Is life a Choice or Just Happens ?


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Is life a Choice or Just Happens ?

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Is life a Choice or Just Happens ?

  1. 1. IS A LIFE A CHOICE, OR JUST HAPPENS? Dr.T.V.Rao MDWe all just IMAGINE that we can control life, perhaps life controls us?In reality there are just a few aspects of life that we can truly control, a metaphysical question, which I have not realised to date, and difficult to find the solutions, as teachers we find diversified people, and find, it is a Darwin’s theory of competition ofthe fittest to survive. We have more control over how your life develops than we may think. If people did not have this control, there would be very little point in having the human experience. So, we do have self-control over your life? This means we have choices. For the most part, choices are the catalyst for change. You can choose to change or choose to be dormant. Even the choice to do nothing is a choice—the act of doing nothing some times more fetching than aggressively thinking, and doing wrong actions. However there are certain events in life that are not in our control. A traffic jam is one example; an earthquake is another, failure in examination or failed love affair. These are the situations you find yourself in that allow you to make choices. How you act, how you handle yourself in any given situation is your choice. But these circumstances for which you have no control are your testing grounds for making choices. Here you can discover how you have grown according to which choices you make. Here you can change your life in an instant according to the choices that you make. Still few matters are still under our control. When we follow our intuition that is the best way to make right choices. Intuition is higher-self guiding us towards the best choice. Can we make “wrong” choices, you ask? Yes and no. The choice you made was to get upset at this event of which you had no control. So the choice wasn’t necessarily wrong. But there was a better choice—using the moment to find peace within yourself. Every moment if life changes in an unpredictable way?Whatever happens,tries to have control on yourself as you work through an earth-shaking event, give yourself credit for every step forward? By acknowledging your achievements no matter how small, you regain trust in your ability to fix what you didn’t break. You empower yourself to take the next step. Start the day doing something benefits maximum that’s when the vast majority of us have the most energy and the fewest distractions. Our energy reservoir diminishes as the day wears on, which is why it’s so difficult to get to the hardest work late in the day. Conversely, the more focused you are, the higher the quality of work you’ll do, and the more you’ll get done. I often get more important work done during the first 90 minutes of the morning than in the rest of the hours of the day put together.Today’s society is complex and losing the human values. When we define ourselves by problems we increase the weight of our problems and become attached to it, as it is to us. It's part of life. Developing confidence and being able to feel good about who you are and how you live life is what's important. The more you're able to stretch yourself, the more you'll access the benefits, depth and wisdom that come from using your mind, heart, spirit -- and the more you'll receive from what life has to offer. Many achievers have control on their lives, and circumstances have not taken control of them, What are the main aspects of our existence that have the power to transform our personal lives, bring more happiness to ourselves and to others, Majority believe, We are not always in control of it but we most certainly are always In control of our reaction to those events. We are living in a better world now I see a better opportunities, because of the Global Connectivity. People can exchange ideas more freely than ever before. The power of Media and Social networking are diminishing gaps in our thinking, we are united with many and share at least few good things which can help our choices.So it will be difficult for people in power to confuse people as easy as they could earlier as our choices are many to lead the life. Never forget Time is creator of ourdestiny how
  2. 2. you use it makes the difference,you’ll never get more time than the 24 hours you’re given each day. Never forget to leave your legacy, all your actions, words, and knowledge that you share while you are living become the gift to many, Life continues to be choice for few, many it just happens that is what you call Karma, bad luck or good fortune. Better to carry on whatever happens as we have little choices to survive in this complex World. Email;