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Gifts and Strengths Theme Training

Gifts and Strengths Theme Training



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Strengths Slides Vumc Strengths Slides Vumc Presentation Transcript

  • Relating Strengths                                                                                                                     
  • Communication Relating Strengths Persons high in the Communication theme generally find It easy to put their thoughts into words. They are good conversationalists and can listen and express themselves effectively. Those with this strength are often good storytellers and are usually able to use stories to make their point, no matter what their circumstances or environment.
  • Empathy Relating Strengths Persons high in the Empathy theme can sense the feelings of other people by instinctively imagining themselves in others’ lives or situations. Those with Empathy do not necessarily agree with or condone the other person’s perspecitive, but they understand and can be present with the other person.
  • Harmony Relating Strengths Persons high in Harmony are agreeable, and always try to get along with others. They see little reason to allow conflict or friction, and try to find common ground when opinions differ so that the atmosphere between people will feel good and comfortable.
  • Includer Relating Strengths Those with the Includer strength are convinced that all persons are equally important, so no one should be ignored or left out. Persons who are high in Includer have an acute awareness of people who feel left out, or on the margins, and work to make sure that everyone is heard and considered.
  • Individualization Relating Strengths Persons high in this strength are very observant of and intrigued with the distinct qualities of each person they meet. They are able to perceive the unique “melody” of each persons’ life, and often have a natural curiosity about people and their life stories. Rather than noticing in what ways everyone is the same, the person with individualization is fascinated with how each person is special and different from anyonne else, and unconciously collects a distinct , eclectic set of “data” about each of them.
  • Relator Relating Strengths Persons high in the Relator theme enjoy close relationships with a select few individuals. Relators prefer a limited number of deeper connections with others rather than many superficial acquaintances, and strive to be “genuine”. For the Relator, a relationship has a value only if it’s authentic.
  • Responsibility Relating Strengths Persons high in the Responsibility theme take psychological ownership for what they say they will do, and are committed to stable values, such as honesty, loyalty, and duty. Persons with this strength must follow through on any commitment to completion, because they believe their reputation and integrity depend on it. They believe that everyone needs to do what they say they will do.
  • Impacting Strengths
  • Command Impacting Strengths Persons high in the Command theme want to be in charge. Others may view people high in the Command strength as “pushy”, however, they are often the people whom others automatically expect to and look to call the shots. Those with Command usually have no trouble sharing their opinions with others, and are not afraid of confrontation.
  • Competition Impacting Strengths Persons high in Competition measure their progress against other people. They strive to win first place, and they like being in contests. Performance is the yardstick when a person has this strength, and winning is the only thing that counts. Some one with Competition may avoid any kind of contest, large or small, if taking first place seems unlikely.
  • Developer Impacting Strengths The Person high in the Developer theme takes satisfaction from seeing other people improve and grow, step by step. Developers can see the potential in others, think of ways to help them stretch and mature, and celebrate incremental growth and progress no matter how gradual.
  • Maximizer Impacting Strengths Persons high in the Maximizer theme tend to focus on Strengths as a way to promote personal and group achievements, and like to start with the talents of people. Excellence, not average, is their standard to reach. Maximizers don’t want to worry about what they lack – rather they capitalize and improve what they have.
  • Positivity Impacting Strengths Those with this strength have an enthusiasm that is contagious. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed to the fullest! The Positivity strength is about making things fun, and always seeing the glass as “half full” rather than half empty. People enjoy being around or following along with those having Positivity.
  • WOO Impacting Strengths Woo stands for “Winning Others Over”. Persons strong in the Woo theme enjoy the approval of other people and work diligently to earn it. They take satisfaction from striking up brief conversations with strangers everywhere (the more the better), and find meeting these new people engergizing. “Working the room” at a gathering of new people is a thrill for someone with Woo.
  • Striving Strengths
  • Achiever Striving Strengths High Achievers have a great deal of stamina and work hard. They take great internal satisfaction from being busy and productive and often make themselves long “to do” lists. It’s important to the Achiever to accomplish something (as many things as possible) every single day.
  • Activator Striving Strengths A person high in the Activator theme can make things happen by turning thoughts into action, and is usually both a self-starter and an initiator. Why spend a long time in discussion? Activators are contagious in their “Let’s get started! What are we waiting for!” attitude and able to infect the people around them with the same momentum.
  • Adaptability Striving Strengths Persons high in this theme prefer to “go with the flow”. They tend to be “now” people who take things as they come and discover the future one day at a time. They expect interruptions, changes of plans, and detours because they are inevitable, and seem to accommodate effortlessly.
  • Belief Striving Strengths Persons high in the Belief theme have certain core values that are unchanging and uncompromising. Out of these values emerge a defined purpose for their life-their mission. Those who have the Belief strength are usually easy for others to trust, and they must fiind work that meshes with their values.
  • Discipline Striving Strengths Persons high in the Discipline theme enjoy a routine and a structure. Their world is best described by the order they create, so they set up frameworks or procedures which provide a sense of control and progress. Those with the Discipline strengths usually don’t like surprises.
  • Focus Striving Strengths Persons high in the Focus theme can take a direction, follow through, and make the necessary corrections to stay on track. They prioritize things, then they act. Those with this strength need a destination or goals to aim for. They filter out whatever won’t help them reach those goals, which make them impatient when others seem to be chasing “rabbit trails”.
  • Restorative Striving Strengths Persons who are high in the Restorative theme can determine the weaknesses of people or a situation. They are adept at dealing with problems and figuring out what is wrong in order to restore things or situations back to the original state or even better than before. Finding solutions, being a part of mending brokenness or righting wrongs, brings them great satisfaction.
  • Self-Assurance Striving Strengths Persons high in the Self Assurance theme feel confident in their ability to manage their own lives. They have an inner compass of control for themselves and feel independent. No matter what the situation, they seem to know what the right decision is and are not easily swayed by the arguments of others, or by peer pressure.
  • Significance Striving Strengths Persons high in this theme are motivated when seen as important in the eyes of other people. Those with the Significance strength want to be recognized, heard, and stand out. Ambition! State your claim, then “take the hill”. They are likely to resonate with praise from others, and are motivated by it.
  • Thinking Strengths
  • Analytical Thinking Strengths Persons high in the Analytical theme search for reasons and causes. They have the capacity for thinking about all of the factors that might affect a situation, and often have a natural skepticism until they have gathered enough information to understand every aspect. They enjoy research and analyzing data, and like things to be “proven”.
  • Arranger Thinking Strengths Persons high in the Arranger theme can organize, but they also have a flexibility that complements their organizing. Persons high in the Arranger theme seem to have a gift for bringing harmony to people who are working together. Those with high arranger strength like to figure out how all of the people and resources can be organized for maximum productivity. They can arrange and rearrange in a moment as changing needs occur.
  • Connectedness Thinking Strengths Persons high in this theme, also called spirituality, have a faith in something greater in the universe than they are. They believe there are no coincidences and that every event has a reason. Those with the Connectedness strength may feel a heightened responsibility to others, because if we are all a part of a larger picture, what we do impacts everyone and everything else.
  • Consistency Thinking Strengths Persons with this strength theme, also called “fairness”, have a gift for seeing the sameness and similarities in people. They treat everyone in their world fairly by having clear rules which insure that all persons are consistently treated as equals.
  • Context Thinking Strengths Persons high in this theme love to think about the past, about history. They learn by researching and studying what has happened and why. They love their memories. Those with Context look at information about the past as “blueprints” to better understand how to live in the present and into the future.
  • Deliberative Thinking Strengths Persons high in this area are best described by the serious care they take in making decisions or choices. “Look before you leap!” Those with the Deliberative strength are often private people who like to look for the “minefields” in the life and step carefully and thoughtfully, rather than recklessly racing ahead.
  • Futuristic Thinking Strengths Persons high in the Futuristic theme are preoccupied with the future, and live for what lies up ahead. Those with this strength can often inspire others with their descriptions and visions of what the future will look like. Those with the Futuristic strength tend to jump from today to tomorrow’s plan, and connect with excitement about the possibilities.
  • Ideation Thinking Strengths Persons high in the Ideation theme are creative. They like freethinking discussion groups and they are good at brainstorming possibilities. A new idea makes their day. A person with Ideation may not actually go forward with all their own ideas, but sharing them brings a thrill.
  • Input Thinking Strengths Persons high in the Input theme have a craving to know more. They like to read, and they enjoy collecting anything related to their interests. Many persons high on Input collect and archive all kinds of information in various forms. Those with Input may also accumulate information or tangible objects – anything from old school papers to antique dishes. Good teachers are often high on input.
  • Intellection Thinking Strengths Persons high in this theme are characterized by their intellectual activity. They love to study, need time to think, prefer intellectual discussions, especially philosophical exchange with others. Having a constant mental “hum,” plus being perpetually introspective, are both normal for those with intellection.
  • Learner Thinking Strengths A person high in the Learner theme has a great desire to learn and wants to improve continuously. The Learner concentrates on the things in which he or she is interested, like to be challenged by a variety of diverse learning opportunities, and is always looking for the next “learning curve” to conquer. The process more than the content or the result is especially exciting.
  • Strategic Thinking Strengths Persons high in the Strategic thinking create alternative ways to do things. They embrace new ideas, and they see patterns and issues emerge clearly in a given scenario, experience or data. Those with this strength can sort through the clutter and find the best, most efficient path.