To be an interesting teacher


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To be an interesting teacher

  1. 1. TO BE AN INTERESTING TEACHER Dr.T.V.Rao MD The world of teaching and learning is changing rapidly many students think they can learn on their own with availability of the digital resources. However many in the developed countries today believe, the human touch more is important after all we are teaching Humans and not lifeless robots. I find the TEACHER is more important today than in the past, it is just how you adopt to be a sincere teacher. Try to make an impact on students, it requires you to find your own way into the heads and hearts of your students. Below are a few ideas to help your thinking on how this might happen. 1 Try to make topic you are teaching interesting and try to tell them if you sincerely practice it, you make many changes in the world you serve, make them curious, as Curiosity is the fuel for discovery, inquiry, and learning. It is a state of mind that is open and flexible and in-tune with something substantive and accessible. 2 Our teaching should be Macro teaching, as a Teacher in Microbiology I never attempted to make them Microbiologists as I train the people to be a competent Medical practitioners with concepts in tracing a patient with Infection, Absolutely, focus on learning target that is standards-based, but model the macro-context that target fits within, and not just at the beginning of class, but over and over again. 3 Tell some of your past learning experiences from you great teachers, when we are young, add a little flavour to the thing you teach it makes them curious, everybody loves a story. Tell them—in a way that is natural and comfortable for you—and students will begin to see you in three dimensions, as a full human being interacting with them for their own intellectual growth. Never forget to learn to make the teaching human and not mechanical everything done with audio visual technology 4 Try to ignore the little mistakes of our students as we all can overlook knowing what to “pretend not to notice” is an important part of any relationship. Not everything is a teaching point. Not every mistake needs correcting, and certainly doesn’t need correcting by you. Doing so only ensures that the terms of your relationship with that student will defined by a constant
  2. 2. struggle, and a tone of judgment and “correction.” If we try correct every mistake of our students we will be left with little time to learn and teach. 4 Make them to learn the realities of the profession and face the world with personal competence and I find teaching my subject is only a little part of my lecture, try to have an enduring impact on students, they need to ultimately see themselves differently somehow: more aware, more reflective, more capable. Do your best to place them in situations where they can see not only their growth academically, but personally as well. 5 Respect those grownups treat them with honour and dignity as they are our future colleagues in the profession. Use them to prime the efforts for learning, to inspire self-direction, and to recognize each student full as a human being. Challenge yourself not to react personally to certain emotions that may seem antagonizing or otherwise problematic, but rather to focus on students feeling not just heard, but fully understood as human beings with complex histories and circumstances that colour their learning experiences no matter how clinical you try to make them. 5 Every one like to be thanked and complemented, please do remember your complement will be remembered by the students in future. 6 Speak to them whenever you get an opportunity Find them in the halls, in cafeteria, in the lunch room, during extra-curricular activities, etc.—. But use your instincts to know to say hello, to smile, and warm shake hand. 7 Be honest to the students, they are excellent capturing our character be vigilant try not to tell lies about your greatness Students have excellent bologna detectors, unfortunately. Lie, mislead, and “spin” at your own risk. 8 Do not take everything true of the behaviour of the students in the class room as every human is multidimensional living object go beyond and some may be little naughty in the class but they are really good. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t care about their performance in the classroom, only that you see it in its context of their lives. You see its causes and effects. You see the person behind the performance, and focus on them. In fact, that’s a theme with all of these strategies: focus on the human being 9 All Medical teachers should know that we are teaching humans for human cause and suffering. Be human admit mistakes. Laugh if they make great
  3. 3. mistakes never try to insult before other students but students like humans more than teachers. 10 Be honest in spite many developments in the society and culture, honesty is the best policy "Be Honest." That's so true - And to go even further we also need to be genuine – students know the truth about more than we think about ourselves but when they see that we truly believe in the truths and qualities we're trying to teach them, that is powerful to impress them. ( Ref –Wisdom of Teaching ) Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer