring one of these suitcases? 2. What might B say? A. Oh, that’s very kind of you to help me lift the suitcases. B. What can I do for you, darling? C. Oh, darling. You are so strong. D. How far is the parking area? Observe the picture, then choose the most correct option on number 3 and 4. 3. What might C say? A C A. Help! B B. Give me your hand C. Hi, my name is John D. Thanks for helping me 4. Which sentence goes with the picture? A. A said, ”Hey. Watch out!” B. B said, “Sorry to disturb you”. C. C said, “What are you doing here?” D. B said, “Thanks for your help”. Read this dialogue, and choose the most correct option to answer number 5 and 6. Alfred : Olive, can I borrow your new CD, the Avangers? Olive : I’m sorry, but… Alfred : Why, I’ll give it back soon. I just want to make a copy. Olive : I know. I trust you. It’s just that I only got it this 5 morning and I haven’t listened to that much yet. I’ll lend it to you in a couple of days. Alfred : Ok, that will work. Olive : Will you lend me your truck on Saturday morning. I have to take a load to the dump. 1 Alfred : Sure, as long as you return it by noon and put a few 0 gallons of gas in it before you return it. My sister wants to borrow it to help her friend move. Olive : No problem. Do you want me to return it to your sister? Alfred : Better make it my place.English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  3. 3. 1 She could change her mind, you know how she is. 5 5. Alfred wants … . A. to lend Olive his new CD of the Avangers B. to borrow Olive’s new CD of the Avangers C. Olive to borrow his new CD of the Avangers D. him to lend Olive his new CD of the Avangers 6. Olive … . A. agrees to lend Alfred her new CD of the Avangers before she listens to it B. agrees to lend Alfred her new CD of the Avangers after she listens to it C. agrees to lend Alfred her new CD of the Avangers with one condition D. doesn’t agree to lend Alfred her new CD of the Avangers 7. Olive : No problem (line 13) What does Olive mean? A. To help Alfred’s sister B. To return the truck soon C. To help Alfred’s sister’s friend D. To return it by noon and put a few gallons of gas 8. What does Alfred’s sister need the truck for? A. Putting a few gallons of gas in it B. Taking a load to the dump C. Helping her friend move D. Changing her mind 9. Observe this picture and choose the most correct option. This situation takes place in an airport. Lady : ____________ Man : Please go straight on. Enter the immigration counter and turn right. The VAT Refund counter is on your left side. Lady : Thanks. Man : ______ A. What can I help you, sir?/You’re welcome B. Excuse, me. I want to go to the VAT refund counter/Thanks. C. Excuse, me. Could you show me the way to the VAT refund counter, please?/Thanks D. Excuse, me. Could you show me the way to the VAT refund counter, please?/You’re welcome 10. What is the most appropriate question from these people? A. What time is it? B. Is this counter closed?English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  4. 4. C. Doesn’t the air conditioner work? D. Where can we ask for information? Choose the best option to complete the conversation. This is for number 11 and 12. Donna : Hello. Becky : Is Karen there? Donna : Not at the moment. She just went to the store. Becky : Do you know 11) … ? Donna : It shouldn’t be too long, maybe an hour or so. Can I take a message? Becky : Yes, thanks. This is Becky. Donna : And what is the message? Becky : Could you have her call me at my office, ASAP. It’s about the HSBC account. Donna : Call her at your office in regards to the HSBC account. Does she have your number? Becky : I’m not sure. 12) …. . It’s 745-8895. Donna : 745-8895. OK, I’ll give her the message. Becky : Thanks a lot. Good bye. Donna : Good bye. 11. A. when she will return B. with whom she goes C. what she goes for D. where she goes 12. A. Let me give you in case B. She must have it C. I believe she has D. Ask her Read the dialogue and choose the most correct option on number 13 and 14. Alice : What do you think of the movie, Peter? Peter : I think it was boring. Alice : Really? I love it. Why do you think it was boring? Peter : It was too predictable. You know what would happen in the end. The same old thing- boy meets girl, boy fights for girl, people quarel for money. Peter : I see. Do you like the sound track of the movie? Alice : No, I hate it. It was too loud and too hard rock for me. What do you think of it? Peter : In my opinion, it was great. I like hard rock music. 13. Which statement is correct based on the dialogue? A. Peter and Alice had different opinion about the movie they just watched. B. The movie was very interesting for Peter C. Peter liked the movie they watched.English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  5. 5. D. Alice liked hard music 14. “Alice : What do you think of the movie, Peter?” What can Alice ask in another way? A. What’s wrong with the film, Peter? B. What do you know about the film, Peter? C. Which part of the film do you like, Peter? D. What is your opinion about the film, Peter? Observe this picture and choose the most correct option for number 15 and 16. 15. Sandra : This building is the most beautiful one in Thailand Dewi : _______ There are so many more beautiful buildings than this one. A. I couldn’t agree more C. I don’t think so B. I agree with you D. Absolutely 16. Rona : I think the view around the building is very nice. Roni : ________ I like being there. A. I disagree B. Do you think so? C. I couldn’t agree more D. I couldn’t disagree more 17. Yana : Look at that man. I think he is lazy. What is interesting in fishing? Rama : You don’t know the sensation when you catch the fish. Yana : But I think he’s wasting his time Rama : _______ You can read or do something else while waiting for the fish caught A. That’s just what I am B. I completely agree thinking with youEnglish Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  6. 6. C. I’m not sure I can D. That can’t be wrong agree 18. Diana : Don’t you think that insects cause more problems to us? Andre : ___________. Many are useful. Diana : How can you say that, Andre? Andre : Bees, for example, give us honey. Diana : You are right, Andre. A. I agree completely. B. I couldn’t agree more. C. I couldn’t disagree more. D. In my opinion, you are right. 19. Which response goes with this statement? Wanita : You know what? I had a nightmare last night. Priya : ______ A. Forget it. D. Really? What was it B. Don’t think it about? C. Don’t mention it 20. How would you respond to this statement? Denise : Damn it! I only got 5 for Math You : _____________ A. Don’t mention that C. Yes. Damn it! word. D. I hate Math. B. Yes. Damn the test. 21. Stranger (in a lift) : Oh, I love your earrings, they are so beautiful! You : Thank you. They’re silver. Stranger : I know. Are the silver from Yogyakarta? You : No, they are from Bali. I got them in Ubud. Stranger : ______ I like them A. I don’t believe it C. Is that true? B. You tell a lie D. I see 22. Dee : Do you know the average temperature in Bangkok during March? Bee : Of course I do. It’s around 39°C. It’s facing summer for Songkran, right? Dee : Absolutely. But it reached 16° last March 2011. Bee : ________? You must feel very cold.English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  7. 7. A. I see C. Where is it B. Is that true D. Do you believe itEnglish Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  8. 8. Boy : Hey, how could we put on the same clothes? Girl : I like the motive very much. Most of my clothes have this motive. Boy : _________ Girl : Yeah. I don’t want any other motive 23. A. No! C. Do you? B. You will? D. You are? 24. Teacher : Good morning, class. Students : Good morning, ma’am Teacher : How is your holiday? Students : Very nice Student 1 : I went to Netherland Teacher : Tell us your experience. Student 1 : It’s very cold there. 15° C below zero. I went skiing. I jumped over the trees. Teacher : _________ You must be happy with your experience. A. You tell a lie C. Were you? B. Sure D. Did you? Complete this conversation with the most appropriate choice for number 25 up to 28 Yosa : Hi, Dini. What do you plan for next long week end? Dini : 25) … . Yosa : Will you come with me to go to the movie? Dini : That’s a great idea. 26) …. Yosa : Adventure Dini : Really? I like it. Reza : 27) … ? Haris : Jim Carey Reza : How can we have the same favorite actor? Let’s watch his film tonight.English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  9. 9. There’s his film on Paragon Cineplex. Haris : OK, then. 28) …. Reza : Great. I’ll wait for you at home Bye Haris : Bye 25. A. Nothing B. I plan to go somewhere C. I will visit my grand mother D. I have to finish my homework 26. A. Who is your favorite actor B. What is your favorite film C. Which of his film do you like best D. In which movie do you like to watch 27. A. With whom do you like watching the movie? B. Where do you like watching the movie? C. What movie do you like best? D. Who is your favorite actor? 28. A. I’ll come to your house at 7 B. We’ll meet at Paragon C. Come to my house at 7 D. I’ll be ready at home Read this dialogue and choose the best option for number 29 up to 32 to complete it. Al : Is this 02-144-75-44? Michele : That’s right. Al : Can I talk to Michele, please? Michele : 29) ___________ Al : Oh, hi, Michele. Are you free next Wednesday evening? I’d like to invite you for dinner. Michele : Wait. Let me check my schedule Oh, sorry. I happen to have something to do. Al : That’s too bad. Bob must be very sorry. Michele : 30) _________ Al : Yeah. Michele : OK. Let me check my schedule once more. Hey, guess what! I think 31) _________ Al : Great! Can Wanita come? Michele : (asking Wanita) Yes. She will come Al : Great! Michele : Where do you want to invite us?English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  10. 10. Al : KFC will be OK Michele : K-F-C? Al : No, no. I’ll invite you to Baiyoke sky restaurant Michele : Isn’t it too expensive? Al : Don’t worry. I got a special price there. Michele : OK then. Al : 32) ___________. Michele : Bye Al : Bye 29. A. Listening C. Reading B. Speaking D. Writing 30. A. Will Bob come? C. Who will come? B. Will you come? D. Will Bob not come? 31. A. I will be busy on that day. C. I’m free at that time. B. I have to go on that day. D. I have something to do. 32. A. See you in Wednesday evening C. Will you come? B. I’ll be glad if Wanita come D. Bye Read the text, and choose the best option for number 33 up to 36. Keep an Eye on the Sky! I was in gym class when my teacher suggested that we went outside and played softball. As we made our way out to the field, my stomach slowly turned into a giant knot of fear. Softball is just not my game. I have a knack for always getting hit in the head by the ball. It doesn’t matter where I’m standing. The ball just seems to find me. My teammates gave me a glove and put me way out in left field. I didn’t complain. I just wanted to make sure I knew when gym class ended so I wouldn’t be left behind. Nothing happened the first three innings. Well, things happened but not in my little part of the softball field. I started daydreaming. The next thing I knew, I heard the sound of a ball whizzing through the air. I put up my glove to protect my head, and an amazing thing happened. I caught the ball in my glove! Not only did I catch the ball, but I helped my team win. I was a hero to my classmates for the rest of the day. I learned something. I may not always see the flying balls that come my way, but I can always take a chance and try to catch one. 33. This text belongs to a … text. A. personal narrative C. recount B. narrative D. report 34. This is the complication of the story A. Softball is just not my game B. I have a knack for always getting hit in the head by the ball.English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  11. 11. C. My teammates gave me a glove and put me way out in left field. D. I heard the sound of a ball whizzing through the air and I put up my glove to protect my head 35. The moral value of the text is … . A. We can do something new B. We’d better not do what we don’t want to C. Bad experience may not block us to try again D. If we always get bad experience when doing something, we’d better not do it again 36. Which statement is true according to the text? A. The writer’s team was disappointed with the writer because he was daydreaming during the game B. Softball is the writer’s favorite sport C. The writer tried hard to catch the ball D. The writer’s team win the game Read the text, then answer the questions completely according to each instruction. My First Flight This experience happened when I was going to Jakarta 30 years ago. I imagined I would have a happy journey that day. I knew it was going to be my bad day, when the taxi driver got lost to the airport. It was 30 minutes before the plane was taking off. I was so panic. I asked the driver to speed up the taxi. When finally we got to the airport, the receptionist could not find my namewhich I booked by phone. When I spelled my name, finally she could find it after 15minutes. I was the last passenger to board the plane. I hoped I sat next to a younghandsome boy. Then I found my seat, and fastened my seatbelt. It was a five-year oldboy who caught cold sitting next to me. He was busy to wipe his mucus whilesometimes sneezing. I offered my tissue to him. He was glad to accept it. After five minutes taking off, the flight attendant informed that one of theplane machines didn’t work. He wanted us not to worry. Five minutes later, he told usthat another machine didn’t work. Still, he wanted us to be calm down. When theflight reached around 500 feet, another machine didn’t work. The pilot decided to landthe plane and return to the airport because he would not fly the plane with only onemachine working. Finally the plane landed safely. I planned to return home as soon as possibleand not to go that day. I took my luggage and went home directly. I was glad thatnothing happened to me that day. What I wanted to do was unloaded my luggage, hada bath and went to bed. When I looked down my luggage, I was so surprised that I hadtaken the wrong luggage. 37. How do you think the receptionist asked the writer to spell her name? A. Spell your name! B. How can I spell your name?English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  12. 12. C. Do you want to spell your name? D. Could you please spell your name? 38. Which of these made the writer so panic? A. 30 minutes before the plane was taking off, she was still on the way B. She imagined she would have a happy journey that day C. She was going to Jakarta for the first time. D. The driver speeded up the taxi. 39. How many machines did the plane have? A. 1 C. 3 B. 2 D. 4 40. Which of these statements is true according to the text? A. The writer enjoyed her first flight. B. The plane landed in Jakarta safely. C. There’s nothing wrong with the plane. D. The writer cancelled her travel that day.II Answer the questions according to each instruction on the answer sheet. 41. Analyze the generic structure of this text on the answer sheet. The Chipmunk That Ran Away Once upon a time, there was a nervouslittle chipmunk. She was always afraid thatsomething bad happened to her.One day, sheheard a little noise. It was really only an applethat fell to the ground. But the little Chipmunkwas afraid and said “The sky is falling in.”Then she ran away as fast as she could go. Soon she met an old brotherChipmunk, who asked, “Where are yourunning to, little Chipmunk?” The littleChipmunk answered, “The sky is falling in, and I am running away.” “The sky isfalling in?” asked the old brother Chipmunk. Then he told the story to his brotherchipmunk, until at last there were a hundred brother Chipmunks shouting, ”The sky isfalling in.” Soon the larger animals heard what the Chipmunks were saying. The Deer,the Sheep, the Pig, the Camel, the Tiger, and the Elephant began to say, “The sky isfalling in.” Then the wise Lion heard all the noise and wanted to know what washappening. He stopped all the animals and asked, “What are you saying?” The brotherChipmunks said, “Oh we heard it from that little Chipmunk!” And the Lion said,“Little Chipmunk, what made you say that the sky was falling in?” And the littleChipmunk said, “I saw it there near the tree.” “Well,” said the Lion, “Come with me and I will show you something ”. “Nowget on my back.” The Lion took her on his back, and asked the animals to stay whereEnglish Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  13. 13. they were until they returned. Then he showed the little Chipmunk that the apple hadfallen to the ground. This made the noise that had made her afraid. The littleChipmunk said, “Oh, I see. The sky is not falling in.” The Lion said, “Let’s go back and tell the other animals.”So they went back.At last all the animals knew that the sky was not falling in.(Source: Dit. PSMP, 2006) 42. Finish this text with a resolution part. Once there were three bears that lived in a house in the woods: a papa bear, a mama bear, and a baby bear. One morning they decided to take a walk before breakfast to let their porridge cool. A little girl named Goldilocks lived with her mother nearby. Goldilocks took a walk through the woods and found the bear’s house. She smelled the porridge in the kitchen and went inside. Goldilocks tasted the porridge in each bowl and finally ate up the porridge in the small bowl. Then she sat on a big chair, but she didn’t like it, because it was hard. Afterwards she sat on the small chair, and it was just right. But while she was sitting on it she broke it. After eating the porridge, Goldilocks felt full and sleepy, and then she went upstairs. There she found a small bed. She laid down on it and fell asleep. While she was sleeping, the three bears came home. _______________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ (Source: Dit. PSMP, 2006) 43. Continue this text. Outbound Last April my friends, teachers, parents and I went out for an outbound. We decided to have it in Rayong province, to the South East of Bangkok. We went there by bus. The trip took around 3 hours. We left the school on Friday, April 27th, 2012 at 2 p.m. We got on the bus one by one and took our seats. There were three buses.English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  14. 14. English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page
  15. 15. English Final Term 2 Test_Grade Page