Medical Teaching Are We Doing Well


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Medical Teaching Are We Doing Well

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Medical Teaching Are We Doing Well

  1. 1. Medical Teaching – Simple Ways to do well *Dr.T.V.Rao MDI have been in teaching for the last3 decades associated withMedical and Para medical students both in India and inAfrican continent. I still wonder am I doing a competent job.We as Doctors have no formal training in educating skills likemany qualified teachers in education;we just start conveyingknowledge in the subject we are supposed to teach to thestudents. Soon I have realised Medical education isprofessional education, and we who teach medical studentsshould go beyond our conceptions of what we think theyshould know and instead should search for what they actuallyneed to know as practicing as Doctors or Nurses. Many of thechanges I have made in my own teaching have been due toinsights from watching and talking to students, as studentpsychology has got great impact on our careers. Soon Irealised learning is seen not as the storage of information butas the continuous process of filtering new knowledgeexploded with availability of internet resources through thestructures we have developed from prior learning andexperience. In my vicinity many teachers have becomeunhappy professionals and are not accepted by students notthat they are poor in knowledge and due to pooradoption tochanging needs of the profession. I have started to realisefrom my own good teachers they usedwords efficiently. Theymake concepts and principles simple and clear; they giveconcrete examples to illustrate abstract points. Further, myskilledteachers adapted while teaching and reflectafter havingtaught for example, when I am teaching clinical basedteaching (CBT), I do not ask students to memorize thehundreds of different biases that can threaten the internal
  2. 2. validity of a study. I realised to be a good teacher we shouldnot talk too much it isbecause good teachers involvethelearners—asking questions, framingcases to solve, formingsmall groups fordiscussion, asking for the views oflearners,pausing to allow students to think. Scientifically it isproved that too many didactic lectures makes the students lesscreative, and makes passive learners. We conduct frequentexaminations and assignment’s answer books of the studentsnot only reflects the knowledge the student gained and alsoskills of the entire department. The best way to evaluate ofstudents’ knowledge and skills is done in reliable, valid, andfair ways. It is apparent to students that good teachers solicitand use feedback from learners to improve instruction. Manyof my teachers who taught me well were simple in thinkingabout ways to improve what and how students learn. They arealways working on solutionsto questions such as how they cangive students more control over theirlearning?I learnt that we teachers should work with mission to create anatmosphere where students are motivated by the intrinsicrather than the extrinsic (e.g., passing the next exam, gettinga high grade).In education, intrinsic motivation refers to aninterest in learning because one cares about the discipline,wants to improve his or her skills, and appreciates that what isbeing learned can be applied to practice in real life. Every dayI emphasize, that always wish to see you as good Doctors.The syllabus must be a thorough but clear and concise guideto students’ learning. Examinations and other evaluationsmust match learning objectives and be reliable and valid.Grading must be fair; I found constant encouragement to lessperforming students too can be rewarding, many are certain tobecome competent Doctors, I wonder how they made it?. Itmakes to emphasise that we should make less merited
  3. 3. students useful to the society if not today but certainly infuture. We as teachers manifest with best qualities in humanrelations— openness, respect, trust, a sense of humour. Insum, students are motivated for intrinsic reasons when thecourse of instruction is well planned, transparent, and fair, therelationship between learning and real life is clear, and theysee that their teachers care about their disciplines and theirstudents. If you ask me what the most important principles ofgood teaching are, I say: be enthusiastic about your teachingand interested in the well-being of your students, prepare wellfor your teaching, teach knowledge in the context of solvingauthentic medical problems, and always be thinking about andworking on the improvement of your teaching and yourstudents. Even we senior teachers should realize we tooshould share responsibility of student success and