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M. Des Brochure M. Des Brochure Presentation Transcript

  • ......... #/#VILAS KARBHARI DIPANKA BORUAH/*/* D 009> PATIL######### ^^^^^^^^ V-008 B.E. MECHANICAL DIPLOMA (MECH.) ////////DIPLOMA /////(COMPUTER) B.ARCH, DIPLOMA IN// FINE ART//////////// //////////////////// ///INDUSTRIAL DESIGN INDUSTRIAL DESIGN/// /(/)*SUPRADIP DAS B.E. MECHANICAL S ///////DIPLOMAPARIMALA[][][][][] /*AMIT RANJAN**/* /(MECHANICAL) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^BFABANDLAMUDI 12< P VISUAL COMMUNICATION DESIGNB.E.MECHANICAL////////////////////////////INDUSTRIAL////DESIGN////////010+ ////// //////// //////// A //////////////// /////////////// 11$ DESIGN FOR CIVIC ENGAGEMENT (VC, PD, FILM & INTERACTION DESIGN)//////////////////// INDUSTRIAL //////////DESIGN TRANSPORTATION DESIGN////////// //INTERACTION DESIGNPRAJYOT A KADAM{** (*)(*)K.MARKANDEYA//*}}}{{{***{**} 014# ///////B.TECH (MECH)P M /////////////B.E. PRODUCTION ENGG 03 1% ////PRODUCT DESIGN //////INTERACTION DESIGN ////////////////// ///TRANSPORTATION DESIGN //INDUSTRIAL DESIGN
  • ......... PD .CHAGANTIPATI GOKUL VENKATESHI identify myself as a BULTURE (a flying bull), superior in design andwild in thought. Meet me at www.bulture.infoDesign is all about what I have dreamt of. My interest lies in innovativeand interactive products and vehicles. “GREEN DESIGN” is where my focuslies for further exploration and progress. DESIGN OF FUTURISTIC DRIVERS WORKSPACE001 OF TAFE TRACTOR Project Guide: Prof. Ravi Mokashi Punekar, Prof. Sougata Karmakar Tractors are definitely a very special species in the world of automobiles and multipurpose vehicles. There is a lot of scope for intervention of design in Indian tractor. I was fortunate to attain a right platform to explore this field during my Internship at TAFE (Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd.) during which I have studied the Evolution trend of+91 9678 554 451 Design factors in TAFE-MF tractors. With the support of TAFE, I am taking forward mycg.venkat@iitg.ernet.in Internship work as my Thesis Project under the guidance of Prof. Ravi Mokashi Punekar inA-242, BARAK which I am working on design of futuristic Drivers work space of TAFE tractorDEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG
  • .........CACFLO ACCESSORIES HANGERA stick to hanger transformable product for both personal usage in interior and multiperson usage in outdoor parties like barbeque. This project was conceptualized anddetailed under the guidance of Asst Prof. Avinash Shinde. TAKE CARE PERSONAL MEDICINE MANAGEMENT PACKAGE An Innovative medicine package which aids in management of medicine by a patient individually. This is a reusable package which can be used multiple times and can accommodate four strips of tablets, a syrup/tonic bottle and a medical file. This project was done under the guidance of Associate Prof. Utpal Barua.
  • ......... VC .GURJOT SINGH MAMIKYo! My name is Gurjot and I am from Delhi. My interests lie in VisualCommunication - Graphic Design, Illustrations, Animation and Film Making.My hobbies include random doodling, painting, photography, reading bookson psychology and philosophy and listening to some good progressive /psychedelic rock / trance / chill out.Peace :) GRAPHIC NOVEL002 Project Guide: Prof. Mriganka Madhukaillya A graphic novel based on the onset of symptoms of the mental disorder - schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is generally described as a state in which a person suffers from hallucinations (visual and auditory), delusions of grandiose and paranoia. Carl Jung on the other hand believes schizophrenia not to be an illness that needs to be cured but a healing process that should be facilitated. Keeping this in mind and researching further into the schizophrenic experience, its causes, affects etc. and on narrative techniques used in+91 9678 554 258 novels, comics, graphic novels, films etc. a graphic novel is under the way.gmamik@gmail.comA-318, BARAKDEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG
  • .........ABSTRACT NARRATIVES AND POSTERSAbstract Narratives: The Blue Bus; En Route the Zig Zag Room, 1 After Noon.Posters: Teach road-sense in school; Each one teach one; Prevent Indian youth fromleaving motherland. MERRY PRANKSTER A short animated film made on Adobe Flash using rotoscoping. Video for all the scenes were first shot, edited and then traced out on Flash. The animation is based on a mischievous hippie grandfather. For this animation, a lot of research was done on psychedelic drugs, mainly cannabis and LSD. Mixed media was used in the animation - flash animation, video footage, still images and 3D simulations.
  • ......... PD .MUFADDAL SHABBIR HUSEINPro-active, enthusiastic, hands-on and passionate - i look to work inunconventional spheres.I believe that design should be culturally sensitiveand helps culture evolve further. I pledge to be a forever-learner, pushing myboundaries and searching for New. I am interested in designing Products,Experiences and Spaces that engage people and build dialogue. DESIGNING FOOD EXPERIENCES003 Project Guide: Prof. Ravi Mokashi Punekar Eating is an act so common that it has become mundane and blissfully ignorant. We have lost the ability to truly question what we eat, and that is troubling because that is what make our physical selves. Can we combat obesity and diabetes through prevention and not cure, just by being conscious of what we put through our body? Taste is a potent yet ignored sense, but having said that eating is also among the few+91 9678 554 226 experiences that communicates through all 5 senses. My project is about studying foodmufaddal@iitg.ernet.in cultures and issues as fodder to design Food Experiences to raise awareness by sparkingA-210, BARAK discussions about what is being eaten and consumed.DEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG
  • .........OONGLYA simple, easy to use paperweight for photocopying counters.Oongly allows users to differentiate between two stacks of paper (done andremaining) while using the weight of the document hold itself down. BARBEQUE Come winters in Dubai, my hometown, people are out and about picnicing on the weekends. Barbequeing is a passion that i wanted to continue in Guwahati. Something that we could all share and enjoy. The apparatus is designed to fold up for portability reduced profile when not in use and is based on harmonic proportions as used in the Barcelona Chair. The stand is made from MS strip welded together after bending and rolling while the upper chamber is made from GI sheet bolted after cutting to shape. Additionally, the chamber is divided into two halves for vegetarian and non-vegetarian items keeping in mind conventional Indian sensibilities
  • ......... VC .APOORV TOMARGraphic illustrator, photographer, t.t. player but primarily trained as anarchitect, I appear to be an all round comradery chap who has latelydeveloped interest in film making, film theory and the analogies betweenmoving picture and built spaces.I have acted as a freelance designer for the likes of Anagram Architects,Periferry, Chai Junction and Nigambodh. My interests now include newmedia studies, philosophy, loop music, feckless slacking and spaces inbetween.{We should go farther in this matter} DESIGNING SPACE EXPERIENCES004 Project Guide: Prof. Mriganka Madhukaillya The idea of experiencing the space, represented in an alternative context, which explores the irrational possibilities of space consciousness and how it is perceived. This project talks about the merging of different kinds of spaces that exist by forming new aural and visual relationships between them. It seeks to stimulate discussions on volume of space as a quality of their experience, and+91 9678 554 227 the structure of the physical and perceptual world and their relationships.apoorv.tomar@gmail.comA-209, BARAK Relevant to the discourse is an exploration of future scenarios regarding spacelessness,DEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG third spaces and liminal space experiences.
  • .........NDTV PROFIT NEWS SET, MUMBAISculpting the space inside the congested NDTV workspace, this scenographic newsset was designed with the approach that unites the visual dynamic aesthetics intoan auditory image. The design evolved from the environment and developed withinthe financial and logistic concerns also supports the lighting, sound and venue. NOTHING OF CONSEQUENCE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR With the groundwork of a comparative study, in relation to various works done by film makers from different parts of the world, and understanding their styles and approach for the same, this short film follows a given theme of elderly based on a realistic approach in creating a semi-fictional plot around a past middle aged inhabitant of a village by the river Brahmaputra. The idea of this project was to show a link between the traditional beliefs of Assamese rural culture and the unnoticed everyday heroic deeds of the people. This short fiction tries to focus on a small incident, portraying a poetic rural landscape, which takes place in North Guwahati. Runtime: 23:55 Language: Assamese, Hindi
  • ......... PD .ABHISHEK BORAHello, I am Abhishek Bora and I am currently pursuing my masters in designfrom Department of Design, IIT Guwahati. I have an inclination towardsproduct design but thanks to the holistic approach of the course I havetaken, I am equally enthusiastic about exploring the realm of visualcommunication. My hobbies include painting, traveling, photographyand music. PRESERVATION OF ETHNIC CUISINES BY005 EXPLORATION OF KITCHEN ACTIVITIES AND PROCESSES Project Guide: Prof. Avinash Shinde My project is an attempt at preservation of ethnic cuisines by exploration of kitchen activities and processes. It is an attempt to conserve cultural heritage by fusing tradition and technology. As the method of smoking food has been a long cultural tradition in the north eastern cuisine for many years, my project aims to do the same in a modern kitchen+91 9678 919 824 environment by exploring opportunities in the field of product design.b.abhishek@iitg.ernet.inA-221, BARAKDEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG
  • .........FORM STUDYIn our form studies exercise we studied different kinds of Archimedean and Platonicsolids forms. Then using paper, I experimented with individual as well ascombination of different forms to explore the possibilities. PRODUCT DETAILING In our product detailing exercise, the emphasis was on the particulars and finesse of detailing. I modeled a lamp and detailed it to achieve to desired form.
  • ......... VC .SHREYOSHI GHOSHHello there. I have done my bachelors in architecture from NITB. Here atDOD, I am predominantly pursuing an education in visual communication. Iam interested in exploring the juxtaposition of art & design; of spaces,experiences and visuals. I enjoy design research and believe in contextualdesign solutions. CHITRAKATHA/ VISUAL NARRATIVES006 Project Guide: Prof. Ravi Mokashi Punekar “We tell stories to ourselves; of our journey from birth to death, friends, families, who we are and who we want to be…” Stories are part of our being. I’m interested in understanding how the experience and interpretation of stories change with the change of narrative devices, be it in form of a book or an exhibition in 3-dimensional space.+91 9957 510 176 Topics of interest: Developing narratives for children; story on contemporary society, theg.shreyoshi@gmail.com idea of self and isolation, today’s communities and its dynamics; Indian mythology.B013, SUBANSIRIDEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG
  • .........ILLUSTRATION FOR CHILDRENThe story: Unnikatha by Mukundan. In a fst paced world of instant gratifications anddigital, my attempt was to make the story visually tangible, earthy, and natural.Thus I decided on the medium of collage, using different textures and patterns andbright colours. IDENTITY FOR SELF In a class assignment, we were asked to design professional identities for ourselves. As I sat to ponder over how to best describe who I am, what I stand for, I asked myself what best depicts who we are? I realised it is perhaps our expressions. It’s what we say, how we say it, our manners. Moreover, it is what we write in the back of our notebooks and diaries, what we scribble, the seemingly unimportant inconsequential everyday doodles. Hence I took my class notebook and scanned all the doodles and sketches and derived a visual identity out of them. Software: Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • ......... ID .JAGRITII have completed my Bachelors in computer science and engineering andpursuing masters in Design course at IIT Guwahati. I am keen incollaborating the two different disciplines for development of better designsolutions. Currently I am working on a project titled “Design anddevelopment of an information system to educate women about prenatal &postnatal issues and care”.http://maternalhealthcare.wordpress.com/ DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF AN INFORMATION007 SYSTEM TO EDUCATE WOMEN ABOUT PRENATAL & POSTNATAL ISSUES AND CARE Project Guide: Prof. Keyur B. Sorathia The Indian Government estimates that 301 women die annually for every 100,000 live births with the maternal mortality ratio (MMR) of Assam 480 per 100,000 live births – the highest in the country.This project is to initiate design that can enhance upon the societal needs and social issues in Assam, when it comes to Pregnancy and child birth.+91 9678 554 462 To design a system that can not only provide pregnancy education & information tojagriti@iitg.ernet.in pregnant women but also to their family members for better health care and even lookingB006, SUBANSIRI at other issues such as awareness of nearby institutional health care center, medicalDEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG facility, timely care and many more.
  • .........FORM STUDYExploring the movement and expression of different chess pieces through formstudies. The first picture depicting the movements and the other expressions. ENHANCING THE EXPERIENCE OF STORYTELLING THROUGH DIGITAL MEDIA Designing of Interactive product/environment for enhancing the experience of storytelling through digital media. The Project was given the theme as “Design for Elderly” Motivation for the Project: The relation between the grandparent and grandchild is considered to be the closest in the family. The communication gap tends to be minimum. The grandparent tends to share experiences and stories with the grandchild. The need of some kind of activity to keep elderly occupied and busy, also they have a tendency to narrate their experiences and stories. So, Storytelling as a medium was identified as the potential design space.
  • ......... PD .DIPANKA BORUAHHi I am Dipanka .I have done my bachelors in ARCHITECTURE and worked asa Project Architect in Chapman Taylor India Pvt. Ltd. at New Delhi.I amcurrently pursuing my masters in design from Department of Design, IITGuwahati.My hobbies include painting, playing mono acting and musicalinstruments. I have been doing research work in the capacity of R & D staffunder the project Design and Development of assisting device for the Elderlyin the Context of Home and Travel sponsored by DST under guidance ofProfessor and HoD A. K. Das. RURAL AMBULANCE: AN ENERGY EFFICIENT009 PUBLIC VEHICLE DESIGN Project Guide: Prof. Amarendra Kumar Das In the developed countries the good communication has minimized difference between urban & rural. A good no. of designing on vehicles have been carried on so far in the industrialized societies. This project has not tried to modify the above vehicle for rural transportation, experience expressed by people has inspired me to prepare this transportation system and title of vehicle is DULA. The project aimed to improve the+91 7896 172 141 sustainable access of poor people in rural communities to health, education,dipanka@iitg.ernet.in employment and trade opportunities. Efficient energy use, which called energyA-008, UMIAM efficiency, is using less energy to provide the same level of energy service.DEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG
  • .........WET CERAMIC (water tank on the table)Product for regular or new need sand with new function, new way so fusing objectof placing them in space and in environment according to new mode sand to newapplication. CAR SKETCHING & 3D MODELLING ENABLE Design and Development of assisting device for the Elderly in the Context of life style. ENABLE is designed to provide a better quality of life for elderly people and people who may have to live with restrictions on their daily lives. The aim of the project is to develop personal systems providing ranges of services for older people based on their medicine in time, hold mobile and an intelligent warning system to help them prevent any untoward incident. 1. Mobile phone holding unit 2. Adjustable linear magnifying glass 3. Alarming cushioned seat cover
  • ......... PD .PARIMALA BANDLAMUDIHi I am Parimala .I have done my bachelors in MECHANICAL ENGINEERINGand worked as a Jr.Engineer in Machinery Maintenance department atBangalore. I am quick to grasp new ideas and concepts, and to developinnovative and creative solutions to problems. I am able to work well on myown initiative. I am now looking to build on my extensive range of technicalskills within a suitably challenging role. I am keen to achieve further CLEANING SYSTEM FOR PATIENTS010 Project Guide: Prof. Pradeep Y. Yammiyavar I am currently working on an assistant devise for cleaning patient s who are less able (like bed ridden, paralyzed and temporarily hospitalized patients) which helps the Nurse/care taker to clean the patient with minimum stress, ease and comfort.+91 9678 554 457parimala@iitg.ernet.inB001, SUBANSIRIDEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG
  • .........EXPLORING NATURAL FIBRESLamp shade made of banana fibers as a part of my internship at auroville. MEMORY AID FOR ELDERLY A memory aid for elderly which automatically pops up the medical strip as per the input given to it and records information whether the person has taken the medicine or not.
  • ......... ID .AMIT RANJANWith BFA Visual Communication from Government College of Fine Arts,Chennai. MA Visual Communication from Birmingham Institute of Art andDesign, UK. I have worked for four years in the area of VisualCommunication (http://www.coroflot.com/amitranjan) and currently I aminterested in Design for Civic Engagement and working on a project titled“Design and development of an information system to educate women aboutprenatal & postnatal issues and care”. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF AN INFORMATION011 SYSTEM TO EDUCATE WOMEN ABOUT PRENATAL & POSTNATAL ISSUES AND CARE Project Guide: Prof. Keyur B. Sorathia In a society where motherhood is virtually deified, we pay so little attention. The Indian Government estimates that 301 women die annually for every 100,000 live births, with Assam contributing the highest maternal mortality rate at 480. The social and economic factors like the low status of women in communities, the poor understanding of families on when to seek care, a lack of transport, poor roads, the cost of seeking care, multiple+91 9678 554 804 referrals to different health facilities and a delay in life-saving measures in rural areasa.ranjan@iitg.ernet.in need to be addressed.Through our project we are trying to design and develop anC-207, UMIAM information system to educate women about prenatal & postnatal issues and care.DEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG Http://maternalhealthcare.wordpress.com/
  • .........WATER IS LIFEA growing number of urban areas are facing problems concerning the waterinfrastructure systems. Water is life it is one element that has made our mother planethome for all living species. Hence this poster was designed to create awarenessamong people. FORM STUDY This Chess Board was outcome of form study. There is a depiction of abstract expressions in every coin. The board has small holes in every square where coins can be fitted. This concept was designed considering chess can be played even while traveling (train, bus). Coins: Pawn is abstracted from Shield, Rooks is abstracted from Elephants foot, King has muscular straight lines, Queen has a fragile shape with Queens crown, Bishop is abstracted from camel hump, and Knight is abstracted from horse. INTERNSHIP
  • ......... PD .SUPRADIP DAS“Design by the nature from the nature for the people by the people.”I am Supradip Das, did my Mechanical Engineering from Priyadarshini Collegeof Engineering which is under Nagpur University with distinction. I was in theuniversity topper list of 2008.My main domain is Transportation Design. Culture, tradition, environment andpeople of my native land drive my mind towards green design. I am alsointerested in new experience design and environment design. MOBILITY SYSTEM DESIGN FOR DISASTER012 MANAGEMENT FOR INDIAN ARMY Project Guide: Prof. Amarendra Kumar Das, Prof. Sougata Karmakar Currently there is no indigenous technology to support Indian defense force as well as civilian populations in Indias riverside terrain. More often these gadgets are being imported from abroad at high cost. Thats why I am designing an Air cushioned vehicle (Hovercraft) for Indian Army to reduce the casualty for flood or similar kind of disasters. The new thing of this project is I am combining coated porous bag type skirt and enclosed bag skirt into one. This Hovercraft is designing considering ergonomics for the crew member+91 9207 150 983supradip@iitg.ernet.in and victim also. This Hovercraft can achieve higher speed to achieve target against wave203, MARRIED SCHOLAR HOSTEL and wake of water during flash flood.DEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG
  • .........CONCEPTUAL PRODUCT DESIGNConcept bike has been designed for future to reduce the assembly line of themanufacturing plant and to reduce fatigue of the worker. Prototype has been madefor characterized pen stand and container for Sindur. PORTABLE BOOK RACK FOR BOOK SELLERS It is observed that when book sellers go to different places to sell or promote books then they display it in the floor or they borrow tables from somewhere else. So this portable book rack is so designed that they can carry it anywhere into a bag. Interesting thing is total weight of the book rack is kg but it can hold book of 80 kg. Inspiration has been taken from a Transformer toy leg joint. Material used for that project are Cast Nickle, ABS, MS and Wood.
  • ......... PD .PRAJYOT A KADAMHi, my name is Prajyot). I came from Walchand Institute of technology,Solapur (Maharashtra) with production engineering background. With aspecial interest and inclination towards art and creativity since mychildhood, I enjoy this creative field of design. ONE TONNER / SUB ONE TONNER CATEGORY OF013 VEHICLE Project Guide: Prof. Ravi Mokashi Punekar To explore new identity for 1 tonner / sub one tonner category of vehicles for rural, semi urban and urban Indian market (passenger / luggage carrier). Description- Most of the small cities in India and villages the mode of public transport is three wheels running on diesel engine. They are very basic vehicles aimed purely at+91 9678 554 450 moving people. Generally they are very cramped seating spaces and overloading usageprajyot@iitg.ernet.in of the drivers add to the discomfort of the passengers. Thus these offer a very goodC-202, UMIAM problem area to be addressed. The usage pattern of these vehicles poses lot ofDEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG challenges for design.
  • .........FISH PACKAGING COMPANYDelishious is fish packaging company which mainly deals with LISHISH fishI have design logo Delishious by incorporating there company identity and featuresof LISHIS fish. RENDERING Theses sketches have been done as a part of classroom assignment in which the major focus was on developing basic automobile sketching skills and 2D rendering skills using various hand tools and software. PRODUCT DETALING
  • ......... PD .K. MARKANDEYAHello myself K. Markandeya. I am in my second year of M.Des at IndianInstitute Of Technology Guwahati.I am an industrial designer with focus and affinity towards product designand slightly inclined towards furniture design. Moreover the idea of greendesign and sustainable design also tickles me very much. A very moodydesigner by nature and I only speak through my work and hard work. MYTH DESIGN014 Project Guide: Prof. Avinash Shinde To have a zoom in look at mythologies of different religions and study the science technologies and “Design thoughts” stored in them and derive inspiration to make something that would be useful to the present world. India is rich with its mythology and we come across amazing stuff in many of its content, if we start with like Pushpak vimaan, The sudarshan chakra, Abhimanyu listening to the story from his mothers womb, the list is endless we do believe that they all are myths. What if they are not myths? How these people of that time think of such kind of things which we cant imagine of making with all+91 9678 554 358 technology available. Can we take their message and take their design thoughts a stepk.marak@iitg.ernet.in further. My attempt is to take a closer look at our cultural & mythological belief and getA-009, UMIAM inspiration from that and if there is some coded message for us.DEPARTMENT OF DESIGN, IITG
  • .........INTERNSHIP PROJECT:TATA BP SOLAR BANGALOREAesthetically good looking solar street lamps for corporate campus with existingsolar module at top and bulky lead battery at bottom. These 3 models were selectedby the new product development and engineering department, TATA BP SOLAR. ACUNEC: DESIGN FOR ELDERLY An acupressure product for relieving neck pain and stiffness by applying pressure on trigger points by placing it around neck and rubbing it holding the handles.