How computers influence our consciousness


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How Computers Influence Our Consciousness ?

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How computers influence our consciousness

  1. 1. 7/2/2014 5:33:00 AM How Computers Influence Our Consciousness ? Dr.T.V.Rao MD We are living to work, we do not sustain to go forward unless we work to the needs of the modern world as we all know the great quote of “Darwin, the survival of the fittest” works to advantage many in the world, however it made many rich prosperous and even famous. In the changing world many matters have conflict of interest how we suit to do well remain the question to many and keeps us in dilemma what decisions we take in every aspect of life. Till today many are taking about how to improve our skills with many physical methods and theoretical advises however the science of consciousness is changing, one may think of consciousness as a subject related to contemplation and Eastern spiritual practices and few think as occult science - we may not survive with mere teaching of facts and problem of consciousness has begun to catch on in neuroscience, many explore to improve the consciousness to be better teachers We all know Consciousness is the awareness of what is in working memory. To be aware of something, that something must be in working memory how does a brain generate consciousness? Many organizations work at higher level of consciousness and becomes a reality in the computer age, it is not hard to imagine how a computing machine might construct, store and spit out the information that ‘I am alive, I am a person, I have memories, the wind is blowing to your advantage, and,’ and so on. But how does a brain become aware of those propositions? Many trails in order to stimulate or employees or our students in an organization to stimulate their consciousness to the needs of the organization as a teacher I try to stimulate the students to the needs of the medical profession, and fit to the new expectation of changing world of Medicine, with progress of Time in a profession with seniority we rarely find just our mere knowledge may not work for longer as our students are well informed as and learn faster than when we are Students. We should start realizing Consciousness is the name we give to the ability to self- start, overcome adversity/restraints and demonstrate the greater intelligence that are critical for creativity and strategic thinking. Higher levels of consciousness allow us to mobilize more intelligence, responsibility and energy. When we meet a “High Performer” that impresses us with the amount they can do, do well and do while
  2. 2. interacting fluidly with all kinds of people around them. We teachers should realise we are all satisfied with little of our contributions, and think we are best in profession however we all become monotonous with dialectic lectures, we all should try to do our duty and plan to raise the consciousness of many around you as, Consciousness is a good infrastructure investment. Consciousness, based on our track record, is a very good investment. It can be viewed as a “build or buy” decision. You can either locate, recruit or pay for a team of rare superstars or you can develop yourself and the people around you into those high-performing superstars or at least better performing students – with a level of consciousness that will be rewarding for you personally, for your organisation and for our community. We are all influenced by the subconscious mind all aspects of decision making as Decision-making compresses trial-and-error learning experiences into a real-time evaluation of the consequences of a particular action. It requires on-line integration of information from diverse sources: perceptual information about the stimulus, facts stored in memory, feedback from emotional systems, expectations about the consequences of different courses of action. With progress of time pure reason is not enough to make a decision. Reason makes the list of options, but emotion makes the choice. Emotions play a part in all decision, and most of the emotions are controlled by consciousness to work and improve the matters of concern for a long time, the study of consciousness was considered too far out to study. How do you scientifically study something so subjective? How can what one person feels become something that another person can quantify? But now, in their relentless pursuit to understand every single thing about the world, scientists are trying to figure out what exactly is going on with consciousness. Lately, the problem of consciousness has begun to catch on in neuroscience. How does a brain generate consciousness? In the computer age, it is not hard to imagine how a computing machine might construct, store and spit out the information do not forget our subconscious mind is controlled by our attitude of learning and which can make us better performers and expert teachers and however we can faster to learn if you access through many minds with the use of computers, as they are not lifeless mechanizes which will influence our future, I wish all Teachers and friends look at others in the Profession how they look at the world and one day we will be certainly better than many around you, do not underestimate the power of
  3. 3. consciousness and subconscious mind which have tremendous effect on our future survival in the turbulent world of competition. Do realize and know our computer searches will get major information to your psychological needs this is real advances that many search engines have made, try to explore the matters on Internet with well-trained conscious mind. DO REMEMBER All the searches we make on Internet has subconscious influence on our minds which can affect our conscious actions. Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer
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