Things which may Change our Lives?
Dr.T.V.Rao MD
The life most undefinable word in our lives if you ask any one the common...
goals. The most important thing to remember is that you are worth it, you can go another day, and
you can be happy. Life w...
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Things which may Change our Lives?


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Things which may Change our Lives?

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Transcript of "Things which may Change our Lives? "

  1. 1. Things which may Change our Lives? Dr.T.V.Rao MD The life most undefinable word in our lives if you ask any one the common answer remain” it goes on” or sometimes I am trying to put up with matters. However there are many who wish to progress in life, a factor of importance in the competitive world, if we just live just make some money we find no thrill to living. If we analyse our lives we are more influenced by our past fortunate we have, family, You may also have limited beliefs and mind-sets (which often emerge from our childhood and families of origin) about money, success, power, your ego, your worth, etc., or you may take repeated actions that hold you back from the next level of success. Many live with complexities comparing with other rich and intellectual around for others still, it’s a lack of confidence or a belief that they’re “less than” and not worthy of advancing or experiencing great joy and satisfaction in their work. The better way I found in life have a determination, until you let go of what you’re doing and thinking that keeps you stuck and small, you can’t build a happy, successful career. Your limitations will follow you in every new direction until you address them. As teachers we have the opportunity to change many around us, I continue to enjoy more of the progress of my own Students; they have the best potential never forget, your students’ progress is your progress too. I wish to remind you the success in our lives is not our hands as we live is a system, many times hostile to your capabilities,you’ve got to be ready to turn yourself inside and out and stretch and expand yourself, if you want great success in your work. It’s not going to fall in your lap – you have to reach out and grab it, and do the inner and outer work of change. We all dream of success as success never comes out of the dream s Those who fantasize about doing meaningful, lucrative work they love but won’t commit themselves to the process and journey of change, will never get out of the starting gate. Realize that everything we create of meaning, value and import requires WORK. It won’t just fall in your lap. “Build it and they will come” is not a sound business strategy. The real question is, “What does this work ‘feel’ like to you?” If it’s exhausting, debilitating and draining, it’s time to rethink your direction - Most of us lose our valuable Time thinking of the Past and fighting the present, Don’t fight against what’s happening – see what your life situation is trying to teach you.. Take concrete steps to change how you operate in the world. Release your subconscious blocks to greater wealth, happiness, power, and success. Bring more happiness into your life NOW, regardless of the external circumstances, never forget we alone are the captain of our life Become the master of your own ship. Don’t let others dictate what you need, and what you can have. Life is full of challenges many times disappointing and best way is find a new talent and prove you can do better, Dedicate and Commit yourself 100% to it, and you’ll find that new doors will open, powerful mentors, supporters will appear, great opportunities will emerge, and your path will be cleared for more success, happiness and reward than you thought possible. - Drop your worries. Worry puts a burden on your mind, body, and spirit. They can keep you up all night if you let them. Find comfort in the fact that everything happens for a reason and everything will fall into place at the right time. People in power and money try to impress many around, however it will not succeed for long unless you have own determination, Do not try to please or impress anyone but yourself. The need to impress, please, and compare ourselves to other people all the time is one of the most common causes of self-loathing. As long as you’re trying to please other people and live up to their expectations, you will not be pleasing yourself. What I’ve learned is that happiness does not come from pleasing other people. Happiness comes from feeling content with your own life and
  2. 2. goals. The most important thing to remember is that you are worth it, you can go another day, and you can be happy. Life will not throw you anything you cannot handle or overcome. God will never give more responsibilities than we can handle, have faith in the Almighty many solutions await. Once you start to accept and love yourself and your desired path, the doubts will clear and you will breathe easy again. Be kind to yourself and life will be a whole lot brighter. One of the best quotes by Tom Hiddleston I read “You never know what's around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you've climbed a mountain.” “The path to our destination is not always a straight one. Many times we go down the wrong road or wrong side of the profession, we get lost, never forget many of our close friends will be critical of us when thing go wrong, life is a long journey just walk if you cannot run. Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology, Free-lance writer